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I sing in the shower ALL THE TIME. Actually, I sing all the time. Everywhere. It's quite annoying to some people, lol.

Subject: Re: What is success?

Forum: What is success?
Thanks for all your replies!

Megan - I was curious about what you're up to now that you're done with the corporate ladder, so I took a peek at your profile. It's crazy awesome that you started your own business! Hope it's going well; wish you all the best! I'm glad you've found freedom in your life.

Napajaja21 - I feel the exact same! Having a job you like with free time for spending with family is so important. Life in misery isn't really a life.

Bella - Yes! I grew up living paycheck to paycheck, and having better financial independence would have taken a ton of stress off of my parents. Not necessarily be rich, but be average and comfortable and okay. One of my goals too!

Wheninroma - Thanks! I'm actually on CNet to try to pay for my tech school to learn to weld better, but I'm on a waiting list so we'll see when I get in. I hope you get into the law school you want to get into, and are able to afford it!

Best wishes to you all!
Thanks again,
Becky :)

Subject: Can you go through the Green Glass Doors?

Forum: Can you go through the Green Glass Doors?
Becca can go, but Becky can't.
Grass can go, but Rocks can't.

Have you heard of the Green Glass Doors?
What other riddles are iconic for you?

I used to live at a camp, and we all knew some weird riddles.
I hated them! It was so hard for me to figure them out most of the time, but this one I figured out, with a couple others.

Tell me about your riddles!

Subject: Re: Dressing up?

Forum: Dressing up?
It depends! I like to wear dresses if they're comfy or make me feel pretty. Sometimes I'll wear them for fun or to go out with a friend for coffee, etc. I wear a dress for dates. Usually though I dress in jeans and a t shirt. My job requires steel-toe work boots, safety gear, and jeans, so I never get to dress up for work. Which of course it makes it all the more special when I dress up other times.

Hope you guys have a great weekend!

Subject: Re: Sleep on right or left side of bed??

Forum: Sleep on right or left side of bed??
If you're looking at the bed from the foot, I sleep on the right. If you're laying in bed facing up, I sleep on the left. Mostly by default, the other side is my boyfriend's preferred side and I just don't care. When I sleep by myself, I sleep in the middle. Complete anarchy I know lol.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Subject: Re: Amusement Parks?

Forum: Amusement Parks?
Hey Matt!

I like roller coasters, but like Mstoll621, I seem to have developed a fear of them (not heights, just the machinery) super suddenly. I still go on them, and have some fun, but I don't know... I guess I've just read way too many stories of rides failing, attendants not attending, people getting decapitated... It's so hard to enjoy them now when I'm just sitting in anxiety the whole time. I wish I could enjoy them like I used to!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Subject: Re: What’s in your wallet?

Forum: What’s in your wallet?
This question is hilarious lol

I have a LOT of cards: Driver's License, CellPlus business card (not my own), punch cards for a coffee shop and bra shop, Certificate of Completion of Red Cross Wilderness and Remote First Aid, two library cards, a Hot Topic card, my piercer's business card, debit card, and REI membership card. I also have a bunch of receipts, an SD card, and $2.

Subject: Re: Is Marijuana Important to You?

Forum: Is Marijuana Important to You?
Hey Morgan!

Like most others on here said, marijuana is one factor out of many when voting for a candidate. I do think it should be legalized; I think it shouldn't be as "demonized" as it is, and as Song pointed out, it's a lot better than some pharmaceutical drugs.

Even as someone who doesn't use it (it's not legal where I live), it is important to me that people have control over the substances they use, and if weed helps your anxiety/pain/ADD/etc, then I think you should be able to use it. Alcohol and cigarettes are way worse, and they're legal. I dunno, just saying.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Subject: What is success?

Forum: What is success?
Morning, all!

What is success to you? For some, it's vast amounts of wealth, for others, the dream job, some, kids or a spouse.
For me, success would be owning my own welding shop, or working at a welding job that made me very happy. It doesn't matter if I make heaps of money (enough to live on would be nice), but I do care about being happy. I'd like to have enough free time to go on trips and adventures, and spend time with my cat. I'd like to have a dog again.

What does success look like to you?
Hope you all have a great weekend.

Subject: Re: Do you love your body?

Forum: Do you love your body?
Most of the time, I don't love my body. I've had a lot of eating disorder drama in the past, and I honestly think the mindset that comes with it just never leaves; you only learn how to manage it. I guess I kind of compare myself to fitness models, but I do know that I absolutely do NOT do the things that they do to look the way that they do. I used to. And in my own way, I did look like them, but it became something more sinister than that for me and I can't live like it anymore.

Honestly, it's not the looks/bodies in the media that make me feel "less than". I know most of it is actual hard work, good genetics, and photoshop. I see what they have, incomes, houses, etc, and feel like I'll never be as "successful". But (topic for another time) success doesn't always look the same for everyone, you know?

What do I love about my body?
I love my long hair, my small-but-sturdy hands, my eye color that I get from my mom. And you're right, I have really nice feet. Lol.

Thanks for the forum, Court!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
Becky :)

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