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Subject: Re: Do you want children?

Forum: Do you want children?
In the past I have said no to the idea of having kids due to coming from a broken home. I am currently 26 and now I say I will consider once I accomplish a few more goals. I would definitely feel secure to having kids once I have my very own home with consistent income. I do not think about age. I currently am a college student with 2 years to go. But who knows what could happen, especially when you have epilepsy. It took me 4 years to complete my associates due to changing majors 3 times and eventually getting diagnosed. So it might take me a while till I have kids. If I end up popping one out after my 30s, that is no issue to me. It's not a race to me. I am aware their could be more difficulties in having children in your later years, if so were to happen then I would consider adoption. Thank you for the opportunity of speaking my mind.

Subject: Re: Driver or Passenger? Which do you prefer to be?

Forum: Driver or Passenger? Which do you prefer to be?
Hi James,

I preference being a passenger. For 26 years I have walked, asked for rides, taken the bus or metro, and eventually used uber/lfyt for the reason of my condition now. But before that it was because of not wanting the responsibilities that a vehicles comes with. Especially now that I have a vehicle, I feel there are more reckless drivers. I can not stand when drivers do not use their signals! I miss my passenger days. Anyways great question. Have a good one!

Thank you.

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