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Subject: Re: Do You Drink Tap Water?

Forum: Do You Drink Tap Water?
I actually drink both tap water and filtered water. The only reason I drink a lot of filtered water is because we have a purina pitcher at home but if filtered water isn’t offered it doesn’t matter to me!

Subject: Re: What are you looking forward to?

Forum: What are you looking forward to?
There are three highlight events that I can’t wait for this year! The first is our Disney senior cruise which stops at the Bahamas and other islands. The second is finally graduating high school. Lastly I’ll be starting college in Mobile and I can’t wait to see what other opportunities come in 2018!

Subject: Re: Leggings/Sweats or Jeans?

Forum: Leggings/Sweats or Jeans?
I most definitely would choose sweatpants. Their comfortable, keep you warm, and easy to move in. You don’t have to keep pulling them up like you would have to with jeans. I’m known at school for ALWAYS wearing a pair of sweatpants year round. I can’t remember the last time I’ve worn jeans to school. :)

Subject: Re: How many hours do you sleep?

Forum: How many hours do you sleep?
I generally end up sleeping 8 hours but their quite unusual! I am a bodybuilder and so since I decided to work out in the mornings before going to school I have to get up extra early. I go to bed around 7 and wake up at 3:30 a.m. Crazy right? The good news is I always get my exercise in and still maintain a good sleeping schedule!

Subject: Re: Favorite Netflix Series

Forum: Favorite Netflix Series
My favorite Netflix series has to be Stranger Things! The funny thing is I stopped watching it after the first two episodes but I later heard my friend talking about how good it was so I finished watching. Now I love the series because it just keeps on getting better.

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