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Subject: Re: Do you ever take a cell phone detox?

Forum: Do you ever take a cell phone detox?
Hi Megan,

I have never taken a cellphone detox but it is a good idea. Last semester however I did take a social media detox. I uninstalled the Facebook and Instagram app from my phone. So I don't use these platforms as much as I used to.

There have been instances where I left my phone at home unintentionally and it felt strange. I felt so naked and alone and disconnected. I hated that feeling, it just goes to show how much we are addicted to our phone. I hope I can come up with a way to take a cellphone detox.


Subject: Re: Best Trip

Forum: Best Trip
Hi K,

Sadly, I have not gone on many trips with my family. The best memory I have of us on a trip was a day trip we took to the beach. It was my mom's birthday and we just had a blast. There was good food and music and we just really enjoyed ourselves.

Have a great day!!!


Subject: Re: It's My Birthday!!!

Forum: It's My Birthday!!!
Hi Morgan,

Sorry I missed out on the opportunity to say happy birthday. However I still want to wish you a happy belated birthday! I have it was filled with love, laughter and fun

Have a great day!


Subject: I am officially back!!!!

Forum: I am officially back!!!!
Hello CNET family,

Its good to be back. I am done with all things school and am ready for the summer!! I am really looking forward to the summer and all the sunshine and fun it bring.

To start off the summer I was thinking of cutting my hair really short and dying it. I am not sure what color yet though. If you were ever gonna dye your hair, what color would you choose?

Have an awesome day!!!


Subject: Re: Favorite Dance Song

Forum: Favorite Dance Song
Hi Song,

I feel like my favorite dance song changes a lot. Right now my favorite dance and workout song is Johnny by Yemi Alade.I happened to find this song on youtube by chance and I really love the beat. You should totally check it out. I dont know all the words but it still think its pretty cool.


Subject: Re: Are you hard on yourself?

Forum: Are you hard on yourself?
Hi Erin,

I am hard on myself when I know I can do better. If I know there was something that I could have done to aacheive a better result I am usually hard on myself.

If I know I tried my best but still didn't do well then it is what it is.I try my best and that's that.

Have a great rest of your day!


Subject: Re: Catcalls: Confidence Boost? Or Rudeness?

Forum: Catcalls: Confidence Boost? Or Rudeness?
Hi there,

I think what happened to you today is just plain rude. The fact that they are implying that you would be good at doing certain things is just rude as well.

I love being complimented and acknowledged by men but I just hate rude men. I feel like if they were just telling you how great you look it wouldn't be too bad but they took it way too far.

Have a great day!


Subject: Re: Who is more complicated gender: men or women?

Forum: Who is more complicated gender: men or women?
Hi there,

I am a female and I can tell u with utmost certainty that we are more complicated. Our brains are just wired differently. Plus the harmonies in our bodies makes us irrational sometimes.


Subject: Re: Since we are what we eat... What are you?

Forum: Since we are what we eat... What are you?
Hi Erin,

I am a combination of Chicken, Rice and veggies. This is my favorite combination of food.

Today however, I would be a bagel with cream cheese and a coffee. Lol.

Interesting forum!!!!


Subject: Re: How often do you talk to your parents?

Forum: How often do you talk to your parents?
Hi Jade,

I have always been close to my mom. She is my confidant and best friend. My dad however is a different case. We were never really that close. I call my mom like every 2 days and my dad like every couple of weeks.


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