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Subject: Dorm Room Must Haves

Forum: Dorm Room Must Haves
Hi everyone!

I go off to college this Fall and I was wondering what was one of your dorm room must-haves in college. I want to make sure I am well prepared with things that I need.

Subject: Re: Do you carry self defense /pepper spray ?

Forum: Do you carry self defense /pepper spray ?
Hi everyone!

I do not carry pepper spray or anything. My father has a black belt in Kung Fu and he teaches me how to defend myself. I think it is very important whether you are a man or woman to know some basics of how to protect or defend yourself.

Subject: Re: Eat breakfast every morning?

Forum: Eat breakfast every morning?
Hi everyone!

Breakfast is also my favorite meal of the day. I rarely skip breakfast. I usually enjoy fruit with some oatmeal for breakfast. Eating breakfast helps me get my day started. I find when I don't eat breakfast it is hard for me to concentrate and I also tend to feel irritable.

Subject: Re: How often do you curse?

Forum: How often do you curse?
Hi everyone!

I hardly ever curse. My parents don't use curse words when speaking and the use of curse words is not allowed in my home. I guess because of this I rarely use curse words outside of my home.

Subject: Re: Board games or video games

Forum: Board games or video games
I actually love to play video games. I like video games because you can play by yourself or with others. With board games, you always need someone to play with you in order to enjoy the game. Some video games are very creative. It is almost like visiting another world.

Subject: Did You Help Anyone Today?

Forum: Did You Help Anyone Today?
Hi everyone!

Did you help anyone today?

Subject: Re: Do you still have a landline? Do your parents?

Forum: Do you still have a landline? Do your parents?
Hi Kasey,

We have a landline in my house but no one ever uses it. I think we only have it because it was cheaper to have a combo plan with internet, cable, and a landline.

Subject: Re: What's on your refrigerator?

Forum: What's on your refrigerator?
Hi Kathy!

I have a younger sister who is only 4 so there are magnetic letters on my refrigerator and her art work from school.

Subject: Re: Are you Bilingual ?

Forum: Are you Bilingual ?
Hi Julia!

I am not bilingual but I would love to learn another language. I think having the ability to speak another language is a very useful skill to have.

Subject: Re: What’s your age?

Forum: What’s your age?
Hi Sage!

I am 17 years old. I am also a graduating senior and I am also excited about graduation!

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