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Subject: Favorite Game

Forum: Favorite Game
Good morning all! My question to you is - What is your favorite board game and why?

My boyfriend and I play Yahtzee all the time (and even started playing it on our phones lol), but I also love playing Trivial Pursuit with my family. What is your favorite??

Subject: Re: Do you drink alcohol?

Forum: Do you drink alcohol?
Good morning! So I do enjoy the adult beverage most days of the week. I am not getting wastey face drunk, but it is nice to unwind with a glass of white wine. I usually don't have more than one or two, and I stay away from alcohol when I am dieting, however it is nice to sit on my couch, catch up on some Netflix and sip a glass of wine! If it's the weekend and I am out to dinner with friends or my boyfriend, I will usually go with a vodka and soda just to change it up. But we don't usually keep hard liquor in the house, so I save that for nights out!

Subject: Re: Early bird gets the worm

Forum: Early bird gets the worm
I am such a night owl that it isn't even fair! I am a teacher so I have to get up early and be alert, prepared and ready to deal with very very energetic elementary school kids. I have tried getting up earlier, later, working out, eating breakfast but nothing really gets me ready to go for the day. I am most productive at night, cleaning, exercising, planning my lessons etc. My boyfriend is the complete opposite, so mornings are hard for us lol. I am hoping that as I get older (even though I have been teaching for 7 years) I start to shift in my productivity times!

Subject: Re: What can this word be?

Forum: What can this word be?
This is fun! I'm going to say Like and Pine

Subject: Re: Psychic

Forum: Psychic
Hey there! So I have never been to a psychic but my sister swears by them. Apparently the psychic predicted that she would get pregnant this year and she would have a boy. She did get pregnant (and was actively trying) and it turns out that she is having twins and one of them is a boy. I really feel like psychic are just blind squirrels who find a nut every once in a while. I know it's fun to predict the future, but I would rather live it and make my own circumstances rather than be told what will happen. Oh, and save a few dollars in the process :-)

Subject: Voting

Forum: Voting
Hello all!

Tomorrow is election day! Though it's not a presidential election, there are still local elections taking place. My question is, how informed are you with local and district officials? Do you plan on voting tomorrow? If not, why?

I am not planning on voting, only because I just moved to this area and I do not have a wide enough knowledge of their platforms. I usually like to vote as much as possible, but I will have to sit this year out!

Subject: Re: Do you have any nicknames?

Forum: Do you have any nicknames?
Hey Ky!

My full name is Katherine but my nickname is Katie. It's always really weird when people who don't know me call me by my full name because it's so different from my nickname. However as I've gotten older and all of my documents are labeled Katherine, I start introducing myself and answering to my full name instead of explaining to them that I go by Katie. My friends and family call me Katie, but professionally I'm known as Katherine. I definitely will not be naming my children something with such a different nickname.

Subject: Re: Collegenet consistency

Forum: Collegenet consistency
Hey! That's a great question because that's the boat that I am kind of in this week. I've had a really crazy week at work and then I had a very long weekend filled with planes, trains and automobiles! I didn't get a chance to post yesterday and the day before I posted very late. I am still going to do my best to continue to post the rest of this week, just to keep myself in the habit (even though it looks like I'm not going to win). Plus, I enjoy replying to the posts and reading what people say to mine!

Subject: Re: What was the last picture you took on your phone?

Forum: What was the last picture you took on your phone?
I wish the last picture I had was of me sitting in a hot tub, lol! But the last picture I have in my phone is actually one of my boyfriend and I with my grandmother. We helped move her from Michigan to Florida this weekend and it was exhausting but she was so grateful that it really made the whole trip worth it. She is older and not doing so well, so every time I see her I try and get a picture. It makes me feel better and helps me remember the times we spend together, especially since we live so far apart and I never exactly know when I am going to see her again.

Subject: Re: Would You Participate In Pageant For Scholarship $

Forum: Would You Participate In Pageant For Scholarship $
Hey Paige!

That's an interesting question. I actually did compete in pageants when I was much younger, but it was out of my own interests and not because of a monetary compensation. I am a super girly girl and dresses, hair and make up was right up my alley. Now that I am older, it has a different connotation to it; competing wouldn't be a hobby for me, it would hold more of a necessity due to financial constraints. I wouldn't be doing it for fun, I would be doing it for, in a sense, a job. I would hate to taint such a fun part of my childhood with the realistic world of adulthood, lol. There are other options for scholarships that I would explore first.

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