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Subject: Re: Are you a morning person?

Forum: Are you a morning person?
I would say I’m definitely more of a night owl then a morning person. It takes me forever to get out of bed. However, on mornings when I know I have a tournament or traveling somewhere, those mornings are easier. Maybe the excitement of doing something other than going to work is what makes it easier to get up!


Subject: Re: Not just an Ordinary Pet

Forum: Not just an Ordinary Pet
There are so many to pick from! Honestly I would want a giraffe. I have also been intrigued by them. They are so unique and unlike anything else. Obviously I would need a tall doggy door!


Subject: Re: Have you ever had a garden?

Forum: Have you ever had a garden?
Hey Kasey!

We have a garden in our backyard but it is not that great. We have a lot of day lilies that sort of take over the whole thing. It seems like every year we say we will revamp the garden but we have yet to do so. Maybe this summer will finally be the summer!


Subject: Re: It's Friday! Finally...Plans?

Forum: It's Friday! Finally...Plans?
Catching up on Netflix and sleep! Wild Friday night!


Subject: 401K

Forum: 401K
Hey CollegeNet.

So I started working at my first full time job in May. My boss is going to have me sit down with our financial rep to start talking about starting my 401K. Any advice for a first timer? Any things I should avoid? Thanks!


Subject: Re: Spring Break!

Forum: Spring Break!
Hey Morgan!

I love Florida! Last spring break me and 3 of my friends went to Cocoa Beach, Florida! It was so much fun. A little bit cold, so next time I’d like to go a little later in the year, but definitely a fun short trip. We drove down which took about 16 hours. We split the trip into 2 days. Long drive but we had fun by playing music and the game Bean boozed.

One of the friends I went down with actually moved down to Florida. Now I have a permanent vacation spot around the Orlando area and plan on going down around April.

I hope you are able to take a trip sometime!


Subject: Re: Celebrating Personal Victories

Forum: Celebrating Personal Victories
Congrats to your father! How amazing! I bet he is happy to have your support.

I agree with you that personal victories are worth celebrating. I can also understand that your father might not want that attention brought to him. Maybe if he doesn’t want a party, you as a family could do something small. Make it less of an extraganza for him.

I’m really proud of your father!


Subject: Re: Best Acne Products?

Forum: Best Acne Products?
Hey! I’ve never personally suffered from acne, but I do get the occasional breakouts. Although they may be small, my skin scars very easily. I’d say my healing time is prolonged then usual.

I have used Origins brand face cleansing products for about 5 years now. Definitely my favorite. I will never use another face wash. I also use and Ultrasonic face brush. It was definitely an investment but it is so worth it. I’ve had mine going on 3 years, and I haven’t had a problem with it.

Hope that helps someone!


Subject: Re: Sleep!

Forum: Sleep!
Hey Anna! Personally it depends on how tired I am. Sometimes I swear I don’t even remember my head hitting the pillow. Some nights I toss and turn before I can fall asleep. I work pretty earlier in the morning so I try to lay down early in case it’s one of those nights I can’t sleep

Subject: Getting Back to What You Love

Forum: Getting Back to What You Love
Hey all!

So I’ve been bowling since I was about 10 years old; I’m almost 25. I bowled junior leagues when I was a kid, then bowled through high school and college. It got to the point where I was trying to juggle school, bowling and two jobs that it all became too much. I gave up the sport I spent more than half my life doing. I joked with all my bowling friends that I was “retired” or that I “don’t miss it”. Well I’ve been thinking about getting back in to the game, and this past weekend I got back to the lanes with my friends. I threw the ball so well and scored well! Definitely fueled the fire to get back to my sport.

Do any of you have a sport that you would consider your life? Has anyone else struggled to stick with it? If anyone is missing their sport I reccomend going out and practicing! It may just bring determination your way!


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