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Subject: Re: Regrettable Fashion Trends

Forum: Regrettable Fashion Trends
The first thing that pops in my head are these bangs I use to wear I would use a 1/2 inch curling iron and curl this thin thing you would consider a bang under. I remember my aunt telling me one day you will look back and say why did I wear my hair like that. She was right.


Subject: Re: Your Personal Dress Code

Forum: Your Personal Dress Code
Hey Becky,

I've always had a lax dress code. Felt more comfortable in jeans and t-shirts but when I turned thirty this year I had this urge to start dressing more like what my vision of a woman is. I've started wearing skirts but still can't do the dress thing. I thought it would be harder and less comfortable to dress nicer but in all actuality it takes the same amount of effort and it raises my self esteem about one notch. lol.


Subject: Something you never thought you would/could do?

Forum: Something you never thought you would/could do?
Is there anything in your life that you would have never dreamed you would or could do?

As this semester is coming to an end I'm beginning to feel extremely proud of myself because by the end of next week I will have completed my first degree. (associates). I never thought I would go to college. When I was in high school it was never even a consideration. I didn't even take the ACT. It seemed like this unrealistic and expensive venture that I wouldn't be able to accomplish. I graduated in 2005 and went to a vocational school a couple years after. It wasn't until 2014 that I found out about financial aid and suddenly the impossible finally seemed obtainable. I had zero support when I decided to go back to school but it felt right so I did it anyway. Now I have tons of support and the same ones that were discouraging me are now telling me how proud they are.

Another thing is going vegan 6 months ago. I went from loving all kinds of meat, dairy, and eggs to literally being repulsed by it all. I'm really shocked at how much my taste buds have changed and the positivity I feel inside my body by not ingesting animal bi products and their flesh.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing your stories,

Subject: Re: Weirdest thing a guest has done at your house?

Forum: Weirdest thing a guest has done at your house?
So the only thing that pops in my head right now is this guy and his wife were over one day and all of a sudden the guy threw up in my floor. The weird part to me was his wife just sitting there. um hello I'm not cleaning that shit up and he is really out of it and not feeling well. She finally got the message and took care of it but dang.......


Subject: Re: Would you buy a lipstick/gloss for $20?

Forum: Would you buy a lipstick/gloss for $20?

I almost bought this brand a couple months ago. I love all the reviews and got really excited to try it until I saw the price. I went with a Revlon stay on and gloss combo for $7 instead and I was extremely shocked when it lasted the full 8 hrs as claimed. I could eat and everything as normal and the color really stayed on. I have spent $20 on eyeliner and it was good but later found a $3 that worked just as well. Sometimes I feel we end up buying the name than the actual product.


Subject: Re: Microplastic Pollution: Have you heard of it?

Forum: Microplastic Pollution: Have you heard of it?
Wow you learn something new everyday and I just learned a few things reading this forum. First of all I never knew those little beads were plastic in the face and body wash or never thought to question what it was. I am a lot more cautious nowadays on what I use topically and internally. I don't ingest any flesh so that part doesn't directly affect me or my family, however that is devastating to learn of yet another thing we have begun to destroy.

Thanks for the knowledge,

Subject: Re: How do you make rice?

Forum: How do you make rice?

I love rice!! I recently found this yellow rice that I absolutely love. I cook it on the stove. I have used the boil in a bag stuff always turns out ok. Rice cookers are awesome and I use mine frequently its a small one so it only does 1 cup rice 2 cups water. I start it then cook whatever else we are having for dinner. Very convenient.


Subject: How important is sex?

Forum: How important is sex?
Hey everyone,

The other day I heard a lady say her and her husband hadn't had sex in over a month. I was blown away! So it got me thinking...... How important is sex on a scale from 1-10? Is it more or less important when you are in a relationship?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts,


Subject: Re: Do you like hot sauce?

Forum: Do you like hot sauce?
Yes! I love it and eat it daily. I love to try new varieties when I get a chance and prefer spicy food.

Subject: Re: What's your side hustle?

Forum: What's your side hustle?
I recently started selling on Poshmark. Things do sell well on there. I also do Etsy but my shop isn't at its best right now so nothing is selling. I want to spend a little more energy on that because I feel it would be successful. I've sold textbooks on eBay. I'm also a licensed cosmetologist so I do that on the side as well. There really are endless ways to make a "side Hustle".

Thanks for the cool and relevant topic,

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