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Subject: How do you like your classes this semester?

Forum: How do you like your classes this semester?
Hey Everyone!

I hope you're having a great start to your weekend!

We're all in different walks of life here. Many of us are in school, many of us have graduated and are working towards paying off our student debt.

If you're a student:

How do you like your class(es) this semester? Is there one in particular that you're getting a lot out of? What class do you love? Do you have a class that seems pointless?

If you're a graduate:
Reflecting on your education, do you think that most of your classes were relevant? Is there one that stands out that was your favorite? Did anything seem to not be relevant and all (and prove not to be once you entered your career?)

I got my B.S. in Industrial Engineering, and my MBA a few years after that. Even though many of my classes didn't seem relevant at the time, looking back, most of them actually were. Particularly, my core engineering classes were extremely useful and directly related to what I did in the field. My MBA helped me prepare for owning my own business, and ended up being very relevant as well. I'd say about 10% of my classes were a waste of time and money overall looking back, but those are pretty good odds!

I look forward to reading your responses!

Subject: Re: What's for breakfast??

Forum: What's for breakfast??
Hi James,

That sounds like a lovely way to start your morning!

I'll be having sausage fresh from the farmer's market, farm fresh eggs, avocado, and some fruit.

As I write this, I'm enjoying some coffee.

Have a great weekend!

Subject: Re: Weekend Plans?

Forum: Weekend Plans?
Hey Abby,

That sounds like an awesome start to the weekend! I bet after a day like that you're super excited you made the big move to Florida! Have a great time with your friends this weekend!

My due date is today, so I'm REALLY HOPING to have a baby this weekend. If she doesn't come on her own I will get induced on Friday, so the countdown is really on now, but I'm so excited to meet this little girl. I'm also ready to start this new chapter of my life, and complete my pregnancy lol.

My mom came in town yesterday to visit/help out for a couple of weeks so she is here now. While we wait for the baby to arrive, we're just going to relax, try to get some work done, and hang out. The weather is absolutely gorgeous here in Charlotte this weekend so we will probably go to the farmers market today, get some fresh fruits and veggies, and spend the rest of the day outside. I'll be doing a lot of walking trying to get this baby out :)

Thanks for the post and enjoy the weekend!

Subject: Re: What Makes A Good Leader/Role model?

Forum: What Makes A Good Leader/Role model?
Hi Thankful,

What a great way to think. I agree with you, a good role model to me does what they say they are going to do without question. They have integrity.

A good leader and role model should do what they say they are going to do, but also have the humility and logic to change course if need me. They should listen to others, and take trusted opinions and arguments to heart. If the initial plan or course of action turns out not to be the right one, admitting they made a mistake and working to correct the problem is one of the best qualities I think that people can possess.

Finally, I think a good leader/role model should be authentic to themselves, and not take life too seriously. I look up to people who do what's right for them, not who do what's right for someone else, or try to fit a certain mold in society. Authenticity is very attractive to me, and I feel like people who are authentic radiate light. I also look up to people that don't get stressed out easily, realize everything is temporary, and do their best to live life to the happiest and fullest as often as they can.

With my first daughter due today (hopefully she's born this weekend) I actually think about this a lot. Going forward, my actions and behaviors will directly impact another human. I want my daughter to look to me as a role model, so I need to be more aware of my words, actions, behaviors, and emotions, knowing that she will be watching and learning from me. It's a little scary, but it's also very exciting and I can't wait to start this chapter of my life!

Thank you for the post!

Subject: Re: What does being late say about a person?

Forum: What does being late say about a person?
Hi Brenda,

I believe any time that we judge anyone about anything, there is a reflection of ourselves in that judgment. We live in a culture where judging others is the norm and we are quick to do it. It takes a conscious effort to stop judging others and focus on where the real issues lie, in our own perspectives. If we have a pre-conceived idea of what being late, early, or on-time means to us, we will be disappointed when someone doesn't meet our expectations in that regard, ultimately reflecting our judgement on them.

I typically arrive on time. I try not to arrive too early or too late, because based on my experiences, Based on my past experience, it seems like if you arrive too early, people may not be ready for you yet, which can cause them some stress. If you arrive too late, you're infringing on someone else's schedule. I try to be on time +/- five minutes, unless there is some circumstance standing in the way.

Five years ago, however, I was that person who was always late. I had way too much going on in my life. I tried to do it all, and inevitably was late all the time. I realized that I was "that person" when I arrived what I thought was "on time" for a party at a friend's house. She told me that the party started at 1:30. I showed up at 1:30, and it actually didn't start until 3! Apparently my friends had been telling me for about a year that events started at least an hour before they actually did because everyone picked up on my tardiness. It was funny to me, but also pretty embarrassing. I realized I had to make some changes at that point.

I do think people could be on time if they want to be on time. I'm the perfect example of that, going from someone who was always late to now someone who is punctual. I think it requires understanding that you have a problem, that you over commit, etc. For me, committing to less and realizing that people thought my tardiness was annoying helped me to change my behavior. I don't think people who run late are selfish or disrespectful. Having been one of those people, I think they're more people-pleas-ers than anything else, and they have a problem saying no to too many obligations. I try to be understanding when people are late, because specifically, I can empathize with the behavior.

Thank you for the post!


Subject: Re: What Is Your Pet's Name?

Forum: What Is Your Pet's Name?
Hey Morgan!

Wow, I love the meaning behind his name. That's beautiful!

My dogs are named Cago and MJ.

Cago is short for Chicago, because I love the city. It just seemed to fit him, too.

MJ is a girl's name version of the great Michael Jordan. I believe he is the greatest basketball player of all time.

We have a cat that adopted us as well. I call him Mr. Jones.

Thanks for the post!

Subject: Weather today in your area?

Forum: Weather today in your area?
Hey Cnet-ers!

I hope everyone is having a great start to the weekend!

What's the weather like in your area right now? I don't mean to gloat, but it's a beautiful 80 degrees in Charlotte today and I could not be happier about it! I'm planning on getting outside and enjoying it. For the end of February, I'd say we're pretty blessed!

Thanks for reading!

Subject: Re: Make a wish

Forum: Make a wish
Hey Tom!

Great forum and happy Friday!

My wish is that my baby arrives this weekend! My due date is tomorrow and I can't wait to meet this little girl!

Thanks and have a great weekend,

Subject: Re: What makes life good?

Forum: What makes life good?
Hi Erin,

What a great topic! My life is good for many reasons. I love my husband and being with him every day keeps me grateful, happy, and inspired. We have a baby girl on the way (any day now, my due date is tomorrow!) and that is a huge blessing to our family.

The fact that I'm self employed makes me very happy.

And I have great friends! Life is good!

What makes you happy?

Thanks for the post!

Subject: Re: It was meant to be...

Forum: It was meant to be...
Hey Bluesapphire,

That is so awesome that you met someone that was meant to be on your journey! You definitely were meant to be in that place at that time!

One of my favorite speeches ever was Steve Jobs' 2005 Stanford Commencement speech. He spoke about "connecting the dots." You can't connect the dots going forward, but if you look back, you can see that every single thing in your life, good, bad, ugly, and beautiful is a pivotal part of our stories. It's an amazing speech and I think of this concept often.

Looking back on my life so far, I definitely can connect the dots and see that everything happens for a reason. From where I live, to my job choices, to how my husband and I got together, I see how certain things had to happen to get where I am now.

Thank you so much for the post!

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