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Subject: Re: Do you eat lot of canned foods?

Forum: Do you eat lot of canned foods?
Hey Kamila,

I do not eat a lot of canned food. The only canned foods that I eat a beans, and clam chowder, and thats pretty much it. I am not opposed to it, I just dont really eat a lot of it haha.

~Riley G. O'Brien

Subject: Re: Landline phone service

Forum: Landline phone service
Hey Muka,

My family nor I, have a landline phone anymore. I think that they are becoming obsolete.

~Riley G. O'Brien

Subject: Re: Child Beauty Pageants

Forum: Child Beauty Pageants
Hey Song,

Yes, I do think that child beauty pageants should be permissible. I think that there is a lot more to doing these events and modeling htan most people assume there to be. A lot of practice, outfit choice, styling, and mannerisms and etiquette.

~Riley G. O'Brien

Subject: Re: When you think you've missed an assignment...

Forum: When you think you've missed an assignment...
Hey there Sav!

I have done this many times. Sometimes it would happen in the middle of the night during high school when I would remember that I had an assignment due, but forgot to do it or turn it in. WHen this would happen, I would flinch awake and my bed comforter would fly up in air and I would kind of pace back in forth thinking about what to do for a second, and reflect on how I F*&%$ up lol. THen I would figure it out and go back to bed.

~Riley G> O'brien

Subject: Have you even been CLIFF JUMPING?

Forum: Have you even been CLIFF JUMPING?
hey there,

Has anyone here ever been cliff jumping?

I went cliff jumping yesterday at a place called Whatcom Falls, it is super fun. We jumped off the 25-30ft cliff into a maybe 10ft deep area (my feet touched the ground). The feeling of weightlessness in the air is a startling feeling, exhilarating, but scary. After that we played music on the cliff and drank some beers, which was super fun.

~Riley G. O'Brien

Subject: Re: Do you have signs/stickers on your car?

Forum: Do you have signs/stickers on your car?
Hey Kamila,

I do have two stickers on my car, one is the Cascadia sticker. The second sticker is one for my college. WWU.

~Riley G. O'Brien

Subject: Re: 3 goals you have accomplished?

Forum: 3 goals you have accomplished?
Hey Nancy,

1. made $1,400 last week
2. got into my premajor
3. got over 90% on my test last week

~Riley G. O'brien

Subject: Re: As seen on TV products? Actually work?

Forum: As seen on TV products? Actually work?
Hey there,

I have the nutribullet, which is pretty sweet. It is great for making smoothies and what not. I love it.

~Riley G. O'Brien

Subject: Re: Thrifting/Selling Clothes

Forum: Thrifting/Selling Clothes
Hey there creativealex!

I love thrift shopping, however I dont have an experience selling clothing, I just never really thought it would be worth much or worth my time to sell because I normally wear my clothing out until it is no longer wearable. Thats just me.

~Riley G. O'brien

Subject: The future of education? What will change?

Forum: The future of education? What will change?

What do you think the future of education will be like?

Will it be preschool~> kindergarten ~> grade school ~> middle school ~> High school~> higher education/college?

I personally think that the education of the future will cater more to the specific age of each person, and there will be more education diversity. IMO I think that college will be different, because it seems more like a means to an end for most people trying to get a degree rather than an education. Since that is the case, I know there are better ways for people get skilled training in what they want to do, rather than getting a societal checkpoint where you have a degree in something generic and then you are more "qualified" for the position -which is true in some cases. However, many of the requireed GUR's in college seem to be more of a means to an end for the university itself and not exactly in the best interest in each individual person.

What do you think?

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