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Subject: Re: Striking up conversations with strangers

Forum: Striking up conversations with strangers

There's an unspoken rule in New York City to leave everyone alone and mind your own business. People don't strike up conversations with complete strangers and I find that sad. Human connection is so important to everyone's health. When I started volunteering in the city I was told to be sure to be extra patient and extra nice when speaking to homeless people, seniors, and others in need because I may be the only friendly face they see this week. That made a huge impact on me and I realized how important it is to reach out to people even if they seem fine. Sometimes I'll randomly message a friend to see how they're really doing and I'll find out that they are struggling with something and need a listening ear.

I really wish it were acceptable to speak with strangers in NYC!

Monica M

Subject: Re: What ruins your day?

Forum: What ruins your day?

My eating schedule really affects my day. If I don't eat enough breakfast or don't eat lunch at a reasonable time then I end up really grumpy. Not getting enough sleep also really affects my day. There's no way to fix a lack of sleep as I am a terrible napper so I just exhaust myself in hopes of a better nights sleep and better tomorrow.

As I get older, I am realizing that having a good day involves preparation the previous day. Consistent healthy habits mean consistently good days. If I make an unhealthy decision, it will affect the next day and maybe the whole week. I have to make a conscious effort to eat enough, eat healthy, go to the gym, take care of my responsibilities so I don't feel stressed, and go to sleep on time. Personal accountability is really important. I have started to realize that most bad days are completely preventable with enough foresight.

I hope your day gets better!

-Monica M.

Subject: Re: Friends with family members on social media?

Forum: Friends with family members on social media?

I am not friends with my family on social media. As much as I like the idea of keeping everyone informed of my life through social media, I also post a lot of political and scientific articles and I think my family would disagree with all of my opinions. I update them about my life in person whenever I see them but I don't need them to know every single one of my posted opinions. My friends enjoy debating on my page so I'll post things that would interest them.

Have a great day!
Monica M

Subject: What time do you go to sleep?

Forum: What time do you go to sleep?

What time do you go to sleep? I used to stay up really late- until 1-2am- and sleep very little. Lately I've been working on getting more sleep and I now get to sleep by 11pm the latest. The difference it has made in my life is outstanding!

There are several things I do throughout the day to ensure that I am tired enough at 10pm so I can be asleep by 11:

1. I go to the gym in the morning and have a long workout
2. I have one coffee in the morning and none after 12
3. I try not to nap or rest at all during the day- just power through and get everything done until I am exhausted
4. I read instead of watching TV later in the evening
5. I have most of my daily carb allowance for dinner

Do you go to bed early or late? Do you have trouble falling asleep? What has worked for you?

Subject: Re: Handwritten Letters

Forum: Handwritten Letters
Hi Jessica,

I write handwritten letters when I'm giving someone a gift. I find that the personal touch adds so much to the experience. I also send handwritten postcards to my family and friends when I'm overseas and they really appreciate it. I do think that handwritten letters are a dying art and you've inspired me to write more of them.

Thank you for your post!
Monica M

Subject: Expensive Skincare

Forum: Expensive Skincare
Hi Collegenet!

Do you think expensive skincare is worth the extra cash? Some of them can be quite pricey but people credit those creams for helping them stay young or acne-free. I have one very expensive moisturizer and every time I finish the tub I question whether to buy a cheaper one instead. I don't want to sacrifice my skin for a few dollars but I certainly think my face is worth the investment.

What do you think?

Subject: Re: Do You Believe What Your Parents Believe?

Forum: Do You Believe What Your Parents Believe?

I do not share my parent's religious or political beliefs. In fact, I would go as far as to say that my beliefs are the antithesis of my parent's beliefs. It took a long time for me to come to this conclusion and I explored many different beliefs before deciding my own. I respect my parent's right to have different beliefs but at times I find it challenging to respect specific beliefs of theirs.

-Monica M

Subject: Re: Do you think attractive people have an advantage?

Forum: Do you think attractive people have an advantage?

Yes, I do think attractive people have an advantage with just about everything in life. As humans, we tend to judge based on first appearances without knowing a single thing about the other person. Attractive people are more likely to be judged favorably on first impression and thus are more likely to be judged favorably overall.


Subject: Re: What are you really good at?

Forum: What are you really good at?

I'm an excellent organizer. I arrange events and parties for my friends all the time and I think I do a pretty good job! I may become an event planner one day with my marketing degree.


Subject: Re: How old are you?

Forum: How old are you?
Hi Tom,

My birthday was on Sunday and I am now 22. I already love being 22!

-Monica M

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