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Subject: Re: Favorite app?

Forum: Favorite app?

I would say my favorite app is Facebook. I check Facebook several times a day. I am a part of several Facebook groups and I love to scroll through my timeline to see what people are posting.

Subject: Re: Siblings?

Forum: Siblings?

I have 3 sisters and a brother. I think having siblings does influence the person you grow up to me. I think siblings help prepare you to work with others, to compromise, share, and other valuable skills.

Subject: Re: Greed, do you have it?!

Forum: Greed, do you have it?!
I tend to vote for people that respond to my posts. I actually never paid attention to if their rank is higher than mine when deciding to vote for them. I do see their are some people that tend to win consistently. I just keep trying and posting in hopes that I will be one of those people one day,

Subject: Re: What city were you born In?

Forum: What city were you born In?
I was born in Philadelphia. At about age 4 we moved to Sicklerville, New Jersey. We have remained in New Jersey since.

Subject: Re: What Is Your Pet's Name?

Forum: What Is Your Pet's Name?
I have a dog and his name is Rocket. I named our day when I was in the second grade. I remember telling my mom that he could run very fast and that I wanted to name the dog Rocket. He is my best buddy to this day!

Subject: Game Time!

Forum: Game Time!
Hi everyone!

It's Friday and I am ready to get my weekend started! Let's start the weekend with a game. Using the first letter of your name tell me something that makes you happy!

Trips make me happy!

Subject: Re: Ruin a Movie by changing 1 letter in its Title

Forum: Ruin a Movie by changing 1 letter in its Title

Girl's Trap! I changed the I in Trip to A.

Subject: Re: Got in trouble at School

Forum: Got in trouble at School

I remember getting in trouble for play fighting with another boy in the cafeteria. The Dean thought we were fighting for real but we were just playing. I was the only one who got in trouble because the Dean said I looked like the aggressor. I received detention after school.

Subject: Re: Weather today in your area?

Forum: Weather today in your area?

The weather in my area is cloudy and rainy. It has been that way for most of the week. The temperature today is 46 degrees. I can't wait for the sun to come back out.

Subject: Re: Group Projects?

Forum: Group Projects?
Hi everyone!

I do not like group projects. I prefer to work on my own. I find them to be very frustrating. Sometimes you have unequal participation from group members. Sometimes you get people that want to take over the whole project or sometimes you get a person that contributes very little to the group.

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