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Subject: First thing when you get home...

Forum: First thing when you get home...
Hey everyone!

What's the first thing you do when you get home? Or the first things, for those of us who can't pick just one to talk about.

I always get home and greet my cat first thing. He and I do some playing or cuddling, and I have something to drink like tea or kombucha, and relax. I'll take a shower sometime when I get home, too. Then I get to work doing all of the things I need to get done that day.

Hope you all have a great end of the week coming up here!
Becky :)

Subject: Re: dyeing your hair?

Forum: dyeing your hair?
I've dyed parts of my hair crazy colors at a few different times! Purple, green, blue, red. I probably won't dye my hair anymore, just because I don't care enough to maintain it and I just don't care now, lol. I definitely won't dye it when it starts to go grey/white. I think silvery shades of hair are so pretty and I'm totally okay with being that weird hippie aunt with long grey locks and weird clothes.

Subject: Re: If you could dye your hair one funky color

Forum: If you could dye your hair one funky color
Hey Tom!

I have dyed my hair a crazy color! I had purple streaks and the underneath part of my hair, which faded to a really pretty blue color over time. Then I've also had the underneath dyed green, blue, and red. I probably won't ever dye it again just because I don't care much and I don't like the chemicals.

Erin - You should totally dye your hair if you want to! Some salons can possibly do a more natural process that isn't so hard on your hair, or there's always henna dying. There's an office lady where I work who acts like a stereotypical office lady (not a bad thing! I like her), and her hair is dyed royal purple. She rocks it! I think you could too!

fiveRoses - I've noticed that this happens quite a bit over the time I've been here, but I'd like to point out that when I try to use the search feature, it refuses to load at all on my computer, ever. It just isn't worth the headache to keep trying fruitlessly over and over again. It's possible other people are having the same problem.

Subject: Re: What do you do when interrupted?

Forum: What do you do when interrupted?
I've always used your third example, honestly. Once, my boyfriend interrupted me and I said that, and you should've seen his face! It was like he'd never had anyone point out his rude interruptions or something. He actually apologized and is very considerate about not interrupting me anymore. I'm not sure if it's from me saying that, or if it's because he knows how easily I forget what I was trying to say.

Whenever I realize I've interrupted someone else, I apologize and ask them to go on with what they were saying. It's not hard to notice if you're trying to be self aware.

Subject: Re: Bathing. Morning or at bedtime?

Forum: Bathing. Morning or at bedtime?
I almost always shower at night unless I have a compelling reason to shower in the morning. I only wash my hair once a week, and I let it dry naturally, so it's pretty low maintenance even though it's very long, so that's not a big deal. My work is pretty disgusting sometimes and I'd much rather be squeaky clean to chill at home and then to go to bed, instead of being squeaky clean to go to work and get dirty in two seconds. Lol.

Subject: Re: Favorite Shoe Brand?

Forum: Favorite Shoe Brand?
I love my CAT boots! I needed steel toe for my new job, and ended up loving them so much more than I expected; I'll probably start wearing them almost exclusively. I do like Converse, too, though. For casual shoes, those have always been my go-to.

Subject: Re: How do you like your coffee?

Forum: How do you like your coffee?
I like my coffee black, too.
I think that means I'm strong and bitter.
Which I agree with strongly.

Subject: Re: Facebook Friend Requests- How do you decide?

Forum: Facebook Friend Requests- How do you decide?
I don't have a facebook account anymore, but when I did, I wouldn't accept friend requests from anyone I hadn't met in person, or at least knew through someone else. I even went so far as to do "friends list cleaning" where I'd go through and delete people who I wasn't really "friends" with anymore. I deleted almost half of my friends list one time I went through it. At the time, I wished I could delete more, but I couldn't without feeling guilty, especially because the people I wanted to take off my list were my extended "family". It was around that time I decided to just delete my whole account. Maybe that took it too far, lol. I just felt like people were so fake and that if we didn't have facebook, we wouldn't be friends anyway. That wasn't healthy for me.
I dunno. Kind of a rant.


Subject: Re: Saving Money

Forum: Saving Money
I like the ideas already put forth here, and I'd add: budget! I have a written budget that allots my money to certain things, such as necessities for the house, food, insurance, car stuff, rent, etc, but I also add in "savings for" certain things like travel, and even an "outings, fun, etc" folder. When you have money set aside, you don't feel guilty spending it for that thing! It's important to me to have some money to spend on coffee with friends or a book I want here or there, or a TV show, etc. I believe that life shouldn't always be about looking forward to something, it should be enjoying the here and now, because our days aren't promised.

Hope you all have a great rest of the week!

Subject: Re: What does being late say about a person?

Forum: What does being late say about a person?
I've thought about this a lot, as I'm a habitually "way too early" person because of my anxiety. I used to leave for work more than an hour before I needed to be there because I was constantly afraid something would go wrong, and I lived only 20 minutes away. I sat in the break room hanging out with whoever else was too early for their shifts which started before mine (mostly maintenance guys - I made some great friends) waiting to be able to go to work.

My mother is a habitually late person, and I'm sure people have judged her for it. It's not that she doesn't care or doesn't try to be on time, she does. She's just not good at managing time. I think that for some people time really doesn't seem to move at the same rate as it does for others and I don't really blame her anymore, although it was hard when I was standing around waiting for rides home from school or had to make sure that we were both on time to something. It's hard being the "responsible one" as the child. My mom is a great person, and she's not selfish or disrespectful in general.

I think a person's ability to be "on time" is something that character is judged by, and I guess I've always done that to an extent, but my mom's personality is so different than "careless" or "rude" or "disrespectful" that I just can't connect the two all the time now. I would definitely say that being late for a job is a big deal. I used to train people at my previous job, and it was frustrating having trainees come in late or not at all, and I'd have to pick up the slack of the jobs that they were supposed to be doing.

Obviously, as evidenced by my almost neurotic need to be on time or early, I think it's important to be on time. I wish everyone was on time all the time, but I don't really judge people's character based on just that anymore. People probably could work on systems of doing things so they weren't late, but I know that's easier said than done for some.

Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week.

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