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Subject: Re: What are some confidence tips?

Forum: What are some confidence tips?
Don't dwell on what you think others think of you.

I love the phrase, "Those ones that mind don't matter, and the ones that matter don't mind."

In the end you'll gain more confidence by facing hard time and learning from them.

Have a good weekend!


Subject: Re: What color is your sofa?

Forum: What color is your sofa?
My sofa is actually a futon! And it's plaid, green and red, kinda cabin decor like.

Thanks for the question!


Subject: Re: Tell Me a Good Joke

Forum: Tell Me a Good Joke
"Why do chicken coops only have two doors? Because if they had four, they would be chicken sedans!"

Subject: Re: Too Much Time Away?

Forum: Too Much Time Away?
I have a hard time getting back into reading actually! I used to read a ton but now it's hard to get lost in a book because I feel like I should be spending my time doing something else


Subject: Re: How often do you eat out?

Forum: How often do you eat out?
Way more than I should or can really afford!

I usually get something quick to eat, that includes deli sandwiches, snacks and what not.

Occasionally I go sit down for sushi or Thai food!


Subject: Re: Creative outlet

Forum: Creative outlet
Hi Tom,

I love to get creative but I don't always have the time or a reason to dive into a creative project. I do write to organize my thoughts, or turn on some music and dance in the kitchen. Dancing is a wonderful outlet, especially in large groups of people who are also dancing!

This week my creative outlet is making a costume for this weekend which I am having a lot of fun with. It is so refreshing to work with materials and solve little design problems along the way.

If I could have a pottery studio in my house/apartment I would be sooo happy; working and manipulating materials with my hands is very soothing and I get a lot of enjoyment out of creating that which was not there before.

Great question!

Have a positive weekend!


Subject: Re: Your weekend to do list!

Forum: Your weekend to do list!
Great idea :)

This weekend is pretty full for me, I'm going to go have fun instead so all my weekend to do's are getting pushed up before the weekend hits! That means I've been busy the last couple of days and today as well, and I'll also be catching up on Monday

Refill oil and antifreeze in my car
Clean out my car...
Clean my ROOM (ugh)
Finish a 150 page guided 3D building model...
Build a 3D cabinet
Shopping for materials for my costume
Get all my CollegeNet done
Get my bangs trimmed

I want to hear about why Monica M. is mailing rocks though haha

Thanks for reading!


Subject: Re: Do You Sneak Food Into The Movie Theater?

Forum: Do You Sneak Food Into The Movie Theater?
All day everyday, yes.

Movie prices vary but the average is probably $13 for a movie ticket, and a large drink with popcorn is also around $12-13

Occasionally I get the popcorn because it's so delicious and I instantly start craving it after smelling it while I stand in line for my ticket, so what am I gonna do?

I don't mind buying from the concessions occasionally for this reason, but there's not way I'm paying $4 for a tiny bag of skittles or $5 for a soda that I can get for a dollar at the gas station across the street.


Subject: Re: Do you eat in front of the TV or at the Table ?

Forum: Do you eat in front of the TV or at the Table ?
I think I mix it up quite a bit haha sometimes I like to eat in front of the TV, sometimes l like the table!

I think I enjoy eating at the table more, that's how my family always ate dinner growing up and I actually enjoy making time to eat a good meal and have company. I've been thinking about a lot actually; how most of time when I am eating, I am also either on my phone, sitting in front of a computer, or watching TV.

I don't think that's good, because when am I going to have time to disconnect and recharge, to think and reflect, to have good conversation, if not during my meals? Always being connected to some electronic device is draining, and hinders my ability to actually relax because of all the different stimuli, I'm constantly processing information.

I want to be on my phone less during lunch breaks, watch TV less during meals, and look away from my laptop when it's time to eat. Easier said than done though! I literally just finished my lunch while scrolling through CNet. The first step to change is awareness though!

Thanks for reading,


Subject: What do you do on your work break?

Forum: What do you do on your work break?
Hey guys! Thank god it's Friday!

How do you like to spend your breaks at work?

I notice that most of time I just sit on my phone in the break room and scroll through social media. I've noticed though, when I decide to go outside instead, I feel much more rejuvenated than I do after being on my phone, which probably stresses my already tired neck and shoulders and the constant streaming of information from my phone really doesn't give me a mental break.

I'm also an introvert which means I need some time alone to recharge my social batteries, so leaving the store to go sit in my truck for a few minutes is another way I like to spend my break time, if not my favorite thing to do!

What about you?

Thanks for reading!


P.S. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Let me know what you're up to in your comments if you like. This weekend I'll be attending an Alice and Wonderland themed, carnival like, event. Should be a lot of fun!

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