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Subject: Interview Questions

Forum: Interview Questions
I have a job interview this week! It's been a while since I've been to an interview and I'm a little rusty and need to prepare myself. My usual strategy is to read and answer potential interview questions to help me prepare, but these questions are live and ever changing!

So what questions have you been asked in an interview that were out of the norm or difficult to answer?

Also what are some good questions to ask the interviewer at the end?

Any support appreciated! Thanks,


Subject: Re: Help a sick girl out!!!! Remedies, Advice, Etc.

Forum: Help a sick girl out!!!! Remedies, Advice, Etc.
Sorry to hear you're not feeling well! I too am not feeling 100% and to ease some of my symptoms my mom suggested taking a little bit of apple cider vinegar diluted in water.

I googled what apple cider vinegar will do for colds and flu and it says it may help shorten the time you're sick or keep you from getting the full swing of it.

Worth a shot? It's a tough taste to get around, but if you think of it like medicine it helps.

The mix I used is 1 Tbsp ACV to 8-10 oz. water. Feel better!


Subject: Re: 5 years...

Forum: 5 years...
In five years I see myself living in a new state, maybe on the east coast, or a central state. I'll have a condo or a house and a job working at a residential remodeling office. Most likely I will be in a relationship but I don't plan on having kids, so by then I imagine I'll adopt a fur-baby.

Also, during those 5 years I will have traveled to New Zealand and Australia, and by the 5 year mark will be planning my next travel destination or road trip!

I have high hopes!

Thanks for reading,

Subject: Re: Birthday Wish Lists

Forum: Birthday Wish Lists
Hey Alex!

I am this same way! I never know what to tell people when they ask, I usually say something like camping gear or hiking guides.

I'm not the type to ask for things from people, especially if they are mildly expensive, but the last couple years I noticed my brother always gets interesting gifts from people on his birthday and Christmas, expensive ones too! That's because he will talk about his wants and needs with friends and family, so when the time comes around they already have an idea of what to get him.

I think if I want to improve the probability of getting something useful I should bring it up in a conversation months before birthdays or other gift giving occasions, it's worth a shot, who knows what someone will feel like gifting! It also probably makes it easier and more fun for the person giving because they don't have to ask and it's more of a surprise. I know that's how I am :)

Good forum, thanks for reading!


Subject: Job Requirements: Must be willing to travel

Forum: Job Requirements: Must be willing to travel
Hello every one!

Would you take a job that required you to travel out of town often?

How about a job that was a long commute, say…an hour? Would you rather drive the distance or move closer?

Hope every one has a stress free weekend!


Subject: Re: Would You Still Tip?

Forum: Would You Still Tip?
Great question!

I have often thought about this after I met someone who worked in the service industry making possible above minimum wage and customers also tipped her. I find that misleading because those who are tipping are assuming she is not making a living wage, and that it's expected of them.

While I know it's great for the worker, it reveals the many problems related to tipping, and the reason we are expected to tip! I strictly believe everyone should be paid a livable wage, so there is no confusion between the establishment, employees, and the customers who are paying the price.

I've tried looking up restaurants in my area that pay their workers a living wage so I can make it a point to support their business, but I can't seem to find any.

Does anyone know of typical restaurants that pay their employees well? Or are all service employees forced under this policy?


Subject: Re: Do you drive fast?

Forum: Do you drive fast?

That's a good point about speeding in the city versus on a wide open country road. Driving recklessly when there is any traffic around is not safe or smart. But I think even law enforcement considers favorable driving conditions with speeding drivers.

I drive over the speed limit on the freeway sometimes, it just depends on how thick traffic is and the weather, and how much gas I feel like burning up. I am more likely to speed during the night when the weather is clear and there is minimal traffic. Regardless of those factors I always drive extra carefully in the city to avoid hitting anyone, and to avoid getting hit (I'm also used to less crowded streets anyways so city driving makes me nervous).

Stay safe!

Thanks for reading,


Subject: Re: Dos and Donts of Grocery Shopping

Forum: Dos and Donts of Grocery Shopping
Hey DT,

Grocery shopping and preparing food is a lot easier if you learn to meal plan. This way you know just what to buy when you go to the store, and aren't just grabbing anything off the shelf. When I started living on my own I was always looking up simple recipes online to help me out.

I believe eating healthy on a budget isn't really that much more expensive, it just depends on what you're buying. Whole foods are pretty cheap, but stay away from most organic foods as those do rack up your bill. I usually pick and choose what organic produce I buy to limit spending, depending on what's important to me.

Also shopping is cheaper when you're buying for one person, if you can make bulk buying work for you many things are really not expensive at all, and it's easy to make a little extra so you can have it a couple times for left-overs.

Pasta is great for a variety of dishes
Potatoes are versatile
Eggs are too
Tuna is a cheap seafood and versatile
Buy produce that is cheap more often and the more expensive produce only every now and then
Buy meat/seafood when it is on sale, or buy frozen
Keep an eye out for sales in general, and stock up a little bit
Limit the amount of alcohol you buy, if any
Shop at cheaper stores like Winco, Walmart, Grocery Outlet, even the Dollar Store can have good deals, especially on cleaning supplies and other household items.
Definitely check out the bulk sections for healthy snacks :)

In the end though everyone is different! Trial and error will tell you what works for you.

Good luck! Thanks for reading,


Subject: Re: Favorite milkshake flavor?

Forum: Favorite milkshake flavor?
Good morning!

A couple weeks ago I tried a chocolate and blackberry milkshake at a local burger joint and it was so good! This is officially my favorite milkshake flavor.

I have finally come to terms that my milkshake size is always a small too, anyone else always order the bigger ones and then never finish? I wish I could finish a large, they're so yummy, but it's just too filling.

Thanks for reading :)

Subject: Re: One Season

Forum: One Season

I love a state that can have all four seasons since there is always something to enjoy out of every one. I love spring time for the lush vegetation and bright colors, summer for the abundance of sunshine and activities that bring everyone together, fall because the colors are so beautiful and of course, Halloween, and winter time is just so cozy! Especially when it snows.

I was just going to agree with you though, that if I could pick one time of year to stay all year round it would be this exact time happening now. Nearing the end of summer and approaching fall, the weather has changed slightly here; its cooler, windier, a little more rain fall, but the sky is blue and sun is still warm. It's like having the seasons mixed together for a while before we go fully into the fall.

Thanks for the forum :)


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