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Subject: Re: What is the first thing you see in a person?

Forum: What is the first thing you see in a person?
Hello everyone,
I am the same as you with this. I notice a person’s smile first. Eyes are pretty high up on my list too. However, I quickly learn someone’s character and that ultimately trumps out all physical attributes!

Subject: Re: Something fun you did today?

Forum: Something fun you did today?
Hello everyone!
Something fun I did today was watch my daughter cheer at her last high school game. Yes, there were bittersweet moments and there were tears shed but I was blessed to see her smile and enjoy it. There are many parents that don’t get that opportunity so I don’t take it for granted.
So, as sad as it may have been, I was happy to see her finish that chapter in her book and I can’t wait to read the next one she writes!

Best to all,

Subject: Re: Manners....

Forum: Manners....
Hello all,
I do believe in using manners. Yes mam, yes sir, thank you, and please are considered polite and respectful. In fact, I honestly cannot hardly bare to hear a teenager to answer and adult without saying yes mam, etc.
I understand what you mean though about others getting offended. When they say not to call them sir or mam, I politely tell them I say it to everyone and I mean no harm!
I also hold the door for others and will wait for them to even go through it before I do. Going to far to be polite? I think not. This world needs more respect and kindness and I’m determined to do my part!

Subject: Re: Acknowledging Strangers When You Pass By

Forum: Acknowledging Strangers When You Pass By
Hi Abby,
Being from the south I try to acknowledge most people I pass by. I do this by either a kind “How are you?” or a quick “Hello.” However, in a crowd of people sometimes this is not really possible.
I travel quiet frequently and it’s interesting to see not all areas are so cordial. In fact, it’s not viewed as rude to pass someone you don’t know and not speak. It’s actually considered keeping to yourself and out of other people’s business.
Therefore, it really depends on the situation and area. Yet, I still believe being cordial is best and besides, it makes me feel great to be nice!

Have a great night!

Subject: Re: What does it mean to be successful ?

Forum: What does it mean to be successful ?
Hey there!
This one is easy for me. I believe if you can provide for your family doing what you love or something you’re even happy and proud to do, then, that defines success for you.
I also believe keeping a line between the two (Home and work) is important. Give those you love and around you the attention they deserve every chance you get. After all, they are who I work for!

Subject: Re: First Car?

Forum: First Car?
Hello everyone! My first car was a Toyota Supra! 5 speed! It was a sporty little car that I was not comfortable with yet, but it was cute!!! In fact, my brother wrecked it and I ended up driving a 88 Lincoln Towncar to school my freshman year of high school. It was a mile long (no joke, it was longgg), looked hideous, but the other kids loved it because I could pick them all up like a school bus! LOL
...That’s been a long time ago! :)
Thanks for making me thinking about it!

Subject: Re: Favorite Song....

Forum: Favorite Song....
Hey all!
This is a good one for me! Haha! I am a music lover and even at the age of 40, I cannot decide on a favorite song or even genre! I listen to many genres and there are so many good songs right now. I have been listening to Raelynn’s Lonely Call but I also love Taylor Swift’s Look what you made me do!
Everyone laughs because I “love” every song that comes on! My 17 year old daughter gets it honest! She is the same way and I love that she loves music as strongly as I do!
Thanks for the forum!

Subject: Re: Leftovers

Forum: Leftovers
Hi Anna
My family does use plastic containers and yes, we have used recyclable bowls, such as butter bowls, as I call them. However, it just depends. We don’t keep a lot of leftovers but if I make a huge pot of spaghetti, I will just store in the pot so it can all be heated easily.
This is interesting because it’s alwasys neat to see how others in the world do the same things we do everyday!

Subject: Re: Does Technology Make Us More Alone?

Forum: Does Technology Make Us More Alone?
Hi Tyler!
Interesting question! It’s weird because I feel like in a lot of ways technology brings us together more. For example, I get to see from or keep up with people I have not seen in years. I get to see their children grow, etc and I would not be able to do this if it weren’t for technology.

However!, for the most part, I believe technology is making us more alone. I would say this is even more true for the yuh her generations. There is so much time spent holding our phone, tablets, or computers that a lot of time with others is missed. Not only that, but I feel some of the younger generation lacks the social skills needed to truly cope in society. I understand this isn’t everyone but I do see it.
So, while I am a huge fan of technology and always want to try the next thing, I believe there are some negatives to our new world!

Subject: Re: Where does your name come from?

Forum: Where does your name come from?
Hello everyone!

Well, I am named after two people. My uncle’s name was Carl and my brother was named Carlos. Therefore, when my mom named me Carla, she was naming me after each. She said Carla was part of each! I’m proud of my name, especially since my brother Carlos is dear to me! We are only 11 months apart in age and have even been accused of being twins when we are teenagers.

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