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Subject: Re: What do you do to entertain yourself in the air?

Forum: What do you do to entertain yourself in the air?
Hi Wanderer,

I have never been on an airplane! My parents stopped flying after 9/11 and so they never took us anywhere by plane, we drove everywhere. My boyfriend's family is trying to work it out for me to fly to Florida with them soon, so I will definitely try some of these ideas, although I will probably not have a whole lot of time since I will be soaking in the whole airplane experience, including looking out the window at the world from way up high.

I plan to do a lot of travelling in my future, so I am very appreciative of all these suggestions.

Thanks for the topic, and have a good one!


Subject: Re: Drive Alone or with Someone?

Forum: Drive Alone or with Someone?
Hi Grace,

I much prefer to drive with someone. In fact, when I am driving home from somewhere longer than a half hour, I will facetime either my boyfriend or my dad or another friend to chat with while I am driving so that they can keep me company. Also for safety because if something happens, they will know about it and be able to get help.

Time really does go by faster that was like you said. We are at our destination before we know it, and sometimes before we are ready for it, LOL!

Have a good one!


Subject: Re: Christmas Pageants/Plays

Forum: Christmas Pageants/Plays
Hi Beth,

We used to do a Christmas pageant at church. We had live animals and it was awesome! It got too expensive, though, so we stopped doing it. It was so much fun, although it was outside and some years it got really COLD to be out there for about 4 hours or so. We also did a Christmas musical in elementary school, and the band does a Christmas concert every year in high school.

It is so cute to see little kids performing in these. I hope you had fun watching the pageant, and a great time with your family coming over.

Have a good one!


Subject: Re: Solo vs Team competitions

Forum: Solo vs Team competitions
Hi Dymphie,

I prefer team competitions as well. I like the feeling of camaraderie and teamwork and the "us against them" thing. I LOVE games that are played in a group setting. Last Sunday, my parents' Bible study group had a party for the families and the group members played a game with males vs. females. They were laughing and shouting so loudly that it brought every kid up from their basement video game playing to see what was up.

I agree with what you said about Cnet. And I think it IS getting harder and harder to be motivated to get all the posts in. Don't worry, it probably won't make any difference for you, so yay about that.

Have a good one!


Subject: Home movies - Do you have them? Do you watch?

Forum: Home movies - Do you have them? Do you watch?
Good morning,

So yesterday while we were putting the tree up, my brother found a DVD with some of the home movies that my parents made of us when we were little. We kept interrupting our tree decorating to watch. It was hilarious! Unfortunately, we only have them from the time I was about age 3 to 5. I wish we had more. I can't believe how funny my brother and I were when we were little! I didn't even remember that we even had them, and this is the first time I had ever seen them.

Do you have home movies? Have you ever watched them? Do you enjoy seeing yourself when you were younger, or is it embarrassing?

Have a super fun Sunday, and thanks for reading!


Subject: Re: Obesity in America

Forum: Obesity in America
Hi E,

Good topic. I think you hit it on the nose with the time issue and the convenience "foods" which really isn't food at all, just a bunch of chemicals that look like food. I read somewhere that even though we as a nation are obese, we are actually malnourished. We don't eat the right kind of foods, usually eating empty calories. And speaking of calories, I also read that all calories are not treated equally by the body. For instance, an apple (the original fast food, LOL) with 100 calories and one of those 100 calorie "snack packs". The body knows what to do with the apple, it extracts nutrients from it, including the calories used for fuel, storing very little if any of it as fat. The body has no idea what to do with the chemically enhanced snack pack, so it just stores it all away as fat. Much like an item in your home that you can't figure out what to use it for, so you just store it away.

And oh man you are right about all the holiday goodies. I try to only take a little bit of each thing, but even then, pow!

Have a good one!


Subject: Re: With or without CNET: keep it up

Forum: With or without CNET: keep it up
Thanks Steve, for the encouraging words. I know we will all "recover" from this loss, it just takes some time. Plus, what choice do we have, right? Kudos to you for putting things into perspective for us.

Thanks, Maggie, for the info. I have kind of slacked off on these sites (not sure if I even remember my user name and password) because I have devoted my energy to Cnet. Time to dust off the old user info and get to it.

Have a good one!


Subject: Re: What are you most grateful to CNet for?

Forum: What are you most grateful to CNet for?
Hi Jess,

I think Christi just took the words right out of my mouth! I feel the same way about those who have graduated, then we never hear from them again. I find myself wondering from time to time "whatever happened with ___". but at least we don't have a massive exodus, it's just one or two at a time and not every week. It's going to be weird, and I will miss this terribly. Their timing really stinks, too, doing this at Christmas time!

I am so grateful to have been a part of this for almost a year, and to have been fortunate enough to win a few times, and to get to know this community of really hard workers.

Thanks for the forum, and have a good one!


Subject: Re: CNet Petition

Forum: CNet Petition
Hey Daniella,

Done!! Thank you so much for setting this up. I really appreciate it. Hopefully we can get some good responses. Along with the responses to their announcement (if they even read them!) we will have at least let them know that we feel strongly about this.

Have a good one!


Subject: Free public transit?

Forum: Free public transit?
Good morning,

Should public transit be free? Or at least really low cost like $1 a ride or something? As a result of America's love affair with their cars, we have traffic congestion, constant road repairs (I swear I think Ohio must be the orange barrel capital of the world or something!!), and a lot of car accidents. If public transit were free, and everyone used it, a large percentage of these problems would be either eliminated or greatly curtailed. That might offset the cost of the "free" public transit.

If public transit were free, would you consider using it, at least for commuting to work or school? Why or why not?

I have ridden public transit in NYC, Chicago, and DC. and I have loved it. It was so much easier than trying to figure out how to get where I am going, and then finding parking once I get there.

Hey everyone, have an awesome day, it's Saturday! It's the start of the College Football bowl season! 10 days until Christmas (oops, gulp, gotta get my shopping done, yikes!)! YAY!


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