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Subject: Re: Phones with Keyboards

Forum: Phones with Keyboards
YES! I am kind of glad I'm not alone in this. I am a pretty good "texter" when it comes to iPhones, but the old tactile keyboards were far easier to text on without looking at your phone every second. I think that's why I gravitate to my laptop before my phone for posting on CNet. I like to type a lot more and my brain works faster than my fingers sometimes. Auto-correct is not my friend.

Thanks for the forum Ladybug!

- Kara

Subject: Re: How are you? What's new?!

Forum: How are you? What's new?!
Hello Karly! It's nice to meet you. Glad you're back on CNet and hope you can get back in to the swing of things soon. I look forward to getting to know you.

Right now I am working a lot since I am in retail and it's the peak season. Also have been watching the mail for all my college acceptance letters. This week I got accepted to my #1 choice!!! I'm super excited and even more motivated to find scholarships to make it a reality.

Have a great one!

- Kara

Subject: Re: Christmas Traveling Plans?

Forum: Christmas Traveling Plans?
Hello Le Penguin - I am super lucky to not have to travel at all this Christmas break. Actually, nobody is really traveling to my family either. I love my extended family, but it will be nice to have a quiet and easy holiday season. My parents get a little stressed out which makes it stressful for me and my sister too.

Wherever travels bring everyone...I hope you have a safe and happy holiday!!!

- Kara

Subject: Re: Do You Get Enough Sleep?

Forum: Do You Get Enough Sleep?
Hello Abby! I would have to say, as a general rule, I don't get enough sleep. I stay up far too late for how early I need to get up in the morning. This week I do get to have a little extra sleep, so I hope my body cooperates. I do much better when I stick to a routine though. If I am out of my schedule I get confused as to when to sleep (or my brain does) and I often lay awake at night.

I hope you rest well this week!

- Kara

Subject: Re: How do you eat avocados?

Forum: How do you eat avocados?
Wow Monica - You have given me so many ways to try avocados that I never thought of. My favorite way to eat them has always been all by itself with a tiny bit of salt. Of course, a really good guacamole is hard it beat. I love them on sandwiches, in salads and in sushi rolls!

It's pretty much the perfect food!

Have a great one

- Kara

Subject: Re: What kind of bread do you like?

Forum: What kind of bread do you like?
Bread is always a good thing Monica! I absolutely love sweet breads. I'm easy too...the Kings Hawaiian bread is super easy. A hot, buttery croissant will never be passed up either. When it comes to sandwich bread I lean towards a nice, thick whole wheat bread. If it's a little bit sweet all the better!

Have a great one!

- Kara

Subject: Re: New Here - Let Me Meet You :D

Forum: New Here - Let Me Meet You :D
Welcome!!! Glad you are here! You will really enjoy having an opportunity to control some of your scholarship money. Consistent posting and honest responses are the best way to get to know others and, more importantly, have them get to know you. When people know you they will search out your posts and ultimately this will make your experience more fun. What's the best way to get to know people on collegenet? If you comment on others' posts it's the best way to get votes. However, it's super important to start your own forums to engage as well.

The fact that you are an open book with new people is a great quality for CNet! The time you post doesn't matter too much as long as you post every day and watch the deadlines.

I look forward to getting to know you better!

- Kara

Subject: Re: Throwback Songs

Forum: Throwback Songs
Hi EmmaJoy! I wasn't even alive for most of my throwback songs, but I love 80's and 90's songs to blast on my radio. For example "Under the Bridge" by Red Hot Chili Peppers, "Brick" by Ben Folds Five, and "Crush" by Dave Matthews Band to name a few.

This will be fun to read what everyone says!

- Kara

Subject: Re: Organization Hacks

Forum: Organization Hacks
Wow Megan! That sounds so fun and exciting! I'm not sure exactly what things you will organizing, but the things on my desk that I couldn't live without are a monitor stand that has a slide out drawer and organizing "pouches" on the sides. My keyboard slides underneath. I still like having a desktop as compared to a laptop when I'm working at home.

Also a corkboard is a fantastic way to get things up and off my desk and available at a glance. Lastly, I love color-coding everything to keep organized. So, a great set of colored pens and highlighters really help me know what's personal vs. school vs. work vs. church, etc. I take notes in the appropriate color. Write on my calendar in those colors, etc. so everything matches across the board.

Hope this helps!

- Kara

Subject: Re: Privacy

Forum: Privacy
Hi Gabriella! I hope you're having a great day. This post is really interesting because I've always figured "I have nothing to hide", so why does it matter if the government is monitoring my emails...my life is boring! But, it definitely is a violation of privacy. I am certain that my boss has the ability to monitor any work emails that I send. I don't know of any time that she has utilized that ability, but I'm confident it's there. Again, since I have nothing to hide I try not to worry about it.

What worries me even more are voice conversations that could be recorded. It amazes me how many times an audio recording has been used against someone in testimony. When I put something in writing I anticipate that it will be available to someone, somewhere, but when I talk on the phone it doesn't occur to me.

Imagine: You're having a phone conversation with your best friend and you are talking about your significant other and how they jumped out and startled you in the middle of the store playing around and you say "Ugh...I just wanted to kill him/her!" Because that's something we say when we're just angry about something. It could absolutely be taken out of context in court. Just something I've thought about as I watch the news and hear that people have been convicted from a voice recording.

Sorry to get so far off topic (ha!) Thanks for getting my wheels turning.

Have a great one!

- Kara

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