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Subject: Re: Buried, Cremated or other?

Forum: Buried, Cremated or other?

I would like to be cremated as I wish for the least environmental impact possible after my death. However, my posthumous life isn't about me anymore- it's about my loved ones and their mourning. Some of my religious family would not be able to mourn properly if I was cremated or did not have a proper burial. Although my ideal desire would be to donate my body and then be cremated, I will leave the ultimate decision to my closest family members/husband/children as they will be the ones needing to grieve in their own way.

Monica M.

Subject: Re: What's your roommate situation?

Forum: What's your roommate situation?

I currently share a studio apartment with my boyfriend. It feels a bit cramped sometimes as it is just one large room and there is nowhere to go to have some alone time. It's not an ideal situation but that's the price of location. It's not my roommate utopia because I am home more, so most of the household responsibilities become my responsibility. However, I like my living situation overall.

Monica M.

Subject: Re: Little Fish in a Big Pond

Forum: Little Fish in a Big Pond

I've spent my life avoiding big ponds so that I could guarantee my own success. I always preferred to put myself in scenarios where I was the biggest fish in a little pond, so that I could avoid any possible conflict. As I grow older, though, I am learning that this is not a very effective method of personal growth. All those years of being the big fish prevented me from learning how to overcome challenges and hindered my ability to push through adversity.

Now, I am still a big fish in a little pond at my college and I regret wholeheartedly that I did not push myself to get into a better school where I could be a little fish. I know that my insecurities and fear of failure caused me to choose to remain in my comfort zone and I realize that I am not getting ahead by this. I am slowly learning to challenge myself and take risks but it is a real journey!

Monica M.

Subject: Is technology taking our jobs?

Forum: Is technology taking our jobs?
Google recently unveiled a beta version of Google Assistant, which is a digital assistant capable of making human-sounding calls to any store and understanding nuances of language, giving it the capability to book appointments, make reservations, and more. When it completes the task it adds it to Google Calendar.

Many people are worried that this sort of technology is taking jobs from secretaries and assistants. In general, many people worry that technology is making many jobs obsolete.

Others argue that businesses who can't afford the expense of an assistant would benefit from this technology and it would allow small businesses to thrive. Additionally, people claim that technology is always changing and that we now have more jobs in technological development industries.

What is your opinion?

Monica M.

Subject: Re: Long Lost Family

Forum: Long Lost Family

I have a long lost great aunt who disappeared years ago by changing her name and moving far away. Apparently she became an author but no one knows what she's written or where she is today. I've heard rumors about her at family gatherings but not enough to actually trace her which I think would be pretty cool. I don't want to take an ancestry test because I've learned that they store your information and could use it against you one day, which is something I don't want. It would be cool to find her though!

Monica M.

Subject: Re: Response time...

Forum: Response time...

I try to respond as soon as I can because I don’t want to forget about responding. If I don’t have the answer right away, I’ll flag the email or set a reminder in my phone so that I won’t forget to answer. Life gets so fast paced at times and there are so many distractions all over and it can get hard to keep track of responses if I don’t answer right away.

Monica M

Subject: Re: Are you more like your mom or your dad?

Forum: Are you more like your mom or your dad?

I think that my nature is more like my mom and my nurture is more like my dad. My deeply ingrained personality traits are definitely most similar to my mom but all my learned traits are like my dad.

Monica M

Subject: Sweeteners/Artificial Sweeteners

Forum: Sweeteners/Artificial Sweeteners
Hi Collegenet,

What kind of sweeteners do you use for your food/drink?

I use Splenda in my morning coffee although I am trying to cut back and get rid of that. I use maple syrup when I cook and brown sugar when I bake. I don't like other artificial sweeteners because I find the aftertaste bitter, and I don't like using regular sugar because it gives me an unhealthy high and contributes to acne.

What sweeteners do you use? Why?

Monica M.

Subject: Re: What is something that you have to have with you

Forum: What is something that you have to have with you

I always have my reusable water bottle and water flavoring. I find it hard to remember to drink water so I started carrying a lot of water with me everywhere I go. It's heavy, so I want to drink it to lighten my load. The flavor helps me when I really don't feel like drinking water. My life has changed for the better since I started doing this and I have more energy to handle my day.

Monica M.

Subject: Re: Positive Vibes

Forum: Positive Vibes
Hi Megan,

That sounds nice! I currently have a trip to Puerto Rico planned for right after finals. It's helping me focus on finals because I know that when it's over I'll be relaxing on a beach. Also, my best friend is due this summer and I am so excited to meet her baby.

Monica M.

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