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Subject: Cheapskate or Thrifty?

Forum: Cheapskate or Thrifty?

Do you know someone who you would consider a cheapskate? My mom is one who I would call a saver, a thrifty budgeter, and at times I have thought it was ridiculous, but when it came to giving to others then she will be very giving. At the same time, I have met people who I know had the money but would let their parents pay for something instead of chipping in or contributing for a gift. At 26 my parents had a baby and were living on a budget, but they paid their way and did not rely on others. How do you deal with cheapskates?

- W

Subject: Re: Is there really a such thing as a "sole mate"

Forum: Is there really a such thing as a "sole mate"
Hi, yes I do believe there is a soul mate out there, but I also believe that you may never find that perfect one out there; but at the same time I feel you can find a love that will satisfy you both if you work hard to love each other and make your marriage or relationship work. My parents have shown me that a good relationship takes work and love can get you through.

- W

Subject: Re: Organ donation - to donate or not to donate?

Forum: Organ donation - to donate or not to donate?
Hi, yes I am an organ donor. My mom has always been one and encouraged me to do the same after explaining her reasoning. I feel that it would be great to help others if you can, I don't want to die, but if it happens then at least I could do something good when I die.

- W

Subject: Re: What takes up too much of your time?

Forum: What takes up too much of your time?
Hi, I spend too much time on my phone and the video games when I am not working or at a function of some sort. My grandpa complains that everyone is always on their phones and tells us to get off, but then when we do he is usually off doing something himself or watching television so I don't quite get his point.

- W

Subject: Re: Do you have a scholarship goal?

Forum: Do you have a scholarship goal?
Hi, my goal was to pay for my tuition for my first two years of community college which I was successful at. Next, I hope to continue to get more scholarships next year. I have two scholarships that are renewable so that is fantastic. I was hoping for a large enough scholarship to guarantee that I could go to a state school immediately if I wanted, but I am happy with what I received. My brother won one from Scholarshp Points, so it shows that sometimes luck works.

- W

Subject: Sunburns relief

Forum: Sunburns relief

What do you use for sunburn relief or preventative? We use coconut oil when we are not going to be out for long hours or the sun isn't extreme. It is hard when you read things that say the sunburn lotions can also give you cancer, so what do you do?

- W

Subject: Re: Stress

Forum: Stress
Hi, working out is a great stress reducer. I also love to play basketball or just relax on my phone or play a mindless video game. They say to take deep breathes and drink a lot of water, with good healthy food to take down your stress levels.

- W

Subject: Re: Cooling off- Beach, Pool or Lake, Which do you pre

Forum: Cooling off- Beach, Pool or Lake, Which do you pre
Hi, I would prefer the lake because we can take our boat out and ride jet skis etc. I have lived close to the ocean and the sand and water are beautiful and fun, but the ocean can also be dangerous.

- W

Subject: Re: What’s your favorite time of day?

Forum: What’s your favorite time of day?
Hi, my favorite time of the day would also be night time as I hate to get up early in the morning and I like to play video games, work out or study toward the evening.

- W

Subject: Re: Tipping

Forum: Tipping
Hi, no I do not believe tipping should be included in the price of a meal. The waitresses should be paid at least the federal minimum wage, but then leave it up to the restaurant. Some places can get a very high volume of customers and the wait staff can make a lot of money, others do not get so much foot traffic and have to adjust accordingly. Plus there is a general disagreement on the tipping standard.

- W

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