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Subject: Re: Do you rent movies?

Forum: Do you rent movies?
Hi blue sapphire!

I had no idea that you could rent movies on youtube, how interesting! I dont normally rent movies, because we are already paying for the interfaces that are available to me, hulu and netflix haha. However, I remember going to the blockbuster back in the day, it was a lot of fun picking out movies to watch with my family and friends!

Happy a great day Bluesapphire!!

~Riley G. O'Brien

Subject: Re: Improvements to CollegeNet?

Forum: Improvements to CollegeNet?
Hey Brandyn,

I think that it would be beneficial to have these improvement that you are talking about. I am new to CNET, but from what I've heard there have been some changes made to the way that it operates in the past. I have no idea what it would've looked like back then if it is the way it is right now. I enjoy cnet, but I think that it could use some updates to make it a bit more personal. However, there could be draw backs to the way that the money is distributed between winners. SO if they did allow the interface to be a bit more personal, they would also probably have to change the way that the winners are chosen in order to maintain fairness. I would like to see update, and I think it would improve the community aspect even more.

Have a great day!!

~Riley G. O'Brien

Subject: Re: If You Could Have Any Hair Color...

Forum: If You Could Have Any Hair Color...
Hi Song Mei,

I personally love the color of my hair, and personally if I didn't I would just die it too a different color. If i could change one thing about my hair, I would change the texture. My hair is high volume (loud af) hahaand it is hard to manage when it is longer. So, that being said, I would prefer to have softer hair, however, I do like my curls and many other people want curly hair. The grass is always greener lol!

~RIley G. O'brien

Subject: Do you buy used items?

Forum: Do you buy used items?
Do you buy used items?

if so, where do you buy them?

Do you sell your possessions when you are no longer using them?

~Riley G. O'Brienc

Subject: Re: Intermittent fasting?

Forum: Intermittent fasting?
Hi Sarah!

I have lots of experience with intermittent fasting! I did a good amount of it last summer and the summer before that. I did it to slim down a little bit, as well as for the health benefits that go along with it! I found it to be very effective, but I just got so hungry all the time! That being said, I no longer do intermittent fasting, I'll probably do it again at some point this year.

~Riley G. O'Brien

Subject: Re: Do you sanitize your cell phone routinely

Forum: Do you sanitize your cell phone routinely
Hey there,

I don't do it routinely, but I do wash it off and sanitize it sometimes. Our phone are much dirty than they appear, it is a great idea to keep them clean and germ-free.

~Riley G. O'Brien

Subject: Where do you do your studying?

Forum: Where do you do your studying?
Where do you do your studying?

I tend to do most of my studying at the library, I also study at coffee shops and at my house. I've been really exhausted today. I only got a few hours of sleep last night. Now, I'm at the library trying to stay awake so I can finish my homework and studying while I'm still at school.

~Riley G. O'Brien

Subject: Re: What's your plan B?

Forum: What's your plan B?
Hi there bluesaphhire!

I would say that my plan B is to do real estate. I would like to be involved in real estate investing and sales, where or not my plan A works out. However, if it doesn't work out, I will most likely just focus on real estate, and just go from there!

Have a great day!

~Riley G. O'Brien

Subject: Re: Yard Sales

Forum: Yard Sales
Hi Abby!

I love garage sales! I go to garage sales pretty frequently during the summer. Although, I don't buy stuff from them too often. I also love estate sales. There is always super interesting things! I have bought dream catchers, murals, a rug with amazing polar bear on it, and many other items lol!

Riley G. O'brien

Subject: Re: Do you still ride a bike?

Forum: Do you still ride a bike?
Hi NjBr,

I really enjoy riding bikes. Here in Washington, when the weather is warm, my dad and I love going on 20-60 mile bike rides. We love to ride around the San Juan islands! There are a lot of wild hills in that part of washington, but the scenery is amazing!

~Riley G. O'brien

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