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Subject: Re: Should Politicians Vote their Conscience?

Forum: Should Politicians Vote their Conscience?
GREAT point to bring up.
The Senate was originally meant to represent each state (regardless of each state's population, 2 Senators would act as representatives for their state - thus, there are a total of 100 Senators).
They were expected to vote their "conscience," ie. vote to help the state which they represented (NOT necessarily the people). Because of this, the Founding Fathers decided they would not be directly elected by the people.

Instead, Senators were elected by each States' local government representatives, and were thus not under pressure from the people to make "majority rule" decisions all the time, as the House of Representatives is. (THIS is what distinguished the House from the Senate - now as I is explained below, there is hardly a meaningful difference)...

Unfortunately, in the wake of the 17th Amendment to the Constitution, Senators became directly subject to the whims of the people, which we have seen to be wholly sporadic and often uniformed. By this I mean, the Constitution was altered to have the people from each state directly elect their Senators, exactly like they elect their House Representatives (granted, once every 6 yrs vs. once every 2 yrs).

A VERY SAD THING IT IS.... The US was brilliant in its set up of Federal vs. State government... Unfortunately, that structure is slowly being altered to reflect a continental majority rule over all...

Subject: Re: What School Do you/Did you Attend?

Forum: What School Do you/Did you Attend?

It really is cool to see how many people, from all over the place, are on this site.
I'm currently studying at the University at Buffalo and am midway through majoring in mechanical engineering and minoring in electrical engineering.

Good luck with your studies and upcoming semester!

Subject: Re: Winding Down After Work

Forum: Winding Down After Work
I actually just posted a forum talking about reading and how beneficial it's proved to be for me.
Just sitting down, tuning out (turning off the cell phone..), and truly engaging yourself in whatever it is you're reading, is a perfect way to end any day. Not only is it relaxing and calming, it also helps you enter into a sort of thoughtful state.
Really just good for your mind :)

Subject: How often do you read?

Forum: How often do you read?
Hello Cnet!

As I'm sure you've all read somewhere, reading is food for the mind.
In a culture which is growing increasingly unhappy, I truly believe lack of "book time," is a huge driving force.
When was the last time you tuned out for a night and simply focused on a quality book, that pushed you to think through the words written, and not simply recite them in your head?
I recently started devoting at least 45 minutes every day to this book I'm reading, and have actually found it to positively impact my attitude, as well as help me get to sleep at night (if it's done right before bed).
Just wanted to share and get anyone else's perspective!
How often do you read?

Subject: Re: FAV Disney Movie

Forum: FAV Disney Movie
Thats such a difficult question.... Maybe Peter Pan? Always enjoyed that movie as a kid.

But honestly, I used to watch all of the Disney classics, so I'd be hard pressed to single out a single one as the best.

Subject: Re: Shaping history

Forum: Shaping history
I found the title of this to be actually quite frightening...
We cannot shape history, to say we can implies that we have the ability to modify it; which would be to engage in the treasonous act of essentially politicizing history.

Perhaps I'm missing the meaning of your post though.

If you meant simply that the actions of your students have the potential to impact the present, and thus contribute to what will eventually become history, then I absolutely agree with your motives; otherwise, I take your point to be that history is what you want it to be, which is of course, a lie - and a dangerous one at that.

Subject: Re: How Much Money Is In Your Wallet Right Now?

Forum: How Much Money Is In Your Wallet Right Now?

SO I went to reach into my desk drawer to check how much $$ I have in my wallet about ten minutes ago... Lo and behold, It wasn't there, and I've spent the past ten minutes looking for it...

I really hope there's at least a dollar in it when I find it...

ANY suggestions on where to look would be great! XD

Have a great day!

Subject: Re: Do you have any pets?

Forum: Do you have any pets?
Good morning!

My day always begins with a fun 10 minutes of roughhousing with my wonderful husky, Juneau (pronounced Juno) :)

She's over a year old now but I still call her a puppy, just because I'll never forget how cute and hilarious she was when I first got her.

I remember the first time she saw her reflection in the window at night in the kitchen... For a solid 20 minutes she was jumping in excitement and experimenting just how many things her new "friend" could do that she could also... I've got it all on video thankfully xD She even ran into the window several times in an effort to do who knows what...

I also have 5 fish; Herbert, thing 1, thing 2, Ferdinand, and Bruce. They're not nearly as fun to mess around with, but as i'm sure you know, if you run your finger along the glass of the tank your fish will try to follow it (i've no idea why..), so I've gotten some brief entertainment from that!

Subject: Do you look for the silver linings?

Forum: Do you look for the silver linings?
It's disheartening sometimes; looking out at the world we live in today, and beholding all the negatives around us all - huge issues, as well as the day to day stuff (weather, homework, news...)

After a difficult semester, full of stress, deadlines, and pressure, it can be rather difficult to rally the strength to take on the spring with your chin held high.

But despite all the 'stuff' you could get down about, i've come to find that a positive attitude can concur a whoooole lot.
Keeping your chin up, turning the other cheek, smiling your way through that shift, and all those other small and positive formalities, could just lighten your burden a bit.

So are you one of this worlds positive thinkers? Or do you consider yourself more somber?

Do you think that the positive people in life are simply blissfully ignorant? Or do you, like me, choose to believe otherwise?

Is it possible for someone to be a positive thinker, as well as a realistic one? Or are the two unable to coexist in one person?

No matter what your answers were to the above, don't you think it would be beneficial to yourself and others, if you simply tried to smile as much as possible?

Have a great day!
Never ever forget - every cloud has a silver lining!!

Subject: Re: Caring for our planet

Forum: Caring for our planet

I really like this post; it sheds some light on the importance of living your life conservatively, so that you limit consumption, and invest in what lasts.
Plastics are a wonderful thing, but they're also very detrimental in that they will literally never decompose....

Perhaps the best suggestion I have is to avoid cheap 'things'

Sure you can go to Walmart and buy a plastic water bottle made in China for $2.99, but if you instead decided to look online for a high quality one, from an environmentally conscious company like Thermos, would $3 more kill you?
Sure, your ONE purchase wouldn't make much of a difference... But with every one person made aware of their actions on our environment, that's one person making a difference - and that eventually adds up.

Just live more consciously, and go the extra mile to research just what companies you're supporting :)

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