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Subject: Re: New Candy Cane Flavors! Would You Try It?

Forum: New Candy Cane Flavors! Would You Try It?
Hi Thankful,

I am with Becky. I am not a fan of things that are faked to taste like other things. Although the smoky cinnamon doesn't sound bad. The fruit flavored ones taste similar to lollipops so not too bad, but these new flavors sound unappealing as candy canes.

If I'm gonna have a candy cane, I want it to taste pepperminty.

You'll have to try them and let us know how it good or bad it is.

Thanks for the forum, and have a good one!


Subject: Re: Back at it!!!

Forum: Back at it!!!
Hey Karen,

I wondered where you were, but I figured that you were just on a break. I hope you have gotten things squared away. Welcome back!

I have never taken a break from this site yet, but I have come close. Things do have a way of taking over sometimes.

Looking forward to hearing from you again! Have a great day!


Subject: Re: Are You Trendy?

Forum: Are You Trendy?
Hi Morgan,

I am sort of trendy. The problem with trendy is that trends change so quickly that it is hard to keep up, and if you try, you end up with a ton of clothes, most of which used to be trendy, but aren't anymore.

I was not at all offended with your post about artificial insemination, so I apologize if it came across that way. I was just presenting a different take on the subject. Of course, after I hit "submit" I realized that everyone was referring to making a baby with donor sperm, not infertile couples. Oops..........

Good luck with your picture. I'm sure it'll turn out great.

Have a great day!


Subject: Identical twins dress alike?

Forum: Identical twins dress alike?
Hi Cnet!

Just a quick, easy one today as I recover from my weekend. ZZZZZ.............

Should identical twins dress alike?

I don't usually care how anyone dresses, and I think it is really cute for them to dress alike when they are little. However, when they are older, like upper teens and older, I wonder if their motive is to deceive someone, and then it is no longer cute to me. Plus I think everyone (even twins) have unique identities that maybe gets hidden sometimes when you look identical to someone. Not to mentioned that I walk around confused enough without seeing double, haha!! :)

What do you think?

Have a wonderful day!


Subject: Re: Best Chance at NBA MVP??

Forum: Best Chance at NBA MVP??
Hi Zack,

Welcome to Cnet! It's great to find another LeBron lover. I was sad that he left the Cavs (I'm a fan) but it was not unexpected. I think he went about as far as he could with them, and now he gets to wind down his basketball career at the same place he will probably start his next career either acting, producing, or something like that.

He has carried the Cavs on his back for many years, and he will carry the young inexperienced Lakers this year and beyond as well. He is an amazing player, the best ever. (Now I will hear about this from all the Michael Jordan fans)!

I hope you are right, and hear's to a great NBA season!


Subject: Re: Current Favorite TV Show?

Forum: Current Favorite TV Show?
Hi Morgan,

I don't get much of a chance to watch TV, but when I do, it's usually Netflix. I do like the Food Network, HGTV, and any sports channel. I try to watch Dancing with the Stars, and there is a new show my mom always watches called Manifest that I would like to try to catch sometime.

I have never had Sling, although I do have Hulu so I can watch some old shows that I used to watch.

Thanks for the topic, and have a great day. Happy watching, whatever you land on!


Subject: Re: Best pudding flavor?

Forum: Best pudding flavor?
Hey Steve,

Chocolate, of course! I haven't had pudding in a long time. I wonder if they will have it as an offering today at school..... I may have to have some now.

Thanks for the yummy topic, and have a good one!


Subject: Re: Thoughts on artificial insemination?

Forum: Thoughts on artificial insemination?
Hi Savanna,

I have a slightly different take on this subject. My parents wanted children so badly that after learning that they suffered from infertility, they decided to try adoption and fertility treatments simultaneously. The treatments consisted of shots for my mom, then an insemination when it was determined that there was a viable egg. She then was inseminated with my dad's sperm, and my brother was conceived. They were about halfway through the adoption process when they found out they were expecting my brother. They made the decision at that time to stop the adoption in favor of the biological baby. They repeated the process to get me.

So my answer to your question is, since I would not most likely not be here without artificial insemination, YAY! (unless I am having a bad day, LOL!)

Thanks for the topic, and have a great day!


Subject: Re: Dosing our Benadryl for peace

Forum: Dosing our Benadryl for peace
Hi Bella,

No, no, no. No one that little should be given any type of drug to sleep. The more Benadryl and melatonin that is given, the more it takes to make it happen next time. Use those drugs for what they are intended for, especially for a child.

I do not have children, but I think I get wanting peace, but finding out the underlying cause of their screaming would be more beneficial in the long run. Every parent can tell you that you are in for quite a few sleepless nights when you have kids.

Thanks for the forum, and have a great day!


Subject: Do you "taste" the grapes at the grocery store?

Forum: Do you "taste" the grapes at the grocery store?
Good morning,

I don't go to the grocery store very often (I have a meal plan at school) but when I do, I notice that women, especially, reach in and take a grape or two to "taste" them. Once in a while they buy the bag of grapes, most of the time they do not. My mom goes to 5 different grocery store every week, and she sees this at once each week. Is this stealing?

I can understand wanting to know if you are getting a good quality product, but would you take an apple out of a bag and eat it to test the apples, or a potato chip out of a bag to see if you like them?

My mom says she has seen moms take a banana off a bunch or a loose apple to quiet a hungry child, and since bananas and apples are sold by weight, there really is not a good way to know how much that is worth assuming she actually told the cashier about it so she can pay for it.

When we were little, my mom never let us eat food that was not paid for, not even a grape. She always brought a zipper bag of Cheerios for us to munch on. Besides, the grapes are not washed, and who knows how many hands have touched them, EEWW!

Do you "taste" the grapes at the store?

Thanks for reading, and enjoy your Sunday!


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