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Subject: Re: Netflix shows?

Forum: Netflix shows?
Hey Kat,

Here are a few shows...

How to get away with murder
Greys Anatomy
Dear White People
The Office
Parks and Recreation

Aushenae M.

Subject: Re: Breaking it down, is it time well spent?

Forum: Breaking it down, is it time well spent?
Hey Jess,

Appreciate the contemplative question!
I probably spend about 1-2 hours on social media (this includes college net).
1-2 hours on hair and makeup (depending on the day and occasion).
About an hour cooking/making things for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
About 8 hours sleeping. I try and get 10, but I am lucky if I get 8!
30 min to an hour reading.
1 1/2 hours exercising everyday.
10 minutes meditating (I do it right before bed)

I try and use my time wisely and productively because it is so precious!

Aushenae M.

Subject: Re: What Your Favorite Season?

Forum: What Your Favorite Season?
Hello Unique,

My favorite season is fall. It isn't too cold and it isn't too hot. I love seeing the leaves change color and see them fall onto the sidewalks and streets. I also love seeing the leaves dance in the wind. Fall is also very versatile for outfits. You can wear jackets, a dress/skirt with stockings, booties, flats, etc and the weather will be cooperative enough to allow this type of dress. Halloween is in the fall, my birthday is in the fall, it is overall a very exciting time for many!

Aushenae M

Subject: Re: Leasing vs Buying A Car...What's better?Why?

Forum: Leasing vs Buying A Car...What's better?Why?
Leasing a car is a waste of money. You're not the owner of the car and you must obey to the dealership. You also have to stay under a certain amount of miles for however long you lease it and if you don't you wind up paying for the extra miles. You have monthly payments and if you can't afford them that can cause hardship, whereas if you buy a car you don't have payments, for the most part (I usually pay in full) you won't have monthly payments. It is also more expensive to buy after leasing and you're stuck with your lease for the most part, which means you can't go in every other month and try and get a new car if you wanted. You're on a hard contract and you don't own the car but you are responsible for the maintenance and repairs. Hope that helps!

Aushenae M

Subject: Re: Is gender nature or nurture?

Forum: Is gender nature or nurture?
Hello Jschng,

Sex is biological. It is your biological makeup. Gender is socially influenced and it IS a social construct. Gender is forced upon kids at very young ages. Pink for girls and blue for boys. Dolls and kitchen sets for girls and play guns and legos for boys. It is all very typical. That is why those who identify as different genders have such a hard time "coming out" or transitioning because society and even the people close to them (their parents) have basically chosen their gender and way of life since a very young age. Gender and sex is on a continuum and can be very difficult for people to learn, but everyone must respect.




How do you guys study? What’s effective and helpful for you?

I have three exams next week and I need to study. I have a Stats exam, Psych exam and Green Criminolgy exam.

How do you guys normally study or help prepare for an exam in math or psych??
Any suggestions?!

Aushenae Matthews

Subject: Re: Road Trips!!

Forum: Road Trips!!
Hey Abby,

My road trips usually consist of my rides from college to back home. It's a relatively short road trip (5 hours across the state), but it is still a very exciting road trip as I enjoy going home whenever I can. The longest road trip I ever been on was maybe 17 hours from Tacoma, WA to Anaheim, California. Then from California we went to Las Vegas. That was a lot of fun! I was a lot younger then though and couldn't do as much fun stuff as I probably could now. Road trips usually make me really tired, so I don't like making them often as I hate driving and Washington has the worst drivers!

Aushenae Matthews

Subject: Re: What is your ALLTIME favorite song?

Forum: What is your ALLTIME favorite song?
Hey Court!

My ALL time favorite song would have to be Mockingbird by Eminem. It is a very nostalgic song and it reminds me of my childhood and relationship (lack thereof) with my sperm donor!

Aushenae M.

Subject: Re: Morning Routine

Forum: Morning Routine
Hello jwade13,

My morning routine consists of about 4-5 alarms (I love the snooze button), as soon as I am awake I check my emails (just in case a class is cancelled). After I check my emails I hop in the shower, do my hair, makeup, then get dressed. I will eat breakfast and make a lunch. This all usually takes me about two hours. When I write it out it makes me think how fast my routine should be but isn't. In between all those things I am probably procrastinating and on my phone, or struggling trying to find something I want to wear. It usually takes the whole two hours to get ready and somehow I will still be rushing out the door to catch the bus. It never fails!


Subject: Re: More Global or Local?

Forum: More Global or Local?
Hello Andy,

I believe Facebook and Google are only a couple of resources people get their "news" from. Although, Facebook and Google are working to be more "local" there is still media platforms like Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Podcasts, and other online newspapers that can source out information from around the world. I am not necessarily the biggest fan of Facebook and I don't find anything I see on there credible before I cross source it with other platforms of news, so it doesn't bother me too much that they are trying to be more "local". My local right now is not where I am from, so I guess it just depends on the person.

I don't think our goal in life as good-habit people is solely to create a community. What happens to those that enjoy traveling and don't necessarily have that platform to build those communities everywhere they go? Or those that simply go to college or are in the military and move state to state? Those people don't always have time to plant roots and create a community. People now-a-days are very mobile and don't stay still for long.

I think our "digital bubbles" have expanded media and news and made it so news in France can make it to news in America, and vice versa. Is it vital that we step out our "digital bubble" and take a look at what it happening around us locally? Yes, of course it is. I think we must learn to love both worlds, the digital one and non digital one and make the best out of them.


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