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Subject: Succulent City

Forum: Succulent City
Succulent City is the name of my house right now. Every single flat surface in the house (except my desk, luckily) is covered with tiny pots of succulents. It's a bit.... ahem... overwhelming..... but it's so beautiful!

So here's the update: I have bought a succulent business. All the inventory is currently in my living room. I am very new to being a business owner, luckily my partner is going to be mostly running it, and I will take care of the orders and the media. We are currently building a nursery for it, and very excited about growing the business.

I am probably going to step back from collegenet for a bit so that I can focus on my next steps as a new business owner. I think 2018 is going to be great!

My question to you is... Do you know what succulents are? (you'd be surprised, some people don't see them because it's too cold in their area), do you grow succulents? Do they grow in your area? I became obsessed with them when I visited the succulent garden at Balboa Park in San Diego. It was quite a sight to see, and some of them get enormous! They're all beautiful, like fractals and roses and mandalas all in one. Thanks for the support you guys, and all the wins, and I will be back shortly, hopefully with a business that is standing on two feet!

Cheers! and Happy New Year!

Subject: Re: Do you buy used/secondhand items?

Forum: Do you buy used/secondhand items?
New clothes are so expensive where I live, unless you drive an hour to Ross. Second hand clothing is where it's at! Not only is it super cheap but you can find weird shit that you never could get in a store. I love vests and only buy them (or even find them) at thrift stores. I rock a cowboy vest (like made from fabric of little imagery of cowboy hats, boots, a badge), that looks like somebody's grandma made it for them. One of a kind, truly.


Subject: Re: Midnight snacks

Forum: Midnight snacks
It's really hard for me NOT to eat the ice cream, if there is ice cream. It's a terrible thing to snack on at midnight though. I like cashews and almonds. If I'm really lucky though, there's leftovers. Honestly though, I'm a solid sleeper and I rarely wake up in the middle of the night for snacks! I could probably sleep through an 8.5 earthquake.

Subject: What's Your Favorite Myth or Legend

Forum: What's Your Favorite Myth or Legend
I love the myths because they usually create fantastical ideas explain the beautiful mysteries of the world.

The Greek mythologies give ordinary things, like weather and tides, stories of God's creating and controlling them.

One of my favorite stories is the sirens of the sea. In one version, the sirens will follow the sailors, and if any man's name is called out loud, they demand he be thrown overboard to the sea. If they were denied what the demanded, they would capsize the boat.

The sailors got around this by calling the men names like "chair," "fork," or "barrel." "Hey Barrel! Hoist the anchor!" The mermaids would yell "Give me Barrel!" and they would throw over a barrel. Disappointed, the mermaids could not capsize the boat. If someone accidentally said "Sam! raise the main sail!" they would have no choice but to throw Sam overboard, or else the boat would surely flip.
It's just a nice twisted look on mermaids, which I find fascinating.

What's your favorite myth!?>

Subject: Re: Street Name

Forum: Street Name
I would name a street Copper Street... I'm obsessed with copper and hopefully the street would have a bunch of copper art on the buildings.

Subject: Re: Does medicine make us sicker ?

Forum: Does medicine make us sicker ?
I have some opinions on the flu shot, and western medicine in general.
Flu shots don't actually work (like read the box they actually admit it), they're just a reason for them to pump mercury and aluminum and formaldehyde into us (thats on the box too)! I'm wary of any injection that you not only can get for free, but will give you a discount on your groceries at safeway for getting it. I'm basically saying that flu shots are free poison.

I agree with pearly bear about the fact that modern medicine has made improvements in many lives, but that generally we are over-medicated. I think the over-medication is a terrible tragedy and that some people live very cloudy lives, suck in a medicated fog. Most of our bodies are amazing machines and we should be medicating with plants way more than chemicals.

Kyle be wary of things like DayQuil, they are really treating your symptoms and not the problems. They're basically codeine drugs that make you feel good and forget you're sick because, well they're drugs. When I start to get sick I make tea with lemon, ginger, turmeric, cayenne, and it's amazing how it actually helps get rid of the sickness and boost your immune system. Spicy things are great because they trick you body into sending in reinforcements.

Great post!

Subject: Re: Do you talk a lot?

Forum: Do you talk a lot?
I've been known to be very talkative. I've recently learned to try to conserve some of that energy and be a little more reserved. Talking is exhausting.
I have to train people at my work here and there, and I joke that I might loose my voice by the end of the day because there is so much to explain. I'm really good at teaching it though and I'm very thorough in explaining the processes.

Subject: How Hot Can You Handle?

Forum: How Hot Can You Handle?
On a scale of 1-10, how spicy can you handle your food? You know, when you go to those asian wok restaurants where you fill up a plate and stir fry it for you? They have a spicy scale, and how hot can you handle it?

Who on earth must can handle a 10? Like does anyone really order that? The guy who got his food stir fried in front of me ordered a 3 and I was on fire! I ordered zero on mine haha. I can barely even handle cayenne pepper. I just don't enjoy the feeling of my mouth burning.

My dad says as he got older his taste buds got weaker and he craved more and more spices. He just pours on the hot sauce these days.

Subject: Re: How do you feel about rappers

Forum: How do you feel about rappers
There's quite a few rappers whose music I enjoy, but not if they are demeaning towards women or objectify them. It's so disrespectful and it makes me so mad. Lupe Fiasco is great and B.o.b. has some really thoughtful music too.

Subject: Re: Are You A Planner?

Forum: Are You A Planner?
I definitely have phases, but if I'm not being a planner it's because I'm fighting my inner-planner to try to reduce stress. I'm a borderline neurotic planner. I really wish I wasn't though because it gives me anxiety.

There was a point in time when I just went with the flow and things always worked out better. Somehow the universe appreciates it when you let go of your control. Hey, maybe I'll try that again!

Thanks for the reminder Abby

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