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Subject: Re: What are you craving to eat at this moment?

Forum: What are you craving to eat at this moment?
Right now it is so chilly outside and snow is coming soon here, so I am really craving some hot chocolate! It must because of the weather, but something warm and sweet would really just hit the spot right now!

Subject: Re: Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt?

Forum: Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt?
I have such a sweet tooth that I would eat either in a heartbeat! But, I guess if I had to choose, I would choose ice cream. The one thing that’s difficult about frozen yogurt for me is that there are so many flavors and toppings to choose from!! It’s so hard to decide!!

Subject: Re: Mobile games?

Forum: Mobile games?
Hi Matt! I have recently stated playing the app called ‘Ballz’ on my phone and it is very addicting! I’ll have to admit that it was hard to do at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s hard to put down because you want to keep getting your score higher and higher! Good luck if you try it!

Subject: Re: Favorite color to highlight with?

Forum: Favorite color to highlight with?
When studying for exams I used to highlight different sections with different colors. It always looked to pretty by the end and made studying more fun! Believe it or not, it actually helped my recall during exams too! (When taking the exam I would think...oh this is from the XX colored section!)

Subject: Re: Favorite Netflix Series

Forum: Favorite Netflix Series
Definitely Stranger Things! It is such a unique show and different from anything else out there. Very good acting for such young actors, good plot line, and I like how it is set in the 80s since I love 80s movies. I have watched more than once. You should check it out I would definitely recommend it!

Subject: Re: Travel

Forum: Travel
I’m really interested in visiting any country with elephant rehabilitation’s and/or sanctuarys. I have a passion for animals and elephants just really speak to me lately. I want to help these beautiful, intelligent creatures and I would love to volunteer to do so if I could. I’ve been doing some research and so far have found some in Africa and Thailand. I like either would be amazing opportunities and life experience.

Subject: Re: Craziest Thing You've Done for Money

Forum: Craziest Thing You've Done for Money
This website!!

Subject: Re: Are you a morning person?

Forum: Are you a morning person?
I am like you. I prefer to stay up late and sleep in the next day (if possible). Unfortunately I tend to stay up late even on nights where I know I have to wake up early the next day (like right now lol). I know that I will hit the snooze button 100 times tomorrow morning, but honestly I think I would do that even if I went to bed early! Maybe it’s just something we’re all born with? Or maybe it’s a result of our sleeping routines growing up? That actually makes sense, my parents used to let me sleep in late all the time. There was once a fire at our next door neighbor’s house with a ton of ambulances, fire trucks, police sirens, etc. and from what I am told I slept right through it whoops!

Subject: Re: Back to work?

Forum: Back to work?
Hi Tom,

I feel you! I went back to work today too . It was sooo hard to get up and out of bed this morning!! Especially with the cold weather! But hey, look at the bright side: at least we only have a 4-day week! Good luck tomorrow on your second day back!

Subject: Re: How Do You Fare In Cold Weather?

Forum: How Do You Fare In Cold Weather?
Hi Abby!
I personally love the cold. For some reason I am always hot, which is uncomfortable! You can’t cool down easily when you are hot. However, when you are cold, you can easily put on layers (like you did!), sit by a fire, drink hot cocoa, etc to warm up! My dogs on the other hand hate the cold! I just ordered them some doggie snow boots because they stop in the middle of the yard and need to be carried inside when their feet get too cold! I guess their favorite season isn’t winter, like mine. What is every else’s favorite season?

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