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Subject: Re: Mother Hood

Forum: Mother Hood
Welcome to cnet, Zulaikah, glad to have you on board.

What a sweet story! It sounds like you and your daughter have a great time!

Alas, I am not a mother yet. I will be 19 years old next month.

I can't answer your question about my children, but I just had to respond to welcome you and to comment on how sweet your daughter sounds.

Have a good evening,


Subject: Re: What do you think about the HB2 law and similar?

Forum: What do you think about the HB2 law and similar?

Yeah, I remember that, too. I wondered who was going to police that and how they were planning to do it. Was someone going to be stationed at the restroom door to inspect your birth certificate to see if you match the gender listed? I don't know about you, but I don't carry mine around with me all the time, that's nuts. Or even worse, were there going to be inspectors to tell people to drop their pants, and make sure they had the "equipment" that matches the bathroom they were trying to use? Eww, talk a rights violation! They would have to do that with everyone because how can you tell just by looking at a person? I can't.

So yeah, use whatever bathroom you want. If someone is going to do something perverted, a law like that is not going to stop them anyway.

Great forum!

Have a good one!


Subject: Re: Laundry: Separate by colors or wash together?

Forum: Laundry: Separate by colors or wash together?
Hi Unique,

I love this forum. My mom used to sort lights/darks, and when she was doing our laundry, she made us presort by putting them in separate hampers. When I started to do my own laundry (maybe age 12 or so), I just dumped them all in one load (one really large load!!). Since we wash all our clothes in cold water, it turned out fine. My mom has since simplified her life by doing hers all together, too. (So I taught my mom something, yay!) We have never had a problem with the colors bleeding into the whites perhaps because we wash in cold water. If we get something new that is really dark or red, we wash it by itself for it's first washing, then it goes in with the others after that.

Beth, there is actually a machine that will wash, then dry. I have seen them on the tiny house shows. I think we have a ways to go to get the sorting and folding, though, LOL!

Have a great day!


Subject: Re: Do you watch television commercials?

Forum: Do you watch television commercials?
Hi Jon,

I don't watch TV very often, and when I do, I watch Netflix. When I am watching a football game or something, I do not watch the commercials. I am usually on my phone and barely paying attention to the game, so I definitely don't pay attention to the commercials.

Have a great day!


How's your first week of college going? I'll bet you are super busy with soccer. When I played in high school, it seemed to take over my life, so I can only imagine what it is like in college! Good luck, go Oilers!

Subject: Do you iron your clothes?

Forum: Do you iron your clothes?
Good morning,

As we were getting ready to start packing my stuff to move into the dorm, I had a few (!) wrinkly clothes from being stuffed everywhere in my room. I briefly thought about ironing them, then my mom and I thought, nah, we will just fold them or hang them to see if the wrinkles come out by themselves or I will just wear them wrinkly. It was mostly tshirts anyway. I have never ironed, and I can count on one hand the number of times my mom has ironed since I was born. I wonder why we even own an iron!!

Do you iron your clothes?

Have a terrific Tuesday!


Subject: Re: Do you have a CNET routine?

Forum: Do you have a CNET routine?

My sort-of routine is that I get a topic for a forum, and then sign on as soon as I am able to in the morning and create the forum. Then I look around at other forums and perhaps post a couple of responses to those. Then I check my previous day's forum to see if I got any more responses and then perhaps vote for someone who took the time to respond to that forum, or if there is an interesting forum that I want to vote for the creator or a responder to that, then I do that. I usually save a vote and a couple of posts for later in the day if there is time in my schedule. Then later, I check if there are responses to my morning's forum, then vote and post if there is any interesting new forums out there. Most of the time, I end up wanting to vote for someone that I have already voted for, LOL! And I tend to want to post more than 5 times, but oh well.

My routine will probably change when I go to college for the first time in a couple of weeks, so who knows what will happen.

Beth, hang in there. I won the rookie scholarship then it took four and a half months to win my second time. Keep at it, you are doing great. I think everything is a learning process, and cnet is no exception!

Have a marvelous Monday!


Subject: Re: What's Causing You Stress Right Now?

Forum: What's Causing You Stress Right Now?
Hi Auntiec,

I am so sorry for you and all the other posters to this forum about everything that is stressing you out. Please take care of yourself. Ask yourself: What will happen if I don't get this done by the deadline, or if it doesn't get done at all? Figure out what that is and make a plan for how you will handle it if it doesn't get done. I don't know if that will help you, but it does help me sometimes.

I am stressing out about moving away from home and into a dorm for the first time. New roommate, a stranger. My boyfriend, going to a different college so I will not get to see him often enough. Not being at home, in my own room, with all my stuff and familiar surroundings and family. Classes that are tougher than in high school. Having to handle things on my own, no safety net. Ugh, Ok, I am not going to think about this now.........!

Hang in there, you sound like a wonderful, caring teacher, and I am sure it will all come together even better than before.


Subject: Re: Cost of insurance is a scam

Forum: Cost of insurance is a scam
Hi Bella,

I totally agree. Healthcare has been a serious issue for at least as long as I have been alive. Didn't Hilary Clinton try to come up with a solution when her husband was president? I think it was shot down before it even got off the ground. I don't know much about how it is supposed to work, but isn't that what Obamacare was supposed to fix? Affordable care for everyone? And now we have to pay a fine at tax time if we aren't covered by insurance. Say what??

I think there is definitely enough blame to go around, from doctors, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, insurance companies, and even consumers who make poor lifestyle choices and expect a pill to "fix" them.

So yeah, I think the cost of insurance is a scam. My parents pay big bucks for insurance but rarely use the benefit since we are so seldom sick.

Thanks for the forum,


Subject: Re: True or False (game)

Forum: True or False (game)
Hey Dymphie,

This is fun! A great idea.

False. I drank water this morning.

The next poster is female.

Have a good one!


Subject: Night Awakenings

Forum: Night Awakenings
Good morning,

How many times do you wake up in the night? I usually just wake up once to go to the bathroom. My mom and dad, bless their hearts, get up just about every 2 hours or so to go. (My mom has always had a small bladder, LOL!)

I rarely wake up because of a dream or nightmare.

How about you?

Have a magnificent Monday!


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