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Subject: Re: Should Bottled Water be Banned?

Forum: Should Bottled Water be Banned?
Good morning Kate!

Water is a necessity and society will make anything that people want to make life easier. The invention of plastic has really taken an toll on the world we live in. It has created a lot of waste that cannot be rid of. I believe that bottled water is completely pointless when we have stainless steel bottles that you can bring around with you everywhere all the time. It isn't that hard to bring one bottle that you can keep much longer than one water bottle and while you're doing that you can save a lot of future issues in the world.

Have an amazing day!

Subject: Re: When was the last time you went camping?

Forum: When was the last time you went camping?
Good morning Sarah!

I am actually going camping tomorrow for the whole weekend! I love camping because you can get away from the cars and busy city life. With no connect to the world other than the people that are around you it makes for a very relaxing time. I am going on a weekend camping trip with one of the club from school I am in. We have one twice a year but, unfortunately I couldn't go to the previous camp out. This will be the first time I have gone camping for about a year and I cannot wait!

Perfect timing for the forum! have an amazing day!

Subject: Parent Relationships

Forum: Parent Relationships
Good morning everyone!
Sorry I haven't been online lately its been a long week.

I would really like to know how everyone's relationship with their parents are. Are they like a parent or a friend or both? Do you guys always argue? What was the worst argument you've gotten into? Are your parent split up? Please, I would love to know how everyone else's relationships with their families are.

For the past couple years I have realized that I haven't been happy at home. But I got into a fight and I am deciding to go to live with my dad. I think that living with my mother and stepdad anymore will make me no progress in life and ruin everything I have strived so long to do in school, sports, and friends. Please, I want all the advice I can get.

Have an amazing Thursday!

Subject: Re: Can Money Buy Happiness?

Forum: Can Money Buy Happiness?
Good afternoon Unique!

I believe that, yes, money can buy things that make you happy. But, true happiness like that in a good relationship is what really counts the most. That happiness is something that you cannot buy. The true happiness is definitely something that you cannot buy, the material aspect of it is what you can buy but isn't what is mainly important.

Have a "unique" day! haha

Subject: Re: Do you sleep naked?

Forum: Do you sleep naked?
Good afternoon Sarah!
Great to hear from you, hope Cnet is treating you well!

I can't stand wearing clothing to bed. The most I will wear extra is a long shirt when I go outside of my bedroom. I feel uncomfortable when wearing clothes, I feel clothes shouldn't be worn when sleeping. Sleeping is where your'e supposed to feel comfortable and relaxed. And as all you girls should know, bras are not comfortable!

Have an amazing day!

Subject: Re: Are you patient or impatient person?

Forum: Are you patient or impatient person?
Good afternoon NjBr!

I can be both a patient and impatient person. It really just depends on my mood. Knowing that so many people in the world are idiots usually gives me the ability to just drown it out. But, if I am having a bad day I may just snap at them and tell them whats really on my mind without worrying if it upsets or not. But, usually it is rare.

Have a wonderful day!

Subject: Re: Big or small companions?

Forum: Big or small companions?
Good morning Tera!

I love big companions! The bigger the lazier. I love to cuddle with my cats and dog.

Great forum, have an amazing day!

Subject: Re: Do you like the rain?

Forum: Do you like the rain?
Good morning Monica!

I cant stand rain! Its sad, depressing, and I don't like getting wet from it. I don't like when you're not fully submerged in water. I only like taking showers and swimming. While it rains I will just be relaxing inside and probably getting some rest. The only thing rain is good for is taking great naps.

Have an amazing day!

Subject: No More Room?

Forum: No More Room?
Good morning everyone!

What will we do when there's no more room for people? There may be a lot of space around the world but, there's also a growing population that needs to have homes, jobs, and a lot of other needs. What do you think we could do to stop this crisis?

Have a fantastic Friday!

Subject: Re: Does the water temperature matter?

Forum: Does the water temperature matter?
Good morning Shanz!

Normally when I take showers I like them hot unless I just finished working out. I keep it hot all until the very end of my shower which is when I blast the cold water. I put the cold water on to have it on my hair at the end because I have seen it does keep my hair healthy. I have even heard it makes your hair grow faster.

Have an amazing Friday!

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