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Subject: Re: What is your biggest accomplishment?

Forum: What is your biggest accomplishment?
Hey Mera!

I think my biggest accomplishment in life is staying out of debt.

It has been really hard. There was a point where I was working three jobs to afford tuition and to afford life. So far I have been successful and it is an amazing feeling.

I am glad I found college net because it has given me a little extra wiggle room!

Great topic!


Subject: Re: Do you take time to self groom ?

Forum: Do you take time to self groom ?
Hey Julia!

I do a big self groom day about once a week! It is really important to do some self care! I think it really helps with self esteem and mental health.

Every Sunday I usually take a bath, exfoliate my body, shave my legs and do a hot oil treatment in my hair. It makes me more confident for the whole week and I enjoy it. It is very relaxing.

Sometimes I will even put fake tanner on and whiten my teeth. It just makes me more confident. When I feel good about myself, life seems to go my way. I am better at making friends, I do better in school and I am happier.

Especially now that my boyfriend and I recently broke up, I make it a point to always look nice. It gives me confidence when I have none. It all starts with taking the time to love yourself and self groom!

Great topic!


Subject: Re: Rational or Emotional

Forum: Rational or Emotional
Hey Anna!

I would say that I am really rational when it comes to life decisions, however when it comes to chance and people, I am emotional.

I go with my gut on a lot of decisions with little information. I truly believe your body can sense more then you think. When I get a bad feeling i trust it.

Also when I am angry or really sad, all my decisions are emotional. Sometimes my emotions control me more then I control them.

Great topic!


Subject: Re: Do you play board games?

Forum: Do you play board games?
Hey Karen!


Christmas has always been my favorite time of year because my family gets together and plays cards and board games! My entire family is really competitive, so we get really into the games!

It usually ends in a fight, but it is so fun! I am a sore loser and a sorer winner!

Great topic!


Subject: Day or night?

Forum: Day or night?
Hey CNet!

Are you a moon or sun child? Do you feel more alive in the day or night time?

I am definitely a moon child. When it gets dark out, I come alive. I live in a small town with really clean air. Every night, I can see millions of stars. There is nothing more peaceful then the night sky.

What about you?


Subject: Re: Corrupt-a-Wish (game)

Forum: Corrupt-a-Wish (game)
Hey Dymphie!

I love this! How fun!

Hey Alaxander! Your wish is granted. Your skin color evens out but instead of an even skin color, you are the color blue! Haha!

I wish I spoke every language!


Subject: Get to know you!

Forum: Get to know you!
Hey CNet!

I have a series of questions for you that will hopefully help me get to know you! With school coming up there are a lot of new people on CNet!

Are you spontaneous or a planner?
Dog or cat person?
Coffee or tea?
What word describes you best?
Car or truck?
Introverted or extroverted?
Breakfast or dinner?

Have a great day!


Subject: Re: Holiday/Christmas Shopping

Forum: Holiday/Christmas Shopping
Hey Raeanna!

I am like you! I like to shop for gifts way ahead of time! That way you don't have to spend a ton of money all at once and you are not overwhelmed!

I also think the gifts are more thoughtful that way. You will be walking around and think, "This person will love this" and you buy it for them. It is a lot better then panicking and trying to find something before the Christmas deadline.

I have a little spot in the back of my closet where I store all my gifts for people!

Great topic!


Subject: Re: Hiking Shoe recommendation?

Forum: Hiking Shoe recommendation?
Hey Wames!

It depends on what kind of hikes you want to be doing but I really like Chacos sandals. I like when my feet are free during a hike and they are super comfortable.

I always wear them on hikes and I have never had any problem. They are also good if you want to go to the river or any water. They keep my feet cool and comfortable!

Good luck shopping!


Subject: Re: Something everyone does but no one talks about

Forum: Something everyone does but no one talks about
Hey Jess!

One thing that I think everyone one does but no one talks about is listening to sad music to make oneself sadder.

I think it is really funny because I know a lot of people do it. It must be therapeutic or something. It is as if you are channeling your sadness through music and letting it out in a healthier way. I don't know why but it is oddly fun.

I do it from time to time! What about you?

Great topic!


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