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Subject: Re: Your "quick and easy" breakfast?

Forum: Your "quick and easy" breakfast?

I like Cliff bars, too, as Jon mentioned. I find instant oats to be easy as well. Sometimes I'll have fruit, a peanut butter sandwich, a smoothie, or leftovers from dinner. I like to mix it up and eat anything that is quick, regardless of whether it's a "breakfast food" or not. I'll often have pasta for breakfast! I think it is vital to get carbs in your body in the morning in order to have energy for the day so a slice of bread would go well with any high-protein breakfast.

Happy eating!

Monica M.

Subject: Re: Do you believe in ghosts ?

Forum: Do you believe in ghosts ?
Hi Karen,

I don't believe in anything supernatural at all. I think it all was made up long ago when people were less aware of how things worked and needed explanations for things they were experiencing. Nevertheless, I find the supernatural genre of entertainment very interesting and I love watching supernatural shows.

I'm sure there is an explanation for what your daughter and her friend are experiencing- it could be as simple as a phantom effect or someone playing a trick on them.

Monica M.

Subject: Re: Is your sleeping schedule in sync or screwed up?

Forum: Is your sleeping schedule in sync or screwed up?
Hi Alex,

I just saw this post right after I made a post about sleep.. I guess there's plenty to talk about when it comes to sleep anyway!

I have months where sleep is super easy and months where I toss and turn for hours. I have made several changes that I have seen the biggest improvement with:

1. I got a new pillow. It was very pricey and actually an obscene amount of money, but I would spend it again in a heartbeat as it made the biggest difference in my sleep quality to date.

2. I set a schedule and stuck to it. Instead of going to bed at a different time every night, I get ready for bed and go to sleep at the exact same time every single night. On nights when I have more to do, this is challenging. It is certainly worth it, though.

3. I developed a strict gym schedule and do not deviate from it. I go to the gym for at least a half hour every single day, no matter what.

4. I stopped drinking coffee on the weekends to reset my tolerance for the week. This way, I don't need a second cup in the afternoon which could throw off my sleep ability.

I hope these will continue to work because a lack of sleep is one of the worst things for my mind and body.

Good luck this Fall!

Monica M.

Subject: Re: When was the last time you made a donation?

Forum: When was the last time you made a donation?

This Saturday I donated a bag of clothes to Housing Works. I donate stuff because I find it hard to let perfectly good things go to the trash. I like to donate time and money when I have them, and I prefer supporting LGBTQ rights and homeless rights when I can. For this reason, I do not donate to the Salvation Army because they have a long history of anti-LGBTQ discrimination and actually spent donation money to campaign against gay rights many times. When they are caught, they try to cover it up or make it seem like it was actually something else but their repeated actions tell the real story. I find this sort of hate to be un-Christian and horrible, so I make sure not to spend my time or money there.

Monica M.

Subject: Sleep

Forum: Sleep
Hi Collegenet,

Studies have shown that quality sleep affects everything from weight loss to job performance to grades to relationship satisfaction. Adults should be getting 7-9 hours of sleep for peak performance, yet many of us get much less.

Personally, I need 7 full hours of sleep in order to function well the next day. If I have less than that, I am tired and lethargic. Coffee can only help a little when I don't get my full 7 hours. Because of this, I am very careful to schedule my late nights for times when I have all morning to sleep in. If I have to be up early, I make sure to get to sleep early.

How many hours of sleep do you need? Do you usually get it?

Monica M.

Subject: Re: True or False (game)

Forum: True or False (game)

True. I am female.

The next poster is taking summer classes right now.

Monica M.

Subject: Re: Would you rather be taller or shorter ?

Forum: Would you rather be taller or shorter ?

I'm pretty short and although there are times when I wish I was taller, I kind of like my short status. It fits my personality well and I like feeling little and cute. If I had the option, I'd probably add 3-4 inches to my height just to save on tailor bills as I currently need to tailor almost everything I buy.

Monica M.

Subject: Vitamins and supplements

Forum: Vitamins and supplements
Hi Collegenet,

I hope your week is off to a good start!

I currently take a multivitamin every day, as well as a probiotic shot. I also take liquid biotin to keep my hair healthy. I think it's essential to make sure that you're getting all your micronutrients every day as a lot of modern food contains little to none of it.

Do you take a daily vitamin pill? Do you take probiotics? Why or why not?

Monica M.

Subject: Re: What's Causing You Stress Right Now?

Forum: What's Causing You Stress Right Now?
Hi Auntiec,

I hope things look up soon! I know how well a bad night's sleep can affect your days and I hope that you'll sleep better tonight.

I'm actually not stressed about anything at all right now. Not because I don't have anything to be stressed about, rather because I've been working on handling my stress so much that I don't feel stressed anymore. I hope to be able to maintain this long term because it is such a glorious feeling to be stress free and I am all too familiar with being super stressed.

Monica M.

Subject: Re: Do You Still Own CDs?

Forum: Do You Still Own CDs?
Good Morning Janine,

I don't own any CDs and haven't in a really long time. I think CDs are super impractical compared to an iPod because they scratch easily, only play one album at a time, and need to be physically changed every time a different album is played. To me, anything that can be replaced by technology is clutter. I think CDs might have a revival like vinyl, however, I won't be a part of it because I dislike clutter.

Monica M.

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