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Subject: Midterm Already?!

Forum: Midterm Already?!
Happy Sunday, CNET!

How are your classes going this semester? Do you feel confident in your understanding of the material or has it been a struggle?

My class I am taking just had our midterm exam last week. This is two weeks ahead of our actual spring break but I can’t believe this class is almost halfway over!

Wishing you all luck!


Subject: Re: Do You Care What People Think About You?

Forum: Do You Care What People Think About You?
Hey Eddie,
I think to some extent everyone cares about what others think. I’m not meaning in a superficial setting but caring if they have a false perception of your character.

As I get older, I do care less and less because truthfully, I don’t have the time to care and I am focused on raising my family.


Subject: Re: Dream Job

Forum: Dream Job
Hey Haley,
Props to you, being a caregiver is one of the hardest jobs out there! As a mother of two young children I know how hard it is caring for little people who can’t vocalize their needs well or require extra attention. Not to mention, care providers aren’t paid well!

My dream job right now is working a supply chain analyst for the company I currently work for. It’s not a dream that was developed when I was a child but over the years of working and school, this is a career I would be happy doing.


Subject: Re: Sleeping naked

Forum: Sleeping naked
Hey Court,
I am not a nude sleeper, I prefer shorts and a t-shirt. From a practical side, what if there is a fire or an emergency in the middle of the night? You don’t really have time to ruffle around for clothes.

From another perspective, I am a mom to two young children so I am often up at night caring for them so again, just not practical for me to be naked. Kids are also sponges and pick up everything so I would hate to have to be that parent that has to explain to others why my child is sleeping nude at a sleepover because that’s what she thinks is normal.


Subject: Re: are you a germaphobe?

Forum: are you a germaphobe?
Hey mini,
I don’t think I was a germaphobe until I had children. Now I constantly worry about germs because when my kids are sick, they only want to cling to me and I’m the primary person caring for them.

The grossest one to me is shoes on the carpet or in the house. Kids crawl and are all over the floor and it’s disgusting thinking about what’s hiding in the carpet.

My in-laws are always inconvenienced when I ask them to take their shoes off at the door. They also wear shoes on their carpet that is over 30 years old...Lord knows what kind of bacteria is in that thing.


Subject: Celebrity Crush?

Forum: Celebrity Crush?
Happy Saturday!

Do you have a celebrity crush? Who is it and why?

My celebrity crush is Kyle Schwarber with the Chicago Cubs! I love Cubbies baseball and not only is he a phenomenal athlete but he is very big on his community and donates to various charities.

Looking forward to hearing your responses!


Subject: Re: Siblings?

Forum: Siblings?
Hey Luke,
I have a brother and a sister. Growing up I always wanted more siblings and didn’t understand why my parents didn’t have more.

As a mother to two young children now, I completely understand why. Not only are kids a lot of work but they can be pretty expensive too!

Not to mention when you have both kids screaming at the same time, it can be a little much!


Subject: Re: What does being late say about a person?

Forum: What does being late say about a person?
Hi Brenda,
I love this post because I struggle with this on a daily basis. I am a person who hates being late for anything because time is valuable and I do take it as a sign of being disrespectful.

As a mom who works full-time and going to school, I don’t have a whole lot of free time. This is especially true when my young children need to be on set napping and sleeping schedules, so when someone is late for something with me, it does upset me because it then throws off the rest of my schedule and I might not get the only desired free time I have during that day to get what I want done.

My husband is chronically late and I tell him all of the time that is a sign of disrespect that he values his time more than mine or his schedule is more important than mine.

I don’t think it’s being judgmental of someone to feel that way, I think we are very busy individuals who have a lot to balance on our plates and have limited time to get stuff done! So moral of the story, show up when you say you are going to and all will be well!


Subject: Re: Life Goals?

Forum: Life Goals?
Hey Penguin,
Those are awesome goals and in the technology realm, that’s not far out of reach! Companies are constantly looking for software and apps to better the way they do business.

I am married to my best friend and we have two young daughters. We own a piece of land and plan to eventually build our dream house. So I am living out my dream right now! I need to just finish my MBA and obtain a permanent career with the company I work for and then I’ll be set!


Subject: Re: Greed, do you have it?!

Forum: Greed, do you have it?!
Good morning,
I also don’t really pay attention to people’s rank. I vote for others based on their forum topic or responses to my posts.

That being said, I think it’s natural to have those feelings and want to win since we all either have a goal of finishing our degrees or paying off student loan debt.

The great thing about CNET is the more active we are with posts, the greater the number of people get a chance to win and I love that about this site!


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