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Subject: Re: Fast paced or more relaxed lifestyle?

Forum: Fast paced or more relaxed lifestyle?
Hey Abby,

I tend to prefer more of a relaxed lifestyle, however, the majority of the time I find myself caught up in a face paced lifestyle between work, home and family. There just always seems to be something going on and quite honestly I'm so use to it that I sometimes get bored if I'm not busy.

I definitely love a more relaxed setting on vacation but I still want to see and do everything. I guess I can appreciate "slowing down" at times.

Have a good one!!


Subject: Re: How full is your glass?

Forum: How full is your glass?
Hey Erin,

I tend to be more of a "half full" person the majority of the time. I really try hard to find something positive about a situation I am in or a person I am dealing with. I feel it takes me far less energy when I focus on being positive rather than "getting caught up" in the negative. With all that said though, it is not always easy to do. I think sometimes challenges present themselves just so we can see that we have the strength to overcome them.

I guess I struggle when I am faced with injustices that are happening to others especially those individuals who may not be able to defend themselves as easily.

Overall, I try to smile and say "things could always be worse" , and on occasion they have been.

I try to be grateful for the things that are going well in my life and try not to dwell too much on the things that may not be going as well as I would like. I have typically been like this most of my life. I think my parents had a large influence on my perspective on things.

Thanks for the post!


Subject: Quantity vs. Quality-What's your preference?

Forum: Quantity vs. Quality-What's your preference?
Hey everyone,

So I was talking with a friend about some places to go to dinner and I realized that we were totally on different sides of the fence but we generally like the same kind of food.

My friend kept recommending places that were either "buffet style" or were known for serving "large portions". I was recommending places that had more "ambiance" and "better quality food".

I guess it became clear that quantity was not as important to me as quality when it came to food.

This got me thinking about what other things this may apply to.

For instance this same friend will only drink "named brand" bottle water, whereas, I on the other hand will drink which ever one is on sale and I can get the most for my money.

So how about you guys which is more important, quantity or quality when and why?



Subject: Re: Can you go through the Green Glass Doors?

Forum: Can you go through the Green Glass Doors?
Hey Becky

Here is one-

There is a house.
You go in blind.
You come out seeing.

What is it?

Answer: A School

I've never been very good at riddles either. This one I remembered from reading it, maybe because it had some meaning for me.

Thanks for the post!


Subject: Re: The last forum you posted?

Forum: The last forum you posted?
Hey Tom,

The last forum I posted about was; Who is your favorite comedian? Since it is the weekend I thought we could all use some laughs.

I asked people to include the name of a comedian or a link to one of their videos. I listed a comedian on you tube who talks about what it's like to be a teacher.

Check it out if you get a chance and want a couple of laughs!

Have a good one!

Subject: Favorite Comedian

Forum: Favorite Comedian
Hey everyone,

So since it is the weekend I'm interested in having a few laughs, how about you?

Do you have a favorite comedian and who is it?

Please share a name or a link so that others can join in on the laughs.

A friend of mine recently told me about a comedian named Eddie B on you tube. He has a bunch videos about what "teachers are really thinking". If you work in education you may want to check it is pretty funny....just google Eddie B Comedy on you tube.

Looking forward to sharing some laughs!

Have a good one!!!



Hey Thankful,

So my 3 favorite fruits are as follows:

1. Grapes- I love them frozen as well. They are just the best go to snack because they are so portable. I always have a bowl in my refrigerator and I try to keep some in my freezer.
2. Bananas: I have always loved bananas either just to eat or in my cereal or as a smoothie.
3. Strawberries: I really like strawberries when they are sweet and dipping them in chocolate is just an added bonus!

Have a great weekend!


Subject: Re: Time traveling: What year/era would you go to ?

Forum: Time traveling: What year/era would you go to ?
Hi Julia,

This is such an interesting question as I initially ththought would want to travel back to the past but after a little more thought I'm thinking that I too would want to travel to the future.

I can't imagine how incredibly different things are going to be, even the simple daily tasks of eating showering, driving going to work, etc.

I use to watch the Jetsons when I was a kid and thought how cool it would be to have access to all that technology.

Just thinking about the year 3000 is mind blowing!!!

I think I would jump to 2050....maybe that's far enough for me for now.

Thanks for the fun question!!

Subject: Re: Do You Remember Your Dreams?

Forum: Do You Remember Your Dreams?
Hey Song,

This is such a great question! I often think that I don't remember my dreams but if I really focus and concentrate I am able to remember quite a bit. I have recently taken up leaving a note pad by my nightstand and if I wake up from a dream I jot down a few "key things or phrases" and that really helps me to remember more when I am actually awake in the morning. I tend to dream about things that have happened during the day or that have been on my mind for awhile...I suppose that makes sense. I have a few dream analysis books but I really haven't had much time to read them. Maybe I'll take a look.

The dream you described is so vivid, that's pretty awesome.

One dream I remember is running through a field of flowers sort of playing hide and seek. I couldn't figure out what it was about and then I remembered that I had watched the Wizard of Oz with my niece. We all know that famous scene of running through the poppies and falling asleep, right?

Thanks for the post!


Subject: Re: Top 3 Favorite Actors?

Forum: Top 3 Favorite Actors?
Hey James,

So this seems like it should be an easy question but I'm struggling with naming just three, but here goes;

1. Ben Affleck- I really just love his initial "break in" to acting with his original script with Matt Damon. He has certainly had his struggles but I admire that he continues to put his children first.
2. Tom Cruise- What can I say?
3. Harrison Ford- He still does his own stunts....but maybe he shouldn't.

Thanks for the fun post!

Have a great weekend!

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