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Subject: Santa Spirit

Forum: Santa Spirit
Hey Collegenet!

With the holidays right around the corner I’d like to know what your experience was like when you found out the “secret” about Santa?

How did you find out?

How did you take it? We’re you crushed or did you suspect?

How would you teach your kids about Santa in the future?



Subject: Re: Drawing a blank

Forum: Drawing a blank
Hey mistervancleef,

I try not to over think it. Some days I feel like I post in depth debate topics and other days I just make a post about something I’m genuinely curious about just to get opinions! I wouldn’t over think it too much and just post what feels the most natural to you!


Subject: Re: Wednesday Weekend

Forum: Wednesday Weekend
Hey karajos629!

The last thing I ate was a chickpea chicken salad I made for lunch! I’ve been trying to eat vegan as much as a can lately and this is one of my favorites!!


Subject: Re: Goldfish or cheese-its?!

Forum: Goldfish or cheese-its?!
Hey courtcong!!!

Definitely cheez-it’s for me!! I’ve always been a fan ever since I was a kid because they are packed with that salty cheese flavor!!


Subject: Re: What is yor middle name?

Forum: What is yor middle name?
Hey jawarrior876,

My middle name is Lee, I really like it because I feel like if flows with my first name. I also am proud of it because it was my dad’s middle name. Since I was a girl and typically wouldn’t carry on our last name he and my mom gave me his middle name, which I always thought was pretty cool!


Subject: Re: What is your favorite way to relax?

Forum: What is your favorite way to relax?
Hey bluesapphire7!

As cliche as it is my favorite way to relax is to put on some comfy sweats and plop down in front of my tv to enjoy a good movie or binge watch one of my favorite series! I know it's not the best way to relax, but hey it's what I do!



Subject: What do you want to hear?

Forum: What do you want to hear?
Hey Collegenet!

Over the past couple weeks I have posted a combination of debates that interest me intellectually and more "fluff" topics. My question to you is what do you prefer? Obviously we are all on here to win scholarships and connect with other people so what kind of posts interest you most? What are you personally more inclined to vote for?



Subject: Re: Gettin' old yet?

Forum: Gettin' old yet?
Hey bIceburg!

Interesting that you say that,when I was in EMT school we learned that the optimal age for and adult was 19-25 and after that your body starts to slowly decline. Our rate of recovery from injuries increases, production of collogen decreases, metabolism decreases. There is even theories that say cognitive function begins to decrease at about 1% each year after the age of 25. Now of course your activity level, diet and lifestyle can affect this but it gives you a large emphasis on why taking care of your body is so important! The idea of "use it or lose it" is kind of true in this sense because if we do not stay active and keep our joints, muscles and tendons strong they become stiff and can less mobile. Think of your body as the Tin man from Wizard of Oz, if we don't stay well oiled our mobility for future activities will greatly decline. Scary thought but hey, for me it all comes back to how do you want to live your life and what do you want to be able to do when your say 65?

Great topic!


Subject: Re: Do you say a prayer before you eat?

Forum: Do you say a prayer before you eat?
Hey NjBr,

I personally am Greek Orthodox Christian (just so you can understand a little of my background and where I'm coming from). My family always says a prayer before any holiday feast. We used do say a prayer before every dinner when I was younger, but I can honestly say we no longer do so. I personally consider myself a very spiritual person and it true I probably should give thanks more often, but the truth is I don't. I also don't prey before bed anymore (I did so everyday growing up), instead I find myself preying more randomly. For example there's times when I'm driving in my car on the way to work and I just take a moment to thank God for everything he's blessed me with in my life this far.

Thanks for the topic!


Subject: Re: Being Paid to Get Sterilized

Forum: Being Paid to Get Sterilized
Wow what a crazy topic!!

I didn't even realize this was happening, but I took a course in undergrad called "Medical Ethics of the Third Reich" and you're right this does have an eerie resemblance to euthanasia practices on mentally disabled patients in the past. I totally get where your coming from in the sense that these children are being thrown into the system. In the medical field it can be frustrating as well seeing addicts continue to use while being pregnant. However there are few cases as well where a pregnancy can be what an addict needs to fight an addiction and protect their unborn child.

Unfortunately no, most cases are not this way and it is heartbreaking to see these kids go through "the system" but that doesn't make it our right to decide that addicts should be sterilized. True, that this process is technically "their choice", but is it really? An addict is someone who is extremely vulnerable. They learn to desperately rely on something so much, that they are willing to sacrifice anything for it. In my opinion, giving them this "opportunity" to obtain monetary compensation is taking advantage of their situation to better this "view" of a more pleasant society. It can be frustrating to see this actions in our world but we always have to take a step back and look at it from a humane point of view. We do not have the right to take advantage of our fellow man and strip them of their natural right to procreate.

Great topic for discussion!


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