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Subject: Re: Are you afraid to admit your weaknesses?

Forum: Are you afraid to admit your weaknesses?

Not so much admitting my weaknesses, but displaying them. I don't like displaying weaknesses, I very much like to compliment my strengths and do things that do just that. I guess you could say that by prevention of display of weaknesses is me avoiding admittance in a different way! There is no particular reason why besides the fact that I don't like being portrayed as weak, basically a social construct the way I look at it!

Aushenae M

Subject: Re: What is your favorite chain restaurant?

Forum: What is your favorite chain restaurant?

Mine would be iHOP! So simple, but so good! I really enjoy a good breakfast. I can't speak too much on their lunch and dinner, but their breakfast I could have any time of the day! I also really enjoy Red Robin as well! I love their garlic fries with campfire sauce!

Aushenae Matthews

Subject: Re: Are you ready for the upcoming school year?

Forum: Are you ready for the upcoming school year?
Hey Muka,

My university started classes this week. My first class was on Monday! I must say I wasn't ready to go back to class, but it feels good to be back on a definite schedule. It always gets chaotic going back to class after being off for summer for a few months. I definitely am still getting back into the groove of things. Also, having to afford my last year of college has been challenging as well, but I am fortunate enough to get it paid off through scholarships. I have a case of senioritis and am trying to find motivation to finish this last year off hard!

I hope you have a great day!


Subject: Working out and eating clean

Forum: Working out and eating clean
What're some diets that have worked for you? Favorite dieting meals?
Also, with dieting, do you exercise? What do you do? For how long and how often?

I would like to get an idea of all the different types of diets out there that people enjoy (or don't enjoy) and what workouts people do to cut some pounds or to stay toned! We all get our head in the books and sometimes forget to take care of ourselves, so I am interested to see how you guys implement health in your schedules!


Subject: Re: Breakfast for Dinner

Forum: Breakfast for Dinner

I like going all out if I am going to have breakfast for dinner! Pancakes, eggs, bacon, with fruit and probably orange juice! I don't think I have ever had just cereal, usually because by the end of the day, I am starving and I know cereal wouldn't hit the spot! I also don't normally eat cereal regularly, so that could be why! I am definitely a breakfast person though and could have it anytime throughout the day!

Aushenae M.

Subject: Re: Should Men Pay On First Dates?

Forum: Should Men Pay On First Dates?
I think the whole requiring "men to pay for the first date" is pretty archaic way of thinking that unfortunately many still believe in. I believe whoever pursued the date should be the one paying, but the one being pursued should never presume that they don't have to pay. They should both go into the date thinking it should be split half/half, or even better if the communication is open and available just ask!

Thanks for the question,
Aushenae M.

Subject: This is what adulting feels like...

Forum: This is what adulting feels like...
Hello everyone,

I took a long break from this due to a very busy summer, but I am back!

How is everyone?

I felt like I did a lot of "adulting" over the summer, so I must ask... what was something you did that made you have an aha moment of "I am really an adult", or "I am really adulting right now!".

My aha moment was buying my first car! This was very stressful and happened at a inconvenient time, but I bought my first car and I am stoked about it!

What are some things you did that made you feel even more like an adult? What're some of your adult responsibilities?

Aushenae Matthews

Subject: Re: Your honest thought on the word "feminism"

Forum: Your honest thought on the word "feminism"
There tends to be a negative connotation with the movement of feminism because of its history, but fortunately there are many many different types of feminism movements. There isn't solely one. The different types of feminism has defined it and acted upon it more positively than the historical movement has. I consider myself a feminist, also a womanist, which very much go hand in hand. Both defined as positively rooting for the equality of women and men as we progress in society, employment, household roles, families, etc. The historical movement of feminism wasn't always so inclusive of men and maybe that is a huge reason it has a negative connotation.


Subject: Re: Do You Speak More Than One Language?

Forum: Do You Speak More Than One Language?
Growing up I spoke English... it wasn't until high school that I learned a second language, Spanish. This was exciting for me because I am Mexican and many members of my family could speak Spanish and I couldn't speak it or understand it. My school district and many colleges locally require that you learn a second language and you had to take two years of a language course. To get into certain colleges, they require you to have a second language as well or they require you to take a language at the college level. I was fortunate enough to get my two years of Spanish in at the high school level, of course I could've continued, but my interest no longer remained. Most jobs need bilingual employees because their clientele requires it. It is becoming more competitive in the work force and in different career fields due to people that are bilingual and can essentially bring more to the table. I am grateful high school required it, otherwise I would of viewed it as something extremely challenging and wouldn't had the interest to learn on my own.


Subject: Re: Netflix shows?

Forum: Netflix shows?
Hey Kat,

Here are a few shows...

How to get away with murder
Greys Anatomy
Dear White People
The Office
Parks and Recreation

Aushenae M.

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