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Subject: Re: Parents

Forum: Parents

So my mom doesn’t like us spending money on her, but I think she is still deserving. I usually try to get her simple things that I know she likes. She was wanting a book, so I bought it for her and updated her BAM membership fee as a gift once. She loved it!

Even if it’s somethint simple I’m sure your mom will love anything!


Subject: Never forget

Forum: Never forget
I’d like to start off this forum but thanking all of those on here that are a part of our first responders. Thank you for your service to our country.

How are you all handling today? I’ve been thinking of those who lost their life that day 17 years ago. I remember I was in the third grade, but I still remember it like yesterday. I didn’t know what was going on, but I knew it wasn’t good. I remember all the TVs in our school being on. When I got home, I could tell my parents were visibly upset. Do you remember the moment?

Never forget.

Subject: Re: Short socks or long socks?

Forum: Short socks or long socks?
I’m with you! Black ankle socks are all I wear. Preferably some with a good weight material. I hate the feeling of the thin, almost see through socks!


Subject: Re: Waiting

Forum: Waiting
Sounds like you must be an early bird gets the worm kind of person! Very rare do I ever show up to work early. I like to sleep in as much as possible. However if there is ever a chance that I am up earlier than normal, I usually sit in the car and enjoy my coffee and check emails to start the day!


Subject: Re: Are you Brand Loyal?

Forum: Are you Brand Loyal?
Hey Morgan! I’d agree with you on the clothing brand loyalty. I’m a veterinary technician so really any scrubs that are comfortable and can hold up work just as good for me. I do enjoy wearing makeup when I’m not working and I have found there are some brands I stay pretty loyal to. Usually anything cruelty free. Urban Decay is one of my favorite brands! Always picking up something from them!

Have a great night!


Subject: Re: Is your pet a family member??

Forum: Is your pet a family member??
My girl is most definitely part of the family! She is 11 years old now, and we have had her since I was 13. She gets spoiled by my parents, just as much as me! I’m happy to hear you treat your pet like family!


Subject: Favorite Ways to Deal With Stress

Forum: Favorite Ways to Deal With Stress
Hey friends!

So I know we are all on different paths, whether it be school or a career but I’m sure we can all relate in that we get stressed now and again.

What are your favorite ways to deal with stress? Back when I was in school I would get so stressed I would wind up having a panic attack. All I could do was go to my roommate and cry it out to calm down. These days I have found that taking a few moments away from the stressor helps, or taking a hot shower.

Let’s help eachother out! Any tips you have?


Subject: Re: How often do you see a doctor?

Forum: How often do you see a doctor?
Hey Kamrin! If I need to see a doctor, I go to a local walk in convenient care. I had a doctor that I started with as a new patient, and they lost my record of being in their office. Since then I just haven’t had the desire to go through a new patient waitlist, so the convenient care is where you can find me!


Subject: Re: How are you dressed today?

Forum: How are you dressed today?
Hey Nancy! On a daily basis I’m either in scrubs or pajamas. I am a vet tech so I’m in scrubs 5 days a week. Almost as soon as I walk in the door I change into pajamas. I work a lot of long days and am usually pretty exhausted by the time I get home. Sometimes on the rare occasion I go out with friends or something I do like getting all dolled up but that is once a month or so!


Subject: Re: Which do you prefer?

Forum: Which do you prefer?
I like the ease of self-checkout. I like getting my items, checking out and getting out of the store without having to pay anyone any mind. If the lines are long, I have no problem going to a line with a cashier. I do wonder, like you, how many jobs have been lost, or WILL be lost if these stores switch over to all self-check outs. Good topic!


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