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Subject: Re: Craigslist Credibility

Forum: Craigslist Credibility
Hi Selina

I think there's always a risk of sketchy people on the internet. But in general I feel like there are more good people in the world than bad people. That carries across for craigslist too. I feel like it's best to contact people on multiple sites so you know they're real. Hopefully you don't get scammed much!

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Subject: Re: Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt?

Forum: Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt?
Hi Animal Lover!

I LOVE peanut butter ice cream! I love rich creamy flavors, such as peanut better, fudge, and camel. Other than creamy flavors, I like sherbet the most. I know it wasn't an option, but I feel like the sour flavors of lemon, orange, lime... are so much more fun than vanilla the like?


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Subject: Re: What's In Your Wallet?

Forum: What's In Your Wallet?
Hello again Famu!

I have a note from a crush, a ticket to my high school dance, 1 million colones (Costa Rican bill worth about 1.7 usd), $50 in Canadian, an ancient YMCA card, and expired Walmart gift card, bank cards to my Canadian bank account (with about $100 in it), and then all the regulars (my drivers licence, debit card, student card, health insurance card, and $100 usd). I used to have a wad of receipts as well, but i recently took them out and put them in my desk draw because my wallet was getting too full.

Hopefully you always have a bit of cash in your wallet!

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Subject: Re: What are some tips to succeed on college net?

Forum: What are some tips to succeed on college net?
Hey Shelby,

Welcome! Love the name btw.
As someone who's relatively new to cnet, I know it all can be a bit overwhelming at first.

As others have said, it's extremely important to get your 1 new forum, and 4 comments in each day, along with your 2 votes. I don't know the exact value of each, but I'm fairly certain your forum is the most important, then the votes, and then the comments. The topic of your post should be relatable to college students, but you should approach it from a unique perspective.

Always stay true to the people who comment for you. If they're commenting on your post it means that they find the things you have to say interesting, and they're putting in the effort to help you get to the top. Sometimes they even want to be friendly (although with the 5 posts a day limit, having friendly conversations with people is kind of hard).

Be unique, consistent, and true to yourself, and you should have no worries. Enjoy this weird world of college students from across the country while you can.

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Subject: Back to School

Forum: Back to School
Hi guys, Omar here!

Are you looking forwards to heading back to school, or not? What are some things you are dreading, and what are some things you'll enjoy?

School starts in less than a week for me, and it's the last thing I'm looking forwards to right now. I barely had a "break" during the Christmas / New Years break because of all the construction going on in the house right now. I don't have textbooks yet, and I'm not ready to start waking up at 6:30 on Monday morning. Also, I hate the parking situation at my school. I could save around 15 minutes everyday if it wasn't for the awful parking.

However, there are a few things I am looking forwards to. When school starts up again, I'll be able to go rock climbing every Thursday again. I'll be able to hang out more with school friends, and I'll be able to eat the caff food. People always complain about the cafeteria food, but in my opinion it's not even that bad.

Good luck going back to school!

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Subject: Re: Are you a morning person?

Forum: Are you a morning person?
Hi Monicam!

I am definitely a night person. I mean, the name is Night Owl Omar after all. I have had jobs that require me to wake up early, but usually I'm a zombie for the first few hours. Not until I've had my coffee and been moving for a bit am I full awake. I find staying up at night a lot more peaceful, because it's quiet, and everyone in my house is already asleep.

Glad you're a night owl too!

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Subject: Re: Do you have an imaginary friend?

Forum: Do you have an imaginary friend?
Hi NjBr,

I have never had an imaginary friend. I have a lot of siblings who are more or less my friends. As a child I was very extroverted, but throughout high school and college I've slowly become more and more introverted. I think it might be cool to have an imaginary friend, but I wonder how you could manage to have a "conversation" with something you know is entirely in your head.

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Subject: Pet Peeves

Forum: Pet Peeves
Hi Guys!

What are your pet peeves? How strongly do you get annoyed by the stupid and silly things people do?

The strongest pet peeve I can think of is when people change lanes (especially quickly) without using their blinker. This seems like such an easy and basic thing to do, and it really helps other drivers. Driving is such an everyday activity, but it can also be really dangerous if people mess up. I feel like using your turn signal allows drivers to plan ahead, make room for you, and makes driving in general much safer.

Another pet peeve, towards myself, is when people use an English word that I don't know the meaning of. I feel like as a native English speaker, I should know basically all the English words that people use in every day conversations. Of course I don't expect to know all the technical biology and chemistry words. the example of this is when my dad and I were talking one day, he said "I'm just being facetious". It was a word I had never heard before, and not knowing it bothered me for the rest of the day.

Finally, another driving related pet peeve is when people take forever to go at a green light. You know, when the light turns green, and you're the fifth car back, and you don't get through the light because some idiot wasn't paying attention. I feel like honking is rude, because it's only going to be a second longer till they notice, but at some lights a second can be the difference between making the light or not.

I'm sure you all have some pet peeves. What are they, and how annoying are they?

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Subject: Re: Spirits

Forum: Spirits
Hey Selina,

I believe that there is life after death. So I believe that there are spirits. I haven't had any encounters with a spirit, but I've heard stories. I also believe that people can be possessed, which is kinda scary.

I believe in angels and demons too. Any thoughts?

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Subject: Re: Fireworks On The Rooftop

Forum: Fireworks On The Rooftop
Hi Song!

I absolutely love fireworks. Sadly, I also see them as a waste of money. But I'll definitely set off fireworks that other people have XD!

They scare my dog like crazy, so every fourth of July I'll be cuddling with him in the basement for at least part of the day.

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