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Subject: Re: Would You Ever Cheat On A Test?

Forum: Would You Ever Cheat On A Test?
Hey Unique!

Honestly, I have cheated on many tests.

I used to always cheat in my high school government class. For the life of me, I just could not get interested in it. I couldn't get myself to study so I would cheat on the tests. I didn't want the class to tank my GPA and I couldn’t drop it because it was required.

Now that I am in college, I never cheat. I am taking subject matter that is important to me. I need to know that I understand it because I want to understand it. I now hold your philosophy. I want to be honest and learn from my mistakes.

If I could go back, I would never cheat. But all I can do now is learn from my it!

Thanks for the question!


Subject: Re: Unpopular opinions?

Forum: Unpopular opinions?
Hey Ellie!

One opinion I hold that is super unpopular is that I hate Finding Nemo! I always get ridiculed so hard when I share that with people!

To be honest, that move gives me anxiety. All I can think is how vast the ocean is and how he will never find his son! I also have a fear of drowning, so fish movies tend to be low on my list.

I also really love anime which is an unpopular opinion. In fact, I told a friend I have had for weeks now about my secret love and she made fun of me. It makes me angry because no one will even give it a chance. It is frustrating how closed-minded people are about it.

Thanks for the awesome post!


Subject: Re: Would you move for a job?

Forum: Would you move for a job?
Hello again Megan!

I have grown up my whole life in the same town. I am currently going to college in the same town. My entire family lives here along with my boyfriend. He is very rooted here and being with him means staying here for the rest of my life.

That being said, I would move for a job. I am so tired of my town that I am going crazy. I love my boyfriend but if he isn't willing to move for me then I don't know if I am willing to stay in this town forever for him. I need to go explore. How can I know I love Montana if I have never experienced any other place? My soul wants to learn.

I have started learning Spanish, so I can open myself up to more opportunity. I don't want to limit myself anymore. I had a dream last night that I spontaneously went to New York just to experience the city. It was amazing. I was actually sad when I woke up.

I would move for a job. In fact, I would use my job as an excuse just to move.

Thanks for the awesome question!


Subject: Re: Most Important Quality In Your Partner?

Forum: Most Important Quality In Your Partner?
Hey Song!

I love this question!

The most important quality in a partner is loyalty. This goes for all relationships.

When I call someone my friend, I have their back and I need to know that they have mine. I will never run their name through the dirt or consciously disrespect them. I need that same quality in a friend.

Me and my current boyfriend are so different. The reason we work out so well is because we are loyal, and we are willing to work for each other. I know that he is worth it, and he thinks the same about me.

I really like the quality you picked as well. Authenticity. Being real. That is an imperative quality. You need to be able to peel back the layers society has built around you so you can be completely raw for a person. That is how you connect on a deeper level.

I also agree with you on that horrible habit! I HATE being interrupted. When I am interrupted, it shows me that the person I was speaking to wasn't listening at all. They were just waiting for their turn to speak. I absolutely hate that. I am a good listener. When someone speaks I genuinely want to know what they are saying, and I try to understand. Most people just listen to respond.

Thanks for the awesome post!


Subject: How full is your glass?

Forum: How full is your glass?
Good Morning CNet!

When I was younger I was always so optimistic. Now that I am in college, I have had my spirit crushed so many times I tend to be a little more pessimistic.

I think with the stress of my work load made my glass is right in the middle. Currently I am a realist. Hopefully my glass will be half full soon enough!

How full is your glass? Are you optimistic or pessimistic? Has that changed over time?

Thanks guys!


Subject: Re: Should couples live together before marriage?

Forum: Should couples live together before marriage?
Hey guys!

Thanks for the comments!

I am glad it is going good for you! I have heard horror stories. I don't know why I am so worried. I have been with this man for 4 years. I should know him well enough by now to know he won't be a problem case.

I am in the exact same boat. I was raised catholic and my mother would disown me if I told her I was considering it. Like you, I will probably decide against it. I don't want the drama and I would like to keep what little independence I have left before I tie the knot!

That is sweet. I am happy that you and your boyfriend found a good system for each other.

That's awesome Ellie! I am happy for you and your boyfriend! I think we will eventually live together but right now I might just enjoy my independence :)

Thanks again for the posts you guys! You’re the best!


Subject: Re: 4 words about ANYTHING!!

Forum: 4 words about ANYTHING!!
Hey MotivatedOne!

It had been a hectic week! I have had 4 tests and a project. I also have already worked 20 hours! Taking 18 credits and working 25 hours a week isn't something I would wish upon my worst enemy.

Because of this chaos I would say:

I'm glad it's over!

Thanks for the easy forum!


Subject: Re: The last song you listened to?

Forum: The last song you listened to?
Hello again Tom!

I have just gotten a Spotify membership and I have been using it to the fullest. I was never big in to music before I invested in the app and some quality headphones. I have been exploring the Indie genre because it is very calming in my hectic life.

The last song I listened to was "Something Good" by alt-J. It was a really nice way to start my day!

What kind of music are you in to?


Subject: Keeping up with your New Year’s resolution?

Forum: Keeping up with your New Year’s resolution?
Hey guys!

We are halfway done with month two this year and the commitments we made to ourselves are becoming strenuous!

I don't know about you guys, but I made a New Year’s Resolution to exercise and be more adventurous. So far, my exercise it walking to the refrigerator. I also live the same boring life every day.

I am going to try and pick up my resolutions this week!

What was your New Year’s resolution? Are you still doing it? If not, will you try and pick it back up?

Happy Friday!


Subject: Re: Is Marijuana Important to You?

Forum: Is Marijuana Important to You?
Hey Morgan!

Marijuana doesn't matter to me. I have never been a fan of smoking or drinking. I don't like to feel as though I don't have control over my body. I would never vote on a candidate just to help legalize marijuana. I have a lot greater concerns than marijuana when it comes to politics.

That being said, I don't think it should be illegal. I don't see why alcohol and cigarettes are legal, but marijuana isn't. A good friend of mine has a medical condition that she smokes marijuana for. It has helped her tremendously compared to the alternative. If people like her have access to it, it doesn't bother me whether it is legal or not.

It isn't my job to tell people how to live their lives. I don't like to smoke but that doesn't mean other people should be denied marijuana.

Thanks for the post!


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