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Subject: Re: Taking days off for Thanksgiving??

Forum: Taking days off for Thanksgiving??
Hi Grace,
This always kind of annoys me around the holidays because people always take an excessive amount of time off and it's frustrating when you really need to get stuff done. My entire office is basically useless the entire month of December.

I have Thanksgiving and Black Friday off, so those are the only days I'll take.


Subject: Re: Pet peeves

Forum: Pet peeves
Hey Kristen,
Hmm probably my biggest one with my husband is that he doesn't get rid of any of his empty bottles after he's done with them in the shower. They just sit there until I get annoyed enough to take them to the recycle bin! I also get annoyed when he runs out of toothpaste and takes my tube rather than looking in the closet that I stock them up! haha I guess if these are our worst struggles, we're doing pretty good!

At work, I can't stand when people clear their nose and throat and slurp their food. Seriously, so gross! My coworker does all of this and clips his fingernails! Whhhhhhyyyyyyyyy. Do that at home!!


Subject: Re: Do you like Tofu?

Forum: Do you like Tofu?
Hey Becky,
I love tofu especially in Thai dishes! It tends to take on the flavor of what you are cooking. I am not quite sure why I love the texture of it but I think it's absolutely delicious! Plus, there are so many health benefits to it!

Side note: I don't cook it on my own...that would be a disaster and I would likely end up not liking it after that point lol


Subject: Panic Attack!!

Forum: Panic Attack!!
Good morning, CNET!

When was the last time you've had a panic attack? Was it mild or severe? How did you deal with it?

Yesterday was my daughter's first day of school (she did great too)! She goes all day at a regular elementary school so I worked from home yesterday so I could take her to school and pick her up as soon as she got out. While I am standing outside waiting for her, all of these little kids coming running out. I keep scanning the crowds and am not seeing her so I give it a little more time.

Time keeps passing and I am still not seeing her so I walk to a different door maybe thinking they are waiting there...still no sign of her. I am starting to sweat and get really nervous and mind you, it's freaking 30 degrees outside! I go inside the building to her classroom and they are not there so I go running back outside and I still don't see her! I see a teacher outside and ask for help. She asks me if they put her on the bus. I am in full blown panic mode at this point. I'm really freaking out and not sure what my next steps are just as soon as I turn around, I see her little head pop out of the door! I have never been so excited to see that sweet little face in my entire life aside from maybe when she was born a week late lol

So needless to say I've coordinated with the teacher that we will walk down to the classroom to get her every day! I also had to change my clothes when we got home because I was so sweaty lol


Subject: Re: Congratulations Morgan!!!!

Forum: Congratulations Morgan!!!!
Thank you so much! I'm almost in disbelief, so I'll definitely believe it when I see it. I have so many bittersweet feelings about this! CNET has become my platform to talk about things that are going on in my life. CNET has been with me as we had to put down our beloved dog last year and through the journey of figuring out about my daughter's hearing impairment and all of the stress that goes along with this. I love this community so much. It is an amazing group of individuals who are so uplifting and kind! If today is my last day, it certainly won't be the last that people hear from me!

Thanks again!!!


Subject: Re: Are Flowers Worth Buying Or A Waste Of Money?

Forum: Are Flowers Worth Buying Or A Waste Of Money?
Good morning,
I would agree with your mom. I love flowers and think they are so beautiful but I think it's a complete waste of money I also hate the fact that they are cut and die just for our pleasure.. I would much rather prefer a potted plant that I can continue to feed and care for.

I often feel that way about a lot of stuff like when people buy wasteful gifts for my children. It's often a lot of plastic that ends up being played with once and sitting at the bottom of a bin after. I have asked that if family and friends want to get them gifts, get them experiences or clothes, seriously they grow out of stuff soo fast!


Subject: Re: Fun Travel Plans

Forum: Fun Travel Plans
Good morning!

In January, we are actually going to take our daughters up to Chicago. There is a big camping show that we want to attend but we also plan on taking them to the aquarium and science museum. I am so excited for this trip! I think they will really enjoy it and it will just be a nice break away from everything. Granted, it will be cold but that's okay!


Subject: Is Marijuana Legal in Your State?

Forum: Is Marijuana Legal in Your State?
Good morning, CNET!

Is marijuana legal in your state? If so, what are some of the benefits you've seen due to the legalization? In the past I had read that tax dollars from the sales were to benefit the education systems. Is that the case? Has your state also seen a higher increase of drivers under the influence?

Come January, Illinois will have a new governor. That was part of his strong push for election was that he would legalize marijuana. I have not read further the full extent of what he is pushing for but I hope that if that is the case, the dollars will benefit our education systems greatly. I do worry about more drivers under the influence and the risk of crashes and unnecessary fatalities.

Curious to hear your thoughts and if it has actually benefited your state.


Subject: Re: Do you eat, drink or smoke behind others?

Forum: Do you eat, drink or smoke behind others?
Not by choice. My kids think that water tastes better out of my cup than theirs so they are constantly drinking from my cup and then get frustrated if the other one is drinking too much of it. Doesn't matter if they are sick or not, they still want this magical water that only comes from the cup that I drink from. I once thought I would outsmart the system and buy them matching cups that were a smaller version of the one I was drinking from...didn't work lol

So other than my kids, I'll share stuff with my husband or close family members but that's about it. Germs are too crazy in this world and I don't have time to be sick!


Subject: Re: Have you ever used a whole tube of chap stick?

Forum: Have you ever used a whole tube of chap stick?
Hey Becky,
Chapstick haunts my life. My husband is obsessed with Chapstick and it never fails that he loses it, I find it in our washer or dryer, or find million little tubes all over my house! In turn, my children have become OBESSED with Chapstick too. We were on a quick Target run and of course come up near the Christmas stocking stuffer display of chapstick and low and behold, we needed to get a pack to help keep the peace so I could finish my shopping quickly. I currently have a baby doll that I am trying to scrap Chapstick out of her mouth. My little one also thought that it makes pretty great lotion for her face lol

Plllleeeasssee no.more..Chapstick!


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