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Netflix has so many great choices! My FAVORITE by far are either: Shameless, or Greys Anatomy! They are both binge worthy!

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Hey Morgan!
I, myself, had a chocolate lab once named Brandy and she was the BEST dog with the cutest personality!
Anyways, my family and I have had many baby puppies that we've had to dog train! We started by using puppy pads the first week in case of any accidents. We would always place them by the front door just for the puppy to get used to showing us when he/she had to go. We would regularly take the puppy outside every 30 minutes to an hour, just to get the puppy familiar with proper potty-training skills! My least favorite part was having to let the puppy know when it did wrong by using the potty inside. So we'd either tap the puppy on its bottom or put he/she in its cage. It was just necessary to let the puppy know that it is not okay to go to the bathroom inside the house or else he/she would continually think it was okay to do that. Eventually we put a bell by the door that the dog would rub its nose against, letting us know it needed to go to the bathroom! My 2 dogs now know the word "outside" so whenever they have to go, they will come over and sit until we say the word outside! That was the easiest method with those 2! I wish the best for your puppy and family!

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