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Subject: Re: FAV Disney Movie

Forum: FAV Disney Movie
Hey there,

Since I am a mom, I get to watch TONS of Disney movie. Moana is one of my favorite ones actually, I highly recommend it. Frozen is a favorite of mine though, never seems to get old !

Subject: Re: Do you believe in conspiracy theories/weird phenom

Forum: Do you believe in conspiracy theories/weird phenom
I will listen objectively to people about their different thoughts or opinions but I like things to be backed by research, by science. I am quick to cut off some subjects such as a flat earth because, "science".
As far as weird phenomenon go, I have seen quite a few odd things while working with schizophrenics that I cannot explain. So do odd things happen, yes I believe so!

Subject: Do you use essential oils ?

Forum: Do you use essential oils ?
Hey !

I read a study recently that found a correlation between using lavender essential oils and students having less test anxiety.
Do you use essential oils? What kind and what for ?

Subject: Re: What do you like to do for an evening of self care

Forum: What do you like to do for an evening of self care
Hey there !

During finals week last semester I was so overwhelmed and ready to crack that I checked into a hotel to relax, get a full night sleep and study completely uninterrupted. Best thing I have ever done ! I have kids, a family and it can be really hard to not get a whole night of sleep. Sleep is super important ! As is proper nutrition. I will make sure I eat right, do a face mask, use some apple cider vinegar for detox.
Self care is really important !

Subject: Re: The dangers of being "skinny fat"

Forum: The dangers of being "skinny fat"
Hi Court!

This subject has bothered me for years !! I used to tell MY best friend that she could not just simply count the amount of cheez-its, chicken strips, gummi worms, etc that she had and try to stay under a certain amount of calories. She would eat just straight crap and think she was doing the right thing. 10 years later she is working out and eating healthy foods. What you put into your body is what you will get out of it. Nutrition and exercise is SO important and I wish we did not glorify "skinny" so much as we should health.
Thank you for the light on the subject !


Subject: Re: Agree or Disagree?

Forum: Agree or Disagree?
I think this really depends on the situation. Some people cannot handle heart ache and it infiltrates their being with complete sadness.
I've loved and lost and been a better person for it. So I see the point of the statement.

Subject: Re: Relationship Status

Forum: Relationship Status
I'm sorry for you loss :( can I ask what religion you practice? I'm curious to know more about it !
I'm engaged too, just bought my dress yesterday !

Subject: Re: How do you define success ?

Forum: How do you define success ?

I really liked what you said about defining success on a day to day basis. It doesn't seem so daunting then and you probably, actually, get a lot more done that way!

Thanks for the new train of thought!

Subject: Re: What are you looking forward to?

Forum: What are you looking forward to?
Hey there !

I am finishing up nursing school for my BSN and getting married this year. It's going to be a pretty life changing year!

Subject: How do you define success ?

Forum: How do you define success ?
Hi there,

How do YOU define success? Not how does society define success, YOU.
My idea of a successful life is one in which I am overall stable in all things, family, job, house, finances, etc. To be able to give back, such as adopting families for Christmas and providing presents, I want to do nurses without borders when my kids are out of the house, volunteer.

I could probably list a dozen more things but these are the first ones that come to my mind when I think of what would make me satisfied that I lead a successful life when I get to the end of it.

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