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Subject: Re: Age and Loans or Tuition

Forum: Age and Loans or Tuition
Hi everyone!

I am 18 years old and will be graduating high school this coming May. I will be using my scholarship money to pay tuition when I start college in the fall.


Subject: Re: Facebook or Twitter?

Forum: Facebook or Twitter?
I have never had a Facebook page. By the time I got old enough to have one (per my parents' rules) it had been taken over by older people. :)

I use twitter every day.


Subject: Re: Live life now or later?

Forum: Live life now or later?
Haley, it sounds like you are doing a great job!

I had to ask my mom about this as she has read I think every book that Dave Ramsey has written. She wondered if there is some low or no cost activity that you can do for fun. Can you take a Staycation? Maybe date night can be a meal at McDonalds once a month or better yet, maybe a pizza. Getting out of debt is a wonderful thing, and very freeing. How wonderful to not be a slave to your debt! How long do you think it will take for you to make that happen?

While I agree about the getting out of debt part, and about having enough money for the future and all, I do think that you never know what will happen to you in life so maybe set aside a little of that money to have some fun, make some memories now. It doesn't have to be extravagant like it sounds like your friends are doing. Maybe you can find some like-minded people at your church and make some new friends, too.


Subject: Re: Bathing. Morning or at bedtime?

Forum: Bathing. Morning or at bedtime?
Most of the time I shower at night just because that seems to fit into my schedule a little bit better. Plus I sort of got into the habit when I was younger because we only had one good shower and 4 people had to take turns and we sometimes ran out of hot water so we split up into kids at night, parents in the morning.

Also it takes about an hour to dry and straighten my hair and I am NOT a morning person, lol!


Subject: Grocery Store Loyalty

Forum: Grocery Store Loyalty
Are you loyal to one grocery store in spite of perhaps better sales at another one? Why or why not?

My mom does our grocery shopping every week and she goes to like 5 different ones shopping the sales. Luckily they are all within about a 5 or 6 mile radius of our house. She gets some amazing deals, but it takes forever to go so many places. On the other hand, my neighbor only shops at one no matter what the prices are and it doesn't take as long.

What determines which grocery store you shop? Do you go more than once a week?


Subject: Re: Do You Smoke?

Forum: Do You Smoke?
No way. Besides all the well documented health issues, it is too EXPENSIVE!!!

We are all on Cnet to get scholarships to help pay for college. If you smoke, go ahead and figure the amount of money you are spending on cigarettes. You will probably find that you have paid more for cigarettes over the years than you can possibly get on the cnet site even when you "graduate" from the site.

Yes, we all have a vice or two, but this one is way more expensive health-wise and financially than I can afford.


Subject: Re: Do greener places do anything for you?

Forum: Do greener places do anything for you?
Green places are soothing and somehow we feel calmer when we are around green spaces. Having said that, I am terrible at taking care of plants and I so appreciate those who have green thumbs. Plants also do clean the air because they "breathe in" carbon dioxide and "breathe out" oxygen.


Subject: Re: Violent kids

Forum: Violent kids
I, too, completely agree with Megan. One of the people that goes to my church is a principal at an elementary school who was given a concussion by a fifth grader. I do not know what happened with that, but she should never be attacked by a student and the student in question should no longer be allowed to be in contact with her or the school.

Matching complementary students could seriously backfire as those students could be in a position to be hurt by the violent student and why would any parent allow their nonviolent student to participate in that?

Whoever comes up with the answer to the "what do we do about this" question that will work will be the genius who ends all school and other mass shootings. I hope and pray that that genius is found soon.

Thank you for the forum,


Subject: Re: Study Abroad-Yes or No?

Forum: Study Abroad-Yes or No?
I would LOVE to! I hope I have the opportunity to do so when I get to college. I guess I better get a passport first, LOL! :)


Subject: Exercise, AM or PM?

Forum: Exercise, AM or PM?
Do you exercise regularly? Do you prefer to exercise in the morning before work or school or in the evening after work or school?

I just started exercising again and I prefer late evening since I am absolutely not a morning person.

Have a great day!


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