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Subject: Re: Job required to receive Medicaid?

Forum: Job required to receive Medicaid?
Hi iKasey!

I feel like the law makes sense, but I am somewhat apprehensive about it because the disabled and others who are not physically capable of being able to work may not be covered. And, as you mentioned, seasonal workers would be at a disadvantage. Overall, I would say that I am against it for now.

Thanks for the thought-provoking post!

Subject: Re: Would you rather....

Forum: Would you rather....
Hey bluesapphire7!

I think I would prefer spending two weeks in one country and two in another as well. I feel like I would be able to explore more and learn more about multiple cultures, whereas I would probably become somewhat comfortable in a country after four weeks.

Thanks for the fun post, and I hope you have lots of fun in your travels! Stay safe! (Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day too! :)

Subject: Re: How many will win???

Forum: How many will win???
Hi Anna!

Ooh, I really hope is right! Or maybe they are in the process of redesigning the system? I don't know, we'll have to see about the change...

Happy Valentine's Day, and good luck to all!

Subject: Re: How do you think they felt??

Forum: How do you think they felt??
Hi mishii19!

Wow, I haven't seen that movie in a long time. But now that you point that out, I agree that it would feel terrible. Just wish an orphan could have been adopted and said that Stuart Little was his or her pet haha!

Thanks for the thought! Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

Subject: Re: Fill in the blank

Forum: Fill in the blank
Hi NjBr!

I want family and friends (and chocolate!) for Valentine's Day.

Happy Valentine's Day! Hope you do well on your tests and you get some chocolate!

Subject: Re: 2 types of people..

Forum: 2 types of people..
Hey courtcong,

Ooh this forum is so interesting!

Toilet paper over
Wings with bones! (I feel like the sauce is uneven on boneless wings, and also the texture is different)
Coca Cola
Automatic? (Never drove a manual yikes...I should learn)
Probably Samsung. (Samsung has more freedoms than Apple but Apple simplifies its functions more than Android, so it's kind of a toss up for me!)

Thanks for the fun post! Can't wait to see what others say!

Subject: Re: Favorite Disney Movie

Forum: Favorite Disney Movie
Hey earthlyponders!

I love The Little Mermaid as well as The Lion King; I feel like I have watched those two the most throughout my childhood, and the songs from both movies are so nice! Also, Monsters Inc. resonates with me because I thought I looked exactly like Boo when I was little haha!

I also love Zootopia and Frozen! There are just too many movies to choose from!

Have a nice evening, and hakuna matata :)

Subject: Re: What's your favorite bagel?

Forum: What's your favorite bagel?
Hi Shanz!

Ooh a cinnamon raisin bagel sounds great right now! I like plain, simple toasted Thomas bagels, but with a fruit-flavored cream cheese (I had blueberry cream cheese as well as pineapple cream cheese and loved both of them)!

Oof, I can almost smell tomorrow's breakfast haha!

Have a good night and may your bagels be delicious!

Subject: Re: How long could you last without electricity?

Forum: How long could you last without electricity?
Wow! That sounds awful. Lots of respect to you for being able to survive that!

I guess it depends on the season for me. In the summer I like to go camping for a weekend or so, but I still tend to use some electricity at the campsite, whether it's a hot shower or a flashlight or something. Also, whenever there is a power outage when I live, it tends to be in the summertime so the weather is milder.

In the winter, I couldn't do it. I already get cold very easily, and the lack of both heat and hot showers would be the death of me.

Thanks for the post! Have a nice day, and let's enjoy our electricity haha!

Subject: Re: What does your last 4 digits say about you?

Forum: What does your last 4 digits say about you?
Hi MotivatedOne!

Outspoken, Loving, Confident, Faithful!

I am definitely more shy than outspoken, but the others ring true!

Thanks for the fun post! Have a nice day!

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