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Subject: Re: Going back in time to talk to yourself...

Forum: Going back in time to talk to yourself...
I would travel to 2009. I would then tell myself to stay in my career path. I would have stayed out of that specific place and continue with my education.


Subject: Re: What has life taught you?

Forum: What has life taught you?

I have gone on a journey, that I do not wish on anyone. I have seen, the good and bad of both human nature. I have also learned a few things about myself. I am no longer the same person, I was about 2 years ago when I left the military. Every day is a new day and I am learning new things. The main thing that I have taken from my experience, is that we have to learn to live life in the present moment. The past is the past, as painful as it might have been. The future is still not written. Why create anxiety? I live in the moment now. while ensuring that what I am doing now will help me in the future. Live life and be happy.


Subject: Re: Find My iPhone!

Forum: Find My iPhone!
Google has a good feature that can be used to track your phone even if the GPS is off. You can login into any computer laptop, cell phone and try it track it. You can send a command that lets the ringer ring loud, so you can hear it. I just tried it to make sure that it works by the way. Also, You can send a command to lock the cell phone and also erase your date if you feel that your phone has been stolen. I know that Apple does have the find my phone feature, but have never messed around with it. I hope you find your phone.


Subject: Re: distracted drivers

Forum: distracted drivers
I am more concern when it is a police officer doing it. I have seen this done more frequently in my city. I have even begun to remember vehicle numbers time, place, and streets. It is our responsibility to look out for ourselves. We have no control over other peoples actions. Try to set space between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you. You always need a way out and to have adequate time to stop. Always be aware of what cars are doing around you. Use your turn signals, they are there for a reason. Make sure you get adequate time to turn lanes, If we do what we are supposed to do, we have control and can try to avoid these situations. It is up to us to watch out after us, like I stated before, we have no control over other's actions. You set the example, do not get frustrated with others, it only gets worse and can lead to situations that could have been avoided. No matter what laws are imposed, such as texting and driving and so forth, some people will still do it.


Subject: Re: Group Projects

Forum: Group Projects
In my opinion, we need to learn to delegate tasks. In the real world, for a business to thrive, we must all work as a group and build on each other's weakness to get the best outcome for everyone. If we have to pull other's weight, we all lose. The one that pulls the weight loses their time, while others put their faith in a single person. It is a lose-lose situation. We all want good grades and to "succeed". We do not learn anything when it becomes a "single person" project. The assignment was a GROUP project.

Have a good day,


Subject: Re: Should Supreme Court Make Union "Dues" Optional?

Forum: Should Supreme Court Make Union "Dues" Optional?
I stand with Ratio's opinion on this subject.


Subject: Re: When you're depressed...Happy or Sad Music?

Forum: When you're depressed...Happy or Sad Music?
Hello all,

I found this article that can help. I hope it does.



Subject: Re: Subscription Service Craze

Forum: Subscription Service Craze
I try to stay away from such services. I still do not understand Amazon, for example, the prime membership. Do you get better service for a monthly fee? I can go to eBay, purchase an item and do not have to pay an extra membership fee, to purchase an item. I am baffled by Amazon with this. I can also go to my local store, buy that item and not have to worry about shipping. I get how these companies make money, but once you cut through the red tape and get to see how things really work, I ask myself why? How does it make sense sometimes? If it is truly made to help or make your life easier, why go through all that trouble? Brick and mortar businesses are still the best option, for the most part.


Subject: Re: Crypto Currency Craze

Forum: Crypto Currency Craze
I want cryptocurrency to be a source of exchange for goods. Like everything else, everything becomes a source of making money. We know that our current exchange system is a flawed system. It will collapse over and over. I recommend reading about quantitative easing and how it affects our current money system. I wish people saw it as a source of a new system to replace the old-unreliable system. Blockchain prevents anyone from committing fraud and money laundering. You cannot do that with paper money. But like anything else blockchain also has its flaws. The government should not have a say in that system. Cryptocurrency is strictly peer-to-peer(p2p). This is how Satoshi Nakamoto had created the idea around Bitcoin. Nakamoto saw that our current system had collapsed in 2008 and thus created a "new" way around how currency exchange should be. Cryptocurrency is a new way of currency. However, I see greed taking place like everything that humans touch. This is what caused that cryptocurrency hype in my opinion. All in all, governments should not regulate cryptocurrency. By default, cryptocurrency has its limits and eliminates many of the federal reserve flaws.


Subject: Re: What's your plan B?

Forum: What's your plan B?
My plan B is doing something that I want to do in life. I have too many to list. Life is too short to spend it doing something you do not want to do. "Where there is a will, there is a way."


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