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Subject: Re: Is your pet a family member??

Forum: Is your pet a family member??
My girl is most definitely part of the family! She is 11 years old now, and we have had her since I was 13. She gets spoiled by my parents, just as much as me! I’m happy to hear you treat your pet like family!


Subject: Favorite Ways to Deal With Stress

Forum: Favorite Ways to Deal With Stress
Hey friends!

So I know we are all on different paths, whether it be school or a career but I’m sure we can all relate in that we get stressed now and again.

What are your favorite ways to deal with stress? Back when I was in school I would get so stressed I would wind up having a panic attack. All I could do was go to my roommate and cry it out to calm down. These days I have found that taking a few moments away from the stressor helps, or taking a hot shower.

Let’s help eachother out! Any tips you have?


Subject: Re: How often do you see a doctor?

Forum: How often do you see a doctor?
Hey Kamrin! If I need to see a doctor, I go to a local walk in convenient care. I had a doctor that I started with as a new patient, and they lost my record of being in their office. Since then I just haven’t had the desire to go through a new patient waitlist, so the convenient care is where you can find me!


Subject: Re: How are you dressed today?

Forum: How are you dressed today?
Hey Nancy! On a daily basis I’m either in scrubs or pajamas. I am a vet tech so I’m in scrubs 5 days a week. Almost as soon as I walk in the door I change into pajamas. I work a lot of long days and am usually pretty exhausted by the time I get home. Sometimes on the rare occasion I go out with friends or something I do like getting all dolled up but that is once a month or so!


Subject: Re: Which do you prefer?

Forum: Which do you prefer?
I like the ease of self-checkout. I like getting my items, checking out and getting out of the store without having to pay anyone any mind. If the lines are long, I have no problem going to a line with a cashier. I do wonder, like you, how many jobs have been lost, or WILL be lost if these stores switch over to all self-check outs. Good topic!


Subject: Re: Where Do You Buy Your Electronics From?

Forum: Where Do You Buy Your Electronics From?
Hey Morgan!

I am a Best Buy shopper. I bought my Microsoft surface from there. I was able to get approved for a credit card and get some accessories and protection the tablet would need all in one trip. It was definitely an investment, but well worth it. It was pretty easy to pay my bill online too!


Subject: Issues With Your Manager

Forum: Issues With Your Manager
Good morning!

I work at a local small animal veterinary practice as a veterinary technician. Our practice manager is a tech as well, but has moved on to be a PM. Usually she can be really cool, and for someone like me who is still pretty new to the career, can sometimes over good advice. However, most of the time she can be hard to work with. I am not trying to complain, I’m just wondering how you cope with a boss or a manager that can be like that?

I hope everyone has a good week!

Subject: Re: Are you a planner?

Forum: Are you a planner?
Hey Megan! I would like to say I am a planner, but if I am being honest I would say I am more of a dreamer. I have ideas about my future house and future wedding, but right now I do not have the means to be able to purchase a house. And being a single woman, I cannot really plan out the details of my wedding yet! I do have the details of a future husband picked out though! Lol.

I would say I do like to plan out my days or weeks just to have a grasp on what needs to get done. I think it is important to have some order in your life in order to stay sane. Like you said, sometimes you just have to let things go and let them fall into place. Nothing wrong with that!


Subject: Re: Do you carry PEPPER SPRAY ?

Forum: Do you carry PEPPER SPRAY ?
Hey Julia! You made a good point about having it as protection against animals as well. Thank you for shedding light on this topic. I personally do not have any self defense protection. I have heard there are classes you can take to learn some techniques. I have just never taken the time to do them. A lot of my friends have little pepper spray cans that they keep on their key chains. Definitely nice to have close on hand. Thanks to you, now I will look into getting protected!


Subject: Re: What can we find in your car right now?

Forum: What can we find in your car right now?
Hey Nancy! Right now I have bowling balls, 6 of them to be exact, in my trunk and a couple articles of clothing in my back seat. I work full time at a veterinary hospital and part time as a waitress. Usually there is a backup pair of scrubs, a work shirt or other things! Also, a lot of times there is a travel coffee mug or two. Hate to be without coffee!

Have a great week!

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