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Subject: Re: Do you prefer bigger or smaller bags?

Forum: Do you prefer bigger or smaller bags?

I prefer big bags and small bags depending on what type of bag I am needing to use for certain things. For my backpack for school, I prefer to have a big bag because I tend to want to have every binder with me every day.

Likewise, I like having a small purse because if I have a smaller purse it gives me an excuse to not find things to put in it to make it too heavy and having to carry on my shoulder.

I hope that answered your discussion! Have a great day!

Subject: Re: Do You Feel Bad For Eating Meat?

Forum: Do You Feel Bad For Eating Meat?
Hello, Hope you are having a great day so far!

I would like to answer question three. 3. Would you ever consider going Vegan? Why or why not?

My boyfriend and I recently decided to delete most meat from our diets. My boyfriend was a huge chicken eater. The reason why we chose to change to nonmeat eating was from a recent video we watch from PETA called "If slatter houses had glass windows." We did not agree with the way that the humans were preparing the live animals for human consumptions so we decided to become pescetarians. Which is okay, because everyone can have their own opinions!

So, we only eat fish, animal-based products like cheeses, and other types of proteins like beans. We no longer eat beef, pork, chicken, and things of that nature.

So I might eventually turn to going vegan, but our options have been extremely limited in the restaurants by just going pescetarian. I think I like cheese too much to go vegan.

I hope this helped to answer your discussion! Have a great day!

Subject: Re: Should You be Allowed to Record Your Professors?

Forum: Should You be Allowed to Record Your Professors?

I feel a few things in regards to this topic. I feel as though as students we give the professors a job by signing up for their class(es), it should be labeled in their syllabus if they do allow recording, as well as many times the professors boss might want some sort of proof to support our "word" if there were some weird situation come up in the classroom.

I feel as though as students, professors need a certain amount of students to sign up for their classes to hold a job. In my opinion, things that a student thinks about when signing up for a professors class includes when the class is offered, how their reviews are on, and if the textbook is required. Those were some of the things that I take into consideration. It is helpful when the professor publishes the textbook for free on their course (canvas) or supplies them to the modules.

Additionally, if a recording is prohibited it should be outlined in their syllabi. This implies that a professor is on guard to being taken up on being recording for educational lecture purposes.

Lastly, many times the professors next chain of command is the dean of that department. As a student, if we file a report we will need to typically support our findings with a police report, another student's word, or actual evidence from ourselves or an authority.

Hope this answers your discussion for today!

Have a great day!

Subject: Re: Are you truly an introvert or extrovert?

Forum: Are you truly an introvert or extrovert?

I feel that I truly an introvert. I like spending time with family and friends, but I feel as though I would rather preferably spend time alone studying textbooks. To support my reasoning, I periodically have friends that tell me to enjoy and relax on holidays because I would typically (choose) to study while watching the Macy's Day Parade on Thanksgiving.

For this reason, I feel that I am a true introvert.

Have a great day all!

Subject: Re: When Do You Shower?

Forum: When Do You Shower?
I shower depending on the time of the day and or evening as well as my schedule for that day. If I know that I have taken a shower the night before and I am about to go for a jog in a few hours after waking up, I will take a shower that evening or after my job preferably.

I will take a shower in the morning if I know I will have to leave the house soon and do not want to have bed head all day!

Subject: Re: If you could have one tree.....

Forum: If you could have one tree.....
I would love to have the seeds to grow a tree that blooms flowers with special pollen. The flower's pollen would spread happiness to all who smelt the flower.

The world has grown very sad and it needs some happiness to be spread to all who smells the tree.

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