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Subject: Re: Nostalgia

Forum: Nostalgia
Hey Marissa,

Welcome to CNET! Looking forward to getting to know you better.

I am definitely one to get nostalgic...LOL!! I still have "old Birthday cards" and letters, yes letters believe it or not from family members who have since passed away. I also get a bit nostalgic when looking at old photos or watching old movies.

I think nostalgia is a good thing when it provides you with happy memories.

Thanks for the forum and have a good one!


Subject: Are you a day dreamer?

Forum: Are you a day dreamer?
Hey everyone,

So would you consider yourself a day dreamer? Do you escape to some place pleasant and stress free? or Do you find yourself in a state of worrying?

Do you think day dreaming is beneficial?

Some research has shown that individuals who are day dreamers are more creative and better problem solvers? What do you think?

Looking forward to reading your responses.



Subject: Re: Name 3 places You Would Love To Visit?

Forum: Name 3 places You Would Love To Visit?
Hey Unique,

The places you picked to visit sound like so much fun!!

Here is my list of places I want to visit:

Alaska-I think it would be so cool to see all the nature there is.

Egypt- The periods fascinate me.

Dubai- It seems so extravagant.LOL!!!

Thanks for the forum and have a good one.


Subject: Re: What's the last great book that you've read?

Forum: What's the last great book that you've read?
Hey Dymphie, '

I belong to a book club so I am always reading books. The last book I read was Great Small Things by Jodi Picoult. I love her as an author. Her books always deal with real situations that have an unusual plot twist at the end due to some unexpected occurrence.

I have actually read 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and use the book and work book for groups I do with teenagers. It is actually very good. I modify it a little as needed.

Thanks for the forum and have a good one!


Subject: Re: What would you do in this situation?

Forum: What would you do in this situation?
Hey Savaan,

I hope everything works out alright for your sister....what a potentially scary situation. I think I would abide by the doctor's recommendations as I would be concerned about having a seizure and not only hurting myself but possibly others like you said.

For me not having the ability to drive would be a major deterrent. I would have to depend on others for transportation as we dont have any real public transportation where I live. We do have taxis or car service but it would be really expensive to use either on a regular basis.

I'm glad you're able to help your sister with setting up transportation.

I hope all goes well and she gets good news!!!

Take care!


Subject: Re: Fictional characters you identify with.

Forum: Fictional characters you identify with.
Hey there,

Ok brace yourself and try not to laugh but go ahead if you must....LOL! I would LOVE to be Tinkerbell!!! I love that the premise of Tinkerbell is that she is born from the first laugh of a baby. How cool is it to be able to fly spreading "pixie dust' and helping others to fly as well. I guess she is considered to be someone who fixes things and that is part of my personality....LOL! However, she does have this sassy quality about her as well....LOL! I guess another characteristic I can relate to is that she is LOYAL!

Thanks for the fun forum and have a good one!


Subject: Re: How do you keep your head in the game?

Forum: How do you keep your head in the game?
Hey there,

Welcome to CNET!!! Looking forward to getting to know you better!

I have actually been practicing "mindfulness" for several years now. It is a practice and skill that I teach to others and it has proven to be invaluable in my own life. Having the ability and almost the "luxury" these days given all the advances in technology to "be in the here and now" and "completely present" is a skill that can be extremely beneficial in giving us the "break" we need to "recharge".

There are a ton of mindfulness activities you can engage in and are available on the Internet....they don't have to be just "about breathing" if that is not your thing....LOL!

I work with teenagers so the mindfulness activities I do are more engaging on their level and can be a lot of fun actually.

Taking time to take care of ourselves is so important.

Good luck with handling the stress and hope all goes well.


Subject: Re: 9 Intelligences

Forum: 9 Intelligences
Hey Gina!

Cool topic!

So my strengths are definitely in the categories of verbal linguistic, because I feel that I have good writing, listening and teaching skills. I would also choose inter/infra personal as I have good listening skills and am able to respond to others as well as have the capacity to be self aware, and see others perspectives and have empathy for others.

As you know I received my BA in Sociology which is a pretty broad field and when I went to graduate school I actually got my Masters in Social Work not Teaching.....sorry for any confusion....LOL! Although I have to say there are definitely days I feel like a teacher and I know there are days when teachers I work with feel like counselors or social workers.

I think having a BA in Sociology really prepared me for working with individuals and groups in terms of recognizing behaviors and understanding cultures all of which are so important in a school setting whether you are a teacher or a social worker. As I went through this degree program I also learned to appreciate diversity and a love of learning and knowledge as well. In my opinion a BA in Sociology is a great foundation for someone who wants to go into teaching and you are going to be way ahead of the curve.!!! It also seems to me that your passion to do what's right for the children ( read one of your other forums about children being moved around) is something you don't learn but have within you and our children in schools today need that desperately.

Don't worry I'm sure you are going to do GREAT!!

Have a good one!!


Subject: Re: Could you teach someone your own language?

Forum: Could you teach someone your own language?
Hey Nancy,

I think teaching a language is a very difficult thing to do. I know a couple of people who are literacy volunteers and have gone through specific training to assist others with learning English and it is very difficult. I'm not sure that I would be able to do it.

I think it is wonderful that there are individuals who can do this as language is such an important part of our every day lives no matter where we live.

Thanks for the forum and have a good one!


Subject: Re: Do you feel like college is/was too rushed?

Forum: Do you feel like college is/was too rushed?
Hey Jon,

Thanks for responding to my forum-I admire your relationship with Jesus Christ.

College was such a great experience for me overall but my experience in undergraduate vs. graduate school was completely different as I imagine it is for most. I went to college at the age of 17 and it was a whirlwind and definitely went way to fast. Looking back I wish I had appreciated more of the opportunities that were available to me.

I returned to college as a graduate school as a young adult after working for several years at 2 occupations that assisted me in deciding what I wanted to go to graduate school for...teaching vs. social work.

My graduate school experience was so different as I had an opportunity to really take advantage of what was being offered even though my schedule was incredibly hectic as I was still working full time as well.

As others have said I wouldn't change a thing though,it was an awesome experience and I love the work I am able to do as a result of obtaining my graduate degree.

Thanks for the great forum and have a good one!


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