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Subject: De-stressing

Forum: De-stressing
Hey CNet!!

It is dead week right now! Finals have got me stressing. What are some of your favorite ways to wind down?

Have a great day!


Subject: Re: Do nice guys really finish last?

Forum: Do nice guys really finish last?
Hey guys!

Thanks for commenting on my topic! I really appreciate it! :)


Jon- I agree! As a female, I cannot believe some of the guys that girls pick! Players are not attractive to me. I also am not into jerks either. I will agree that I find confidence and assertiveness attractive, but it only works if thier is humility too.

Anna- Agreed! It is sad how rare kindness is. I respect kindness above all else. I have lived in this stressful life just like everyone else. I have seen the hatred in the world. If someone can be kind despite all of that, then I admire them way more. I am also way more likely to go out of my way for them!

Savann96- I agree! Usually when I see a couple like that, I often think the same or I assume she is just as mean. As much as I would like to pretend all girls are saints, they are not. I have met some equally as horrible girls that have turned nice guys into jerks. I see it more often the other way around, but it is not unheard of to meet a mean girl. In my opinion, nice people are just better in geneneral. I don’t want to surround myself with horrible people.

Slynch8686- That is so true! I have never thought of it like that! It is so nice to have a male opinion. You are totally right. I guess I am guilty of turning down nice guys, but it wasn’t because they were nice, it was because they lacked something else, like the ability to make me laugh or make me comfortable. Being nice is an essential quality, but it isn’t the only one!

Song- you are right. REAL NICE GUYS finish first. I am way more likely to go out of my way for someone who makes me feel appreciated. Real. I’ve people give more then they receive because they want to. People like that are the ones I would do anything for.

Fa1th3rs- That is the problem with today’s society! I just broke up with my boyfriend and now all of these guys are “hitting me up”. I can’t tell which ones are good guys and which ones are just being nice to me because they want to get laid. If they just want to get some, then they are talking to the wrong lady.


Thanks again for commenting on my topic you guys! I really like this forum because I believe it is such a common misconception. Real nice guys finish first. I don’t care what anyone says. I am glad you guys all agree with me! I don’t want guys think that being a jerk will get them where they want to go.


Subject: Re: Do You Wear Purfume/Cologne/Body Spray?

Forum: Do You Wear Purfume/Cologne/Body Spray?
Hey Thankful!

I always wear perfume! I get really insecure if I leave the house without it!

I always use deodorant too. I really like the Old Spice Amber kind. Men's deodorant just seems to work a lot better and I love the smell of it. I think people who smell good are already more attractive than those who don't. Because of that, I always try my best to have fresh clothes and a good spray of perfume before I leave the house! I want to be more attractive, but more than that, it is a security thing! I am always so paranoid when I don't have my smell goods on!

Also, since school has started up again, I have been a lot more stressed out than usual. Nervous and stress sweat stink the worse. I have to really remember to put body spray on or else I will really stress out all day. I have enough to worry about with all my tests. I don't need to be worrying about whether or not the kid next to me thinks I smell!

I usually switch up witch perfumes I wear, but my favorite so far is Tease from Victoria's Secret. I really like the sweet sent and it is relatively inexpensive! The body sprays I use, I usually get from Bath and Body Works! A huge factor in smelling good is also making sure your clothes come out smelling fresh! I always try to avoid leaving wet clothes in the wash for too long or else they will smell.

Have a great day!


Subject: Re: What would you tell the media...

Forum: What would you tell the media...
Hey Beth!

I think things left in the past should be left in the past. Being a 20-year-old dumb college kid myself, I don't think the stupid things I do now should be tied to me forever. I am not a bad person, I am just trying to learn how to blow off some steam.

Unless the information was still accurate, or it showed someone’s serious lack of judgment, I think it should remain in the past. We all make mistakes. Just because someone is in the lime light doesn't mean they should have every mistake they have ever made broadcasted. What if that happened to everyone? Like I am at a job interview to be an engineer and instead of looking at all the hard work and time I have dedicated to the practice, someone from 5 years ago tells the story of how I got so drunk I made a fool out of myself?

If I had the opportunity to talk about my first roommate, I would have nothing but good things to say. Not only was she the most amazing person I have ever met, but I don't think the dumb stuff she did should be the medias business.

I would tell them how she took care of me when I was sick and always stood for what was right. She put up with my OCD tendencies and she would stay in on Friday nights with me to watch Disney movies. I could have lived 1000 years and never deserved her as a roommate. She was pure kindness.

Even if that wasn't the case, I still wouldn't run her name through the dirt. It just seems childish and wrong to me.

Have a great day!


Subject: Re: Do attendance points motivate you more?

Forum: Do attendance points motivate you more?
Hey Rummon16!

I would definitely say they are a motivator!

I hardly ever skip class but sometimes you just need a mental break. All of the classes I would normally skip, all have attendance points. I think it is by design. Usually easier classes have attendance points because they know that if they didn't, no one would ever go.

For example, the classes I skip are Yoga and Materials. Both of them are considered to be on the easier side and they both have attendance points. If they didn't have attendance points, I am sure I would skip a lot more than I do. So far this semester I have only skipped those two classes once and that was because I was sick. If they didn't have attendance points, I probably would have skipped them two or three times, so I could focus on other things like studying for my Physics test.

I don't want the easy classes to be what drops my grade, so I always try and go. Plus, I am paying a lot of money to take these classes, so I might as well go. I want to be a good student but every now and then there is something more important than lecture!

Have a great day!


Subject: Do you hit snooze?

Forum: Do you hit snooze?
Hey guys!

Do you hit the snooze button? How many times? Do you get up on the first ring or does it take a couple times? What is your wake up routine?

I don’t know how people can get up on the first alarm! It is a skill I have yet to learn. I usually set 3-4 alarms and I always hit snooze! I usually don’t get up until I know that there is no more time left for me to sleep in!

When I do finally get up, I scrambled to get ready so I am not late for school! Usually I take breakfast on the road!

What about you?

Have a good day!


Subject: Called in sick?

Forum: Called in sick?
Hey guys!

When was the last time you called in sick? Do you fight through your sickness and still go to work, or do you take extra precautions for your body?

Today was the first time I have called in sick to work since I had appendicitis years ago. I usually fight through the pain because I hate having to make other people pick up my slack.

I had to call in today though because I was not feeling good and I have a huge test tomorrow. I need to be my best self if I am going to do good in it!

I should really take care of my body better!

What about you?


Subject: Re: I'M BACK!!!

Forum: I'M BACK!!!
Hey Song!

Long time no see! I have missed you in here!

To be honest I though you graduated! I was sad that I didn’t get to read your posts anymore but that is over! I feel like you are one of the most genuine writers I have come across and you have a very strong sense of self! It makes your posts killer! :)

It sounds like you were super busy over the summer! Congratulations! You really accomplished some major goals and got your life together! Do you have any advice for me? Haha!

Since you have seen me I have broken up with my 4-year boyfriend and I went backpacking around Europe! I was sad at the loss of such a long bond but it was an extremely liberating experience! I made so many new friends abroad and I got to practice my Spanish!

I finally got to see the world the way I have always wanted to! Now I am a lot more determined to do it again! I am very motivated to finish my degree and live life to the beat of my own drum!

I decided to get my masters and study abroad in Ireland all of next year! I just want to take some chances and open myself up to as many opportunities as I can!

These next five years are going to be great!

It’s good to see you again! Have a great day! :)


Subject: Re: Who Makes You Laugh?

Forum: Who Makes You Laugh?
Hey Christi!

A lot of things make me laugh! I would say I am a pretty smiley person and I enjoy a good sense of humor!

The fastest way to my heart is through laughter. I think that is why I love my dogs and my siblings so much! They make me laugh!

I have two wiener dogs and they are just the funniest little characters! I can’t help but laugh every time I come home and see thier wiggling tails!

My sublings also crack me up! My sister is an older version of me and my brother is a complete clown! They tease me so much and I love it! They crack me up! The other day I told my brother that he was my best friend and I loved him so much! You know what he said back? “I give you one star.”

Haha what a brat! I was trying to be cute and have a moment and he made a joke out of it! It is funny because I know that he actually loves me more than anyone!

Have a great day!


Subject: Re: Favorite Movie of All Time?

Forum: Favorite Movie of All Time?
Hey Ximena!

I have never seen Gran Torino but if it your favorite movie of all time, I am sure it is worth watching!

It is really hard for me to pick a favorite, so here is my top four: Any Harry Potter movie, Batman the dark night, Sherlock Holmes, and To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.

As you can see, I tend to favor movies that have a little more action/ mystery. I always find myself going back to watch those firsts three I mentioned. The last one is a movie I have just recently seen and I loved it! I have only seen it once but it is a different genre than my typical so I think I’ll find myself watching it again!

Have a great day!


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