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Subject: Did You Help Anyone Today?

Forum: Did You Help Anyone Today?
Hi everyone!

Did you help anyone today?

Subject: Re: Do you still have a landline? Do your parents?

Forum: Do you still have a landline? Do your parents?
Hi Kasey,

We have a landline in my house but no one ever uses it. I think we only have it because it was cheaper to have a combo plan with internet, cable, and a landline.

Subject: Re: What's on your refrigerator?

Forum: What's on your refrigerator?
Hi Kathy!

I have a younger sister who is only 4 so there are magnetic letters on my refrigerator and her art work from school.

Subject: Re: Are you Bilingual ?

Forum: Are you Bilingual ?
Hi Julia!

I am not bilingual but I would love to learn another language. I think having the ability to speak another language is a very useful skill to have.

Subject: Re: What’s your age?

Forum: What’s your age?
Hi Sage!

I am 17 years old. I am also a graduating senior and I am also excited about graduation!

Subject: Television

Forum: Television
Hello everyone!

What was your favorite television show as a child?

Subject: Re: How Do You Feel About Cussing?

Forum: How Do You Feel About Cussing?

I rarely cuss. No one in my house uses curse words on a daily basis. I was just always taught that it was wrong. I have said a curse word in anger but it rarely happens.

Subject: Re: Favorite Sandwich Place?

Forum: Favorite Sandwich Place?

I Philadelphia there is a sandwich place named Koch's. I think they make the best sandwiches. Their sandwiches are huge so I can usually make more than one meal out of a sandwich. Sometimes I share a sandwich with someone.

Subject: Re: Do you like spicy food?

Forum: Do you like spicy food?

I do not like spicy food. For some reason spicy food makes my ears burn. It doesn't make my food enjoyable to eat.

Subject: Re: Riddle Time

Forum: Riddle Time
Hello everyone!

I love your responses. The answer to my riddle was: your age

Thank you!

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