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Subject: How many pillows do you sleep with?

Forum: How many pillows do you sleep with?
Hello Everyone!

Hope Thursday is treating you well !

How many pillows do you sleep with at night ?

I love pillow too much. They are very important to my comfortability when sleeping. I sleep with two pillows at my head. Then I have a full body pillow. I like my body to be elevated and not total and flat. Sometimes I think I have to many pillows. I also dislike flat pillows. My pillows have to be fluffy or have memory foam.

I am very specific about my pillows !

What about you ?

- Julia

Subject: Re: Saving Money

Forum: Saving Money

I really try hard to save money. I spend very very carefully. If it is not nessecary I do not buy it. I am a student and I need all the money I can get. I can not waste it on stupid things. It took me a long time to become money savvy. I had to learn how to be frugal , but not cheap. I had to learn how to budget and become a money saving machine.

I do not get tempted to buy drinks and food. I enjoy cooking at home and I watch my sugar carefully so I only drink water and homemade cold tea. I breakout when I have a lot of sugar and fast food. So , it is easy to motivate myself to keep my skin clear by not buying outside food. I choose one day a week to eat out. Therefore , it is special and well thought out.

Good luck in Paris and save the money for drinks there it will be so worth it!


Subject: Re: Exercise, AM or PM?

Forum: Exercise, AM or PM?

I excessive in The afternoon. So in the middle of the AM and the PM. I do all my business in the early morning. Then by the afternoon I am ready to work out. It gets me pumped up for tje rest of the day. It gives me the nessecary endorphins to feel good.


Subject: Re: Dumbest way you've been injured

Forum: Dumbest way you've been injured

I love this forum already !

I have been injured in many dumb ways. I swear I can be so clumsy. One day I was walking and a good song came on my iPod. I was all pumped up. There was no one around so I start dancing. I saw a crack in the sidewalk. I did not really register how big it actually was. So mid twerk I tripped over it and sprained my ankle. I have to walk home so it was not in pain at first. I think the adrenaline kicked in. When I got home it was swollen. It was funny that it happens so awkwardly in my music bliss!


Subject: Re: Waffles or Pancakes

Forum: Waffles or Pancakes
Thank you all for your responses. I actually went and got waffles . They were delicious.

Have good day everyone!


Subject: Waffles or Pancakes

Forum: Waffles or Pancakes
Hello Cnet,

I hope the week is going smoothly it is half-way done hang in there !

Do you prefer waffles or pancakes?

I am a waffle lover. I can eat waffles everyday. I like the fact that they are crispy and fluffy inside. Pancakes are just too soft. I like when I have some texture. It is almost like funnel cake. I have frozen waffles almost everyday. A fresh waffles is literally a gift from above.

I am now craving waffles , I am off to Ihop !


Subject: Re: Finish the sentence

Forum: Finish the sentence

Anyone that knows me knows I love animals. I am obsessed with furry cuties . My life is animals and I want to help all the animals in the world.


Subject: Re: Study Abroad-Yes or No?

Forum: Study Abroad-Yes or No?

I defenitly want to study abroad one day !

I look forward to the time I will down overseas. I want to take a trip when I graduate with my 4 year degree. It will be the perfect start to graduate school. I think the best way to study abroad is with a internship. Therefore , I am excited to have the opportunity to study overseas.


Subject: Re: Last movie watched?

Forum: Last movie watched?

The last movie I watched was everything , everything. I did not want to see it because I thought it would be mushy. One day it was on TV and I was bored so I watched it. I liked it !
It was cute and mushy , but in a good way!


Subject: Re: Do greener places do anything for you?

Forum: Do greener places do anything for you?

I enjoy a lot of plants around me. They make me happy to see something living and beautiful. I have a small garden on my patio. I like going out in the morning and greeting the day with my flowers. Plants are a very uplifting part of life. I think it makes me smile to see something so perfect and beautiful as a plant.


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