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Subject: Re: Which high school clique were/are you apart of?

Forum: Which high school clique were/are you apart of?

I always thought that I wasn't part of a clique but looking back I totally was apart of one! I think I was the marching band group. I was always by the band room and the only times I wasn't there was when I had a club meeting. I think it's interesting to see that there are different times of cliques. I think that there were even in cliques that had even smaller cliques. I know that in my marching band, I even though I was part of the flute family I considered myself to be more a clarient. There were certain stigmas that associated with each family. I know that every section hated trumpet players yet if you talk to brass they hated the drums more. I think it's all about placement.

Interesting question.


Subject: Funniest fortune cookie?

Forum: Funniest fortune cookie?

I been recently eating a lot of chinese food and with chinese food there's always a fortune cookie. I love fortune cookies and what they say is never spot on. Today I got a strange cookie today and it said ask your mom from panda express. I thought it was so funny cause I thought those kinds of cookies didn't exist.

What was the funniest cookie that you got?

Thanks for reading!


Subject: Cartoon or real people

Forum: Cartoon or real people
So I recently started to watch more reality game shows more like cooking shows specifically Hell's Kitchen. However I'm still watching other shows like the Flash, Agents of Shield, and the Arrow. I enjoy watching these shows but not too long ago I was watching Kim Possible, SpongeBob, and like Voltron.

What do you watch? Do you prefer cartoons or real actors.

Thanks for reading.


Subject: Re: Would you rather have more money or time?

Forum: Would you rather have more money or time?
More time for sure. Money is a material thing that grows on trees. As for time, there is nothing you can do get more of it. I think that time is a beautiful thing cause if you use it wisely you can do anything with it.

Interesting post.


Subject: Best feature?

Forum: Best feature?

So there is always that one quality in a person that we look for. However, what do about yourself? What physical characteristic do you think sets you apart?

I think for it would be my long hair. I've proud of it especially since its so hard to take care of.

Thanks for reading.


Subject: Re: Poll: Ice Cream or Cake?

Forum: Poll: Ice Cream or Cake?

Tough choice! I love both ice cream and cake. However I have say cake. I love the fact that I can get all different kinds of cake from ice cream cakes ;) to cheese cakes.

I think my favorite cake has to be the chocolate cake from cheesecake factory. It is the right about of sweetness and cake.

What is your favorite cake?


Subject: Re: What Are You Grateful For?

Forum: What Are You Grateful For?

I'm extremely grateful for the fact that I am in a great place. I am living in a place where I thought I could never afford and I have my dream job. I have struggle so much throughout my life and well to be where I am at it is amazing.

I am so thankful that I also never lost faith throughout my life because now I reap the rewards.

Thanks for the post. Have a beautiful day!


Subject: What is your dream bedroom

Forum: What is your dream bedroom

So I move a lot and to be quite honest I never really decorate my room because of that. Though I still have a dream room.
I think my dream room would be a royal purple bedding with white walls. I don't really want a lot of decor in my room just cause I feel like that a bit kiddish. I really want a little popup chair and full length mirror in it though.


I think my room would be something like this minus the peace sign stickers on the wall.

Thanks for reading.


Subject: Re: Should a guy ask a girl out or girl ask guy out?

Forum: Should a guy ask a girl out or girl ask guy out?

So as the girl, I really think it's sweet when a guy asked a girl out. However I have told a guy I liked him but never made the first the thing to say let's go out. I think this way of thinking is because my parents are old fashion and well it seems a little weird to say that I asked someone out to my friends.

I wouldn't mind asking a guy out especially now a days I have the mentality to go for what I want. Like I said though I think it's sweet if a guy were to ask me out.


Subject: Re: Moving again!?

Forum: Moving again!?

I love this question because well I have moved about 7 times and I have yet to move out of the house. I think moving is the worst thing. Mostly because you have to pack everything and you truly feel like you do not have a home. Right now my parents are renting a condo.However in near future I would love to get my own place mostly cause I don't know how much longer I can deal with staying at home.

Thanks for post.


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