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Subject: Re: Creative or unprofessional?

Forum: Creative or unprofessional?
Hey There,

I agree with Lyn's comment above that if there is a line to be drawn, the company should be the one to draw it. There should be a clear and unambiguous policy regarding hair color, and employees should be trained on it. It's not fair to reprimand someone for something that isn't clearly specified. If hair color falls under professionalism, the company did a poor job of determining their rules. If there is a clear and unambiguous policy about hair color in the work place, she should be reprimanded for not following the rules that her company has set and she has agreed to by signing her paperwork and agreeing to work there.

Personally, I don't care what color people dye their hair. In my opinion, it doesn't matter. One of the kindest people that I know has blue hair and it suits her well. I think we should all stop caring what other people are doing with their hair and start focusing on if we are doing the right things ourselves on a daily basis. Judging others based on their outward appearance doesn't do any good.

Thanks for the forum!

Subject: Tell me about yourself!

Forum: Tell me about yourself!
Hey CNet!

I hope everyone's having an awesome day today!

I've noticed we have some new people on here, and some people who I recognize that have returned. I've found it's easier to write forums when you know a little bit about the people you're interacting with (be it, virtually) daily.

Let's do some introductions and get to know each other a little bit better by answering a couple of questions!

1) What state do you live in?
2) What's your major?
3) What's your age range? (under 20, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60+)
4) What do you value the most?

Here's my answers:
1) North Carolina
2) I've graduated and use CNET to help pay for my student loans. I have a Bachelor's of Science degree in Industrial Engineering. I have a Master's degree in business
3) 30-39
4) I value my family the most. I got married 1-1-17 and I had my first daughter in March of this year!

I look forward to getting to know you all a little better!


Subject: Re: What Did You Need To Happen?

Forum: What Did You Need To Happen?
Hey Luke!

Two years ago, I had no idea that my soul mate was right under my nose! I had no idea that I needed to fall in love, get married, travel, and become a Mom! I've always been super independent. I'm well educated and never placed much value on finding a husband or having children. Now, I can't imagine life any other way! I love my family more than anything. I'm glad that God's plan superseded my plan because my life was mediocre at best compared to where I'm at now! Becoming a mom has been the greatest blessing I've ever received.

Thanks so much for the forum! Great topic!

Subject: Re: Illegal Immigration: Separate Kids and Parents?

Forum: Illegal Immigration: Separate Kids and Parents?
Hi Randy,

Great topic. I have enjoyed reading the responses on this as well, as immigration is something I know little about.

I can't fathom entering another country illegally, but I fully understand that Mexico can be a dangerous place to live and raise a family.

I have a good friend who is in the states from Mexico legally. He got lucky and got a good job where he was able to transfer up to states. He is grateful to be here, and he is one of the hardest workers that I know. He's been trying to get citizenship for several years now, and it's a very difficult process. It's a tough and lengthy process for a well educated, hard working professional with an engineering degree to gain citizenship here. He's been working on obtaining citizenship since he started here with his work Visa in 2012, so it's not a quick and easy process to become a legal citizen from another country as an adult. Maybe the reason we have such an issue with illegal immigration is that our process for coming into America to live legally is too difficult, and the risk of being caught in the US is less worrisome to these people than staying in their country where they are in danger, which is not our problem, but it's also pretty sad.

I am no expert. Actually, I know so little about this subject that my opinion shouldn't even matter, however, I don't see the harm in bringing people who want to work hard into our country. It's a tough line between keeping criminals out and allowing good people in.

I definitely don't think parents and children should be separated. I believe if they came in as a family unit, they should get deported as a family unit. If parents are being charged here criminally, I think every effort should be made to find a family member the children trust to take care of them. Kids should not be punished for their parents mistakes if it can be avoided.

Thanks for the forum!

Subject: Re: Do you trust your neighbors?

Forum: Do you trust your neighbors?

I have a friend who lives down the street from me that I would trust with a key. I knew her before we became neighbors. When my husband and I moved back to Charlotte last year, we moved in to our house the same time a friend of ours was moving, and randomly we moved into places on the same street! I haven't even lived in my house for a year, so I wouldn't trust any of my other neighbors with a key yet, even though I know and like some of them.

My last house I lived in for five years. I got to know one of my neighbors very well, and she had a key to my house and I had a key to her house. We helped each other out a lot with pets and family. We used to walk together regularly, sometimes we'd have coffee in the morning outside of our houses. I miss having a neighbor like, you truly could leave the house and feel like everything was taken care of.

Thanks for the forum!

Subject: Re: What Do You Invest Most of Your Time In?

Forum: What Do You Invest Most of Your Time In?
Hey Luke!

You sound like a really cool cat. I think spending time reading and writing is great for personal development as well as reflective. Do you plan to write a book at some point?

I spend most of my time with my family. My husband and my daughter are my world! My daughter is eleven weeks old so she requires a lot of attention, and I'm grateful that I can be around to give it to her! I love being her mom and am grateful for all my time with her. The time I spend with my family does make me very proud.

Thanks for the forum!

Subject: Re: Marijuana

Forum: Marijuana
Hey Java,

Great forum!

I think it needs to be legalized across all states as well as federally. I think it makes no sense for marijuana to be a federal crime. It's crazy people are doing jail time for something in one state that you can buy from the store in another state. It's also crazy that our hospitals give out opiads (the pure form of heroin) out like candy, yet marijuana is still so taboo.

Marijuana has two forms, male and female, THC and CBD. THC gets you high and CBD has healing properties.
CBD has proven links to helping many kids with seizures. When I watch documentaries on this, I find it sad that parents have to move to states like Colorado where it's legal to get help for their sick children. I've used CBD topically for muscle recovery when I was training for an ultra marathon. I was shocked at the results that I got and would recommend it to anyone.

I also think that it's WAY less dangerous to get a little stoned from a plant from time to time than it is to smoke cigarettes (a KNOWN addictive killer that's very legal), or drink alcohol. I had an uncle just die from lung cancer a few months ago caused from cigarette smoke. Alcohol is also legal yet much less dangerous than marijuana. I have a lot of alcoholism in my family and have seen how dangerous alcohol can be when someone is addicted to it. It's a depressant, yet it's very legal as well.

It makes no sense to me that it's still not legal in over half of our states, and it's still criminalized federally. Politics at play yet again...

Thanks for the forum!

Subject: Re: Biggest Risk you've taken

Forum: Biggest Risk you've taken
Hey Jess!

I love Chicago! That sounds like an awesome, scary, and worthwhile experience!

The biggest risk that I've taken was leaving the corporate world and working for myself. It was hard for me for a number of reasons. I had student loans, debt, and a mortgage, but my passion just wasn't there anymore. I worried a lot about how things would work out, what people thought of me, and what I would do next. It's been a process of learning to jump, and allowing the net to appear, and trusting that God will always provide and for me to learn not to overthink things.

My life is SO much better than it was now that I'm living more authentically. I'm so glad I took that leap of faith!

Thanks for the forum!

Subject: Do you like yard work?

Forum: Do you like yard work?

Do you like to do yard work? What tasks do you like to do? What do you prefer to avoid?

I love yard work. My favorite thing to do outside in the yard is to mow the grass. I think it's relaxing, rewarding, and a nice little bit of exercise. I also enjoy working in the garden.

I hate to use the weed eater, so my husband usually takes care of that task.

Thanks for reading!

Subject: Re: Best Trip

Forum: Best Trip

Especially since I've been with my husband, I've taken a lot of trips. We love to get out and travel. Last week, we took our eleven week old daughter on her first road trip to Asheville. It was only a couple of hours away, but we had a blast nonetheless! Asheville is our favorite place to go, and eventually we plan on moving up to the Blue Ridge Mountains. Our families live in the Midwest and we live in North Carolina, so we're trying to take smaller trips to prepare her (and us!) for the big road trip to the Midwest this summer.

My favorite road trip ever was last year when my husband and I drove across the US and Canada all the way to Alaska. It was absolutely beautiful and fun to see all the wonders that we have right here in our country!

Have a great day!

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