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Subject: Re: Live in massage Therapist or live in Chef?

Forum: Live in massage Therapist or live in Chef?

I refuse to choose , give me both.

Massages are life and to find a perfect massuse would change my life. And then i would never have to cook again. Such a dream that I an going to make reality one day.


Subject: Re: Your insecurities?

Forum: Your insecurities?

I have relinquished all my insecure thoughts. Instead I only think and speak of what I about me.

I love my lips and eyes. I think I have delicate features.

Thoughtful forum


Subject: Re: pro life or anti-abortion?

Forum: pro life or anti-abortion?

Your opiniom os very skewed. The right to abort has nothing to do with african americans and the children from.mexico.

The governemnt has no right to tell a women what to do with her body. So she gets raped at a young age she is now forced to be a mother. or a person who can not take care of a child. Then the child is put into foster care. Its just a plethora of situations and does not cpme down to life and death , but the reality of life and if that baby will even have a quality of life once born.

So I am pro-letting people make their choices and live their lives.


Subject: Re: Glasses or contacts?

Forum: Glasses or contacts?

I always wear glasses. Contacts have never been comfortable for me for long periods of time. I can not really see without glasses so I wear them all the time.


Subject: The one personality trait you like most?

Forum: The one personality trait you like most?
Hello CNET,

How is it going?

Whats the one personality trait you admire most about yourself?

I would say for me its my determination. I never give up on my goal mp matter what unexpected detours I may face. I know that ultimately my goal will be reached if I keep pushing towards it.

What about you.?


Subject: Re: What was the best birthday present you ever got?

Forum: What was the best birthday present you ever got?

The best present I got was my Dog. I will never forget that birthday !

Thanks for the topic


Subject: Re: Would your diet change if you could eat anything?

Forum: Would your diet change if you could eat anything?

Yeah of course. If I could eat anything and stay fit and healthy. What wouldn't I eat. All day everyday all the things I wish I could eat.

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Subject: Re: Do you believe in love at first sight?

Forum: Do you believe in love at first sight?

No I think that is just a strong attraction , but does not nessecarily mean its love. We as people often get lust and love confused. Which may lead to feeling that it is real love. Overall , love at first sight is kind of a skewed concept that is not very true in all aspects.

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Subject: Are you Gluten-Free ?

Forum: Are you Gluten-Free ?
Hello Hows everyone ,

I was wondering who among us follow a gluten-free diet ?

I found the scientific name for gluten-free it celiac disease. The body can not process gluten and make it into glucose. Thus causing an almost allergic reaction.

I have mild celiac disease , but I do not claim a gluten-free diet. I only have it mild because I have other allergies that are gluten sensitive.

I still could not imagine a 100% bread free life.

Are you gluten-free?

Who around you is gluten-free?


Subject: Re: Product bans to save marine life

Forum: Product bans to save marine life

When it comes down to it there has to be a balance. The environment can not take so much of our waste. On the other hand we as humans have adapted tp certian things in our daily lifestyles.

I support the ban on plastic. In CA you have to pay for plastic and paper bags. Which males people resuse the bags that they have. I find it a minor way of reducing this waste. Overall I feel like we can just atop using plastic and find a sustainable material to reuse .

Marine Life is suffering from the onslaught of plastic in the Ocean. Thus, I agree with all the regulations.

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