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Subject: Have You Ever Ran a Marathon?

Forum: Have You Ever Ran a Marathon?
Good morning, friends!

Have you ever ran a marathon? If so, which one did you run? How long did you train for it?

We have a marathon here locally that took place last weekend. This course actually runs over two major bridges so it crosses between Iowa and Illinois. It's a really neat course!

I am hoping to run the course next year so I am open to any and all training tips!!


Subject: Re: Sleep in unusual places

Forum: Sleep in unusual places
Hey Kasey,
I'm sure I've fallen asleep in some bizarre places during my undergraduate years lol I always laugh about this topic with my children because seriously THEY MOVE AROUND SO MUCH when they sleep! I just don't understand!! I'll find them sleeping on the edge of the bed with their butts in the air. It just can't be comfortable !
I always get pictures of them at daycare too where they are playing and then all of a sudden fall asleep while they are playing or eating lunch lol


Subject: Re: Language policing: Going too far?

Forum: Language policing: Going too far?
Hey Kat,
I have a coworker who feels the need to constantly correct the way people pronounces things. I know this is not the same but seriously, it drives me nuts. We work in a global company so often there are towns where we have locations at that unless you are a local, it can be quite hard to pronounce. Even if you can pronounce it well enough so someone will understand, he will stare at you and then interject and pronounce it the "correct" way even if it wasn't that far off to begin with just so he can sound superior. What a bizarre trait to have.

That being said, I have actually had an audiologist put me in my place about my daughter. When we found out she had significant permanent hearing loss, I initially asked if there are local classes that teach sign language. My worry is that we don't know if it will continue to get worse and I wanted to ensure I could teach her another form of communication if it ever gets to that point. She told me "Emery is NOT deaf, she is HARD OF HEARING." That really stuck with me and it's true. She is hard of hearing and will be able to be successful with hearing aids and regular speech communication. So from this stance, it is sometimes appropriate to correct people and how they misidentify a certain topic or adjust their understanding.


Subject: Re: Who Makes You Laugh?

Forum: Who Makes You Laugh?
Good morning!

My husband for sure! We area always laughing about something and I love it. It's really been a great trait between the two of us because we can't stay mad at one another because we end up laughing about something.

Laughter is seriously soo good for the soul! Two nights ago, I was in my basement working out and decided to do some "sprints" with my daughters. They both were belly laughing so hard it was soo cute and soo sweet! Plus, I couldn't stop laughing watching my littlest try and "run" now. Those little legs were working hard and it was absolutely hilarious!


Subject: Re: Conspiracy theories: HAWAII MISSILLE ATTACK

Forum: Conspiracy theories: HAWAII MISSILLE ATTACK
Good morning,
I always find conspiracy theories really interesting and some often make valid points. I feel like in the case of this issue, you'd have to go through a series of steps to send the real message versus a test but maybe I'm wrong. It very well could have been a real threat and it is easier to keep the peace with people thinking it was false alarm versus living in fear of another terror threat.

One theory I always find really interesting is if a man actually landed on the moon back in 1969. There's a really interesting documentary on Netflix that goes over the details of the event and the random discoveries. Based on pictures and the actual science of it, it really doesn't seem possible that we did. An interesting fact is that 10 astronauts that were involved all randomly died between a 3 year span directly after. To me, it's just hard to imagine we had that type of technology already to be able to send a man on the moon safely and avoid extreme types of radiation, etc. It's really worth a watch!


Subject: Re: Are you good at improvising?

Forum: Are you good at improvising?
Hey Jon,
I will say this is something that I've found to do well in life. I've learned that life does not go according to plan so being able to improvise has helped keep me successful and positive in life. I value my drive to always want to find alternative solutions when things do go how I had envisioned!


Subject: Re: What is something that no one else knows about you

Forum: What is something that no one else knows about you
Hey Beth,
I actually have two scars on my arm from being shot by a stray bullet. I was at an outdoor Fourth of July party 10 years ago and people in a neighborhood over from where I was at had shot a gun in the air. We didn't hear because there were fireworks going on. I had instantly felt something sharp sting my arm and I couldn't figure out what had happened. My arm started bleeding so I ended up going home. The next day, I finally went to the ER because there was a hard bump in my arm and I couldn't figure out what it was. Turns out there was a bullet sitting in my arm. They had to surgically remove it. Other than my scars, I had no damage whatsoever and was playing in a softball tournament a week later. My guardian angel was definitely looking out for me!!

This is such a classic case of people needing to be mindful of their actions. I am so lucky to be alive and I always try to be mindful of my actions so I don't impact others' lives negatively.


Subject: Re: Do you go to school/work even when you're sick?

Forum: Do you go to school/work even when you're sick?
Hey Kat,
I think you nailed it perfectly when you said you don't want to get others sick. If I find myself getting sick, I will stay home. I fortunately have the ability to work from home so it really doesn't impact my productivity at all. I really can't stand when people come to work and spread germs. Or most importantly when people send their kids sick to daycare. It's really frustrating because more often than not, my kids end up getting the illness and then I end up having to miss work because I need to take them to the doctor and keep them home.

Rest is such an important piece too! It's so important to let your body do its thing and take care of yourself! I have to tell my husband that regularly! Would you rather have 1 or 2 days off so you can focus on getting better or spend the next 2 weeks carrying out an illness because you're not giving yourself an appropriate amount of time to heal??


Subject: Re: 9 to 5-er, or other hours?

Forum: 9 to 5-er, or other hours?
Hey Jess,
I work 7-3:30 and I absolutely love it! I like being off earlier during the day because it gives me more time to spend with my children in the evenings! I am also a morning person too so it really doesn't bother me starting earlier. Another benefit of coming in to work early is that most of my coworkers don't start until around 8, so it's really nice to have that quiet start for myself!


Subject: Your Weakness?

Forum: Your Weakness?
Good morning, CNET!

What is your weakness?

I have come to learn that my weakness is puppies! I feel like any time I see a puppy, I instantly need to hold it and bring it home! lol This can definitely be a problem with my husband but I can't help it! They are soo cute and sweet!!


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