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Subject: Re: Silence or background noise?

Forum: Silence or background noise?
Hey Laura!
For me, I can't study without music. When it is too quiet I can't pay attention and I am always looking to do something.

I listen to a lot of indie so its relaxing but when I'm out with my friends definetly hip hop or pop.


Subject: Re: Name one show you watch

Forum: Name one show you watch
For sure, flash.


Subject: pop sockets?

Forum: pop sockets?

So one of the most recent trends is the pop socket. Personally I don't use one because I have a wallet case which is perfect for me cause I can hold my cards, money, and it is a stand. I understand it is a bit bulky but it is more convenient for me. Anyways pop socket seem to be the new things coming in different designs but I think they are a bit expensive. Like some of them average out to be 15$ per thing.

I understand they are cute and compact but I feel like it doesn't really help that much.

So my question today is what do you think about pop sockets? Are they useful for you?

Thanks for reading


Subject: Re: How important is what other people think of you?

Forum: How important is what other people think of you?
Hey Kathy,

I use to worry all the time what people thought of me. I worried that I wasn't pretty enough, Asian enough, or just wasn't enough. I think it's important that you should consider how others think of you but not let it consume you. One of my biggest things is that especially at my age, 19, the only thing I have is my name. I don't own anything other than college debts... lol. Anyways take pride in yourself and show others that you are wonderful just the way you are.

Nice question!


Subject: How do you know when you are in love?

Forum: How do you know when you are in love?
Hi Everyone!

So recently, I've been getting this question a lot from friends. We are all new at dating and we can barely tell what to do at the right time. We are very innocent to the world. Anyways one of our conversations was about what made a good relationship and how do you know when you are in love.

So how do you know when you are in love or falling for someone?


Subject: Re: What's something you like that everyone hates?

Forum: What's something you like that everyone hates?
I think the one thing I do that most people hate is that I'm actually okay with country. Since I'm Texas, I guess I can handle it a bit better. However I can't stand to listen to it all the time.

Nice question


Subject: online dating?

Forum: online dating?
Hi Cnet!

So I recently met this guy through a dating app. We've been talking for the last couple of days and he was wondering if we could meet up. I'm a bit hesitant since I never dated before. He's seems really sweet and I even has insta so that has posts from like three years ago. I'm pretty sure he's not fake but you never know.

So I was wondering what are your opinions on this? Also if we should meet up what should we do??

Thanks your advice!


Subject: Re: Go to meal

Forum: Go to meal

So my go to meal is always going to be a good soup. I love having soup because there's so many kinds. Currently love wonton shrimp noodle soup. It's light and refreshing and best part is that I can buy a pack of 6 at costco. lol college budget.

Thanks for the post!


Subject: Re: Disguises

Forum: Disguises
This is a interesting/funny question! I never thought of hiding from a friend but if I did I would wear like a wig and do some strange makeup.

I'm not quite sure what I would do but now I do have something to think about.

Thanks for the post.


Subject: Re: Where are you Right now: Home, School, Or Work?

Forum: Where are you Right now: Home, School, Or Work?

Currently I'm at home just relaxing. Nice and easy question!


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