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Subject: Re: If You Could Choose One Musical Instrument To Play

Forum: If You Could Choose One Musical Instrument To Play
Hey :) I’m a senior and I play alto sax. Lately however I’ve been wanting to learn violin. It’s a secret passion of mine cause I love Its sound.

Subject: Animal bites?

Forum: Animal bites?
So I was interning at my local hospital this past Friday. And I heard something about a bat bite. And then just yesterday I got bit by a cat on my left hand :( it hurts so bad. It’s swollen and infected. Hopefully all goes well with medicine and I don’t lose my thumb.

This isn’t the first time I’ve been attacked by an animal. I was about 7 when a dog attacked me. I have bad luck :(

But what about you all? Have you encountered any problems with animals? Even like a goat bite? :)

Take care!

Subject: Re: Catching up

Forum: Catching up
Speaking of puppies, mine has a broken C5 spine :(. Hopefully with rest he’ll get better. But exciting things? Id day the most exciting thing is I’m starting my college class on Monday (I’m still in high school) and Its on campus compared to my online college course. So I am totally unprepared and I don’t know how I’m gonna balance that and Softball but who knows :)

Best of luck with the pup!

Subject: Two truths and a lie

Forum: Two truths and a lie
Let’s play a game. I recently had to do this for my English 101A class as a sort of icebreaker and I thought it was really interesting.

So try and guess what my lie is. And let me know why you think that :)

1: I enjoy putting pickles on Hot Cheetos as a snack
2: I have over 10 dogs.
3: I secretly wish I had blonde hair instead of my naturally black hair.

Your turn :) have a great Saturday tomorrow!

Subject: Re: “Back in my day, we…”?

Forum: “Back in my day, we…”?
Although I’m still semi young, some of these scenarios I can relate to :) like back in my day we had to entertain ourselves with solitaire on the computer.

Have a good one!

Subject: Re: How often do you cut your hair?

Forum: How often do you cut your hair?
Oh. I haven’t had a haircut in almost two years :) because I have such curly hair, it has shrinkage so it seems to take forever to grow. But I don’t plan on cutting it yet. It’s almost mid back on me. I love long hair :)

Subject: Re: What do you worry about?

Forum: What do you worry about?
Oh my gosh. I’m Katheryn aka Kat (although it’s my family who uses Kat) nice to meet you :)

I worry about my future. Like I want to move away after college but I don’t want to leave my mom behind. I also worry how I’ll be able to afford 4 years of college when my sister is in college too. I want to help my mom as much as possible.

I haven’t really gotten through these worries. But they aren’t always on my mind. They are in my heart but I don’t always think about them.

Subject: Re: What is your astrological sign ?

Forum: What is your astrological sign ?
I am a libra ! :)just Barry. I do believe in most aspects of my astrological sign.

And I do enjoy those memes that mock people who believe in it. But overall yes I do sort of believe to some extent.

Subject: Public speaking

Forum: Public speaking
Whether for a job interview or a speech class, we’ve all had to overcome our fear of public speaking. I begin a college communications class next week and it requires 4 speeches. I am very nervous for this as I had a speech impediment when I was younger and I get tongue tied easily. But I need to face my demons right? :)

What do you all recommend to overcome this fear? Or at least manage this? Share some of your scary experiences of how you got confident :) thank you. Have a great rest of your day!

Subject: Re: Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

Forum: Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
I’m definitely an introvert. This is because I prefer staying at home and I caught myself getting out of going to a party. I do enjoy friends company however I will sometimes isolate myself from them.

But I’m happy so :) I guess it’s not too bad. Although I would prefer to be a little more confident and out there

Have a great day!

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