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Subject: Why do people want to meet famous poeple so badly?

Forum: Why do people want to meet famous poeple so badly?
Hello every body!

Everyone always asks "What famous person would you like to meet and why?" to which we usually respond "Oh, well I like his music, or I grew up watching that TV show" etc. but what is the "real" reason we want to meet famous people?

There is a specific desire to meet these people but why?

I can say I want to meet Will Smith, becuase he's a great human being who has made a lot of accomplishments...but i think the "real" why, is because he has something that I aspire to be, and it's difficult to aspire to something I have not seen, touched, heard in real life, or any other proof that it's real.

Of course I can believe that Will Smith is a real person, but I have not actally proven this for myself, I have only seen him on TV.



Subject: Re: Would You Rather...

Forum: Would You Rather...
I agree with bluesapphire7! I would rather stay in the present with the knowledge of my older self, because I think it would help me live a fuller and happier life. Our elders are some of the wisest people around because they have made all the mistakes life has build into it, and have learned and lost a lot.

I think knowing what my older self knows would give me courage to do the things I really want to do, and would also let me know how some of the choices I am making now are about to turn out in the future lol wouldn't that be nice.

My older self could tell me her deepest regrets, and what she valued most, what she wish she had done more of. Those are the things I would like to know.

Great question!


Subject: Re: It was meant to be...

Forum: It was meant to be...
I love the idea that everything happens for a reason, its actually very comforting to me. It helps me live in the moment and not concern myself too much with the future because that's already in the making; the decisions I'm making today are actively creating my future tomorrow.

I like to think that everything that has happened to me good and bad, was all part of a greater scheme to get me to where I am today, and that what I'm going through now, is going to benefit me in the future.

So yeah, it was meant to be :)


Subject: Re: dyeing your hair?

Forum: dyeing your hair?
I've been thinking about it a lot actually, I would really love a change and would like to do a red plum color on my hair. The thing holding me back are cost and maintenance (I'm with you on that too!) as well as finding someone I trust to do a good job! I don't have great luck with hair stylists...the last 2 or 3 time I got my hair cut it wasn't even, and they changed my bangs to look really wide, and wasn't suited for my hair type which is extra thick and curly. Ugh!

It makes me nervous to put that much trust into someone I don't know, so I would have to do a lot of research. I would even consider driving an hour to Seattle to find a quality stylist.

I have done highlight and lowlights before as well as died my hair a dark brown underneath (it was a fix after someone made me blonde after I asked for highlights lol), it was fun! But the grow out wasn't. I wonder what red plum will look like growing out!


Subject: Re: Do You Like Going Outdoors?

Forum: Do You Like Going Outdoors?
I grew up on a little land and my brother and I were always playing out in the woods or the back yard, so I generally like being outside. But I hate the cold, so during the winter time I spent most of my time inside unless I'm exercising.

In the summertime you'll find me going on walks and laying on the shore by a lake somewhere, hiking and exploring state forests in my car with friends. I love summertime and sunshine! I have fair skin as well though and have learned that I need to be more careful in the sun.

Just a little longer then summer will be here!


Subject: What do you do when interrupted?

Forum: What do you do when interrupted?
How do you stand your ground when you’re interrupted?

It’s so common for people to interrupt and I am probably guilty of it too and don’t even realize it. But the fact is it is rude; you’re essentially saying what you have to say is more important, and not giving what that person was going to say the validity that it deserved.

Interrupting can be as simple as finishing someone’s sentence without them asking, interjecting with your own thoughts before they finish theirs, or flat out talking over them mid-sentence.

Something else I hate is when someone repeats what I said without letting anyone know they heard if from me!!

I learned a couple simple phrases this morning to help stand your ground in conversation, add to the list!

- Stop interrupting me
- I just said that
- (one of my favorites lol) Did the middle of my sentence interrupt the beginning of yours?

Have a good day guys!


Subject: Re: the ~ULTIMATE~ toilet forum

Forum: the ~ULTIMATE~ toilet forum
HAHA (insert laughing/crying face here) This is great...

- On behalf of all women, we ask men to put the dang seat down when you leave...if you don't wanna touch it, we shouldn't have to!
- Squat 90% of the time in public restroom, and sit at home...though I keep a roll of Lysol under the sink.
- Scott 100%
- Texting/On Social Media
- OVER...but honestly I'll be impressed if someone puts in on the roll to begin with.
- So live in constant pain or live on the toilet? Well, ain't nothing keeping me from living my life lol guess I'll live with constipation.

Bonus question - Pretty simple, do what you gotta do, walk out and get some yourself! Unless something like that happened in a public restroom like napajaja21! Then I think the toilet seat cover is probably your best option. I've also had to pee on the trail during a hike or horseback ride, if I forget to bring tissues I just shake it off and pull 'em up lol

Hilarious post!


Subject: Re: What present/gift do you want??

Forum: What present/gift do you want??
I just started living on my own, with a couple roommates, for about 6 months and we share kitchen things but I would love to have some more appliances, something like a juicer, food processor or blender.

But I also really enjoy arts and creative gifts, so I would enjoy something like cute coasters or home décor piece, cute kitchen towels etc. just something that would brighten my day, everyday :)


Subject: Re: Last movie watched?

Forum: Last movie watched?
Your braver than I am, horror and suspense movies are not my cup of tea haha but I know a lot of people who are into that sort of movie, so there must be some sort of draw to it!

The last movie I watched was called The Dressmaker on amazon, I actually just watched it a couple hours ago today and I liked it! It is a little strange, but I liked that all the characters had their own flare; they really took the time to build up the story around the characters and the characters drove the story! There was a little bit of everything; murder, mystery, love and betrayal, all the good drama stuff.

I might watch it again actually :)


Subject: Sick Days

Forum: Sick Days
Nothing really screws up your week like getting bogged down with sickness! I left work early yesterday after I wasn't feeling great and went to the doc who says I have some kind of virus. Ugh!

I went home and straight to bed and when i woke up didn't have anything to eat in the house, no over the counter medication and wasn't well enough to drive to the store.

I sent a couple SOS messages to friends then called my mom who drove an hour to help (Yes, she is the greatest!). I've had to take care of myself in the past and it just sucks, I'm really happy my mom was able to take me to docs and grocery shop for me.

Who do you call when you're sick? Friends or family, boyfriend or fiance, or do you suck it up and take care of yourself?

Stay healthy everyone!


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