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Subject: Re: When you have a head cold...

Forum: When you have a head cold...
Ugh head cold are so annoying! I'm sorry you're feeling under the weather.

When I get a head cold I like to keep my ears and nose extra warm to keep my sinuses moving, I'll use a hot pad to help with that or a hot mug. I drink a "Throat Coat" tea that helps sooth my sore throat and some Advil to help with overall inflammation.

Reading is good way to pass the time if you're able to stay home, as watching too much TV makes my eyes hurt and elevates my headache.

Vitamin C I believe only helps keep you from getting a cold, I don't know that it helps get rid of one, but it can't hurt! Drink lots of water and if it's really bad there are over the counter cold remedies like "Zicam" that help shorten the length of a cold if taken at the onset of symptoms.

Good luck!


Subject: Re: Licking Envelops: Ok or Gross?

Forum: Licking Envelops: Ok or Gross?
Hey Unique!

You'll find this odd, I actually like to lick envelopes. Because it's such an anomaly to anything else people do, I think it's actually fun, and since I only mail a letter occasionally it's something out of the norm of my daily routine.

Both my parents seal their envelopes by licking them so I learned it from them I'm sure.



Subject: Re: Last fight with your parents

Forum: Last fight with your parents
The last argument I had with my parents was when I moved home from college, it was over something really simple and silly; they were unhappy that I wouldn't check in with them when I was going out or let them know when I would be home.

I wasn't a fan of reverting back to this "parenting" after being on my own for almost 2 years, but decided it wasn't worth the fight and sending a simple text to let them know when I would be home wasn't that hard; it was their house after all.


Subject: Re: What was your favorite game as a kid?

Forum: What was your favorite game as a kid?

I didn't have a ton of games but I really like to play Mario Cart for N64, and Sims on the PS2, I also had a Loony Toons game for my GameBoy. Mostly I just watched my older brother play games like Zelda or the 007 game on N64.

I still play Sims from time to time, and my newer favorite game is The Last of Us on PS3; I'm really excited for the second game to come out!!

Thanks for reading,


Subject: New Job! Any advice?

Forum: New Job! Any advice?
Hey everyone, I landed a new job! I'm really excited but also nervous as this could be the start of a long career, and I want to make a good impression with my new boss and co-workers,.

What advice do you have for starting a new job on the right foot?

Thanks for reading,


Subject: Re: Do You Drink Coffee?

Forum: Do You Drink Coffee?

I do drink coffee, and I love it. There's really no other beverage that compared to the sweet and bitter taste to compliment a sweet treat or a savory breakfast.

If I notice that I start getting "caffeine headaches" from missing my morning jo then I make sure to back off a little so I don't feel dependent on it.

I honestly don't know what it's like to go more than a week without coffee! I wonder how dependent my body really is sometimes, and think about "quitting" for a while but never find a good enough reason to.

Maybe if I knew it would give me more energy to be off the coffee then I might make the effort to stop drinking, but most days it's the only thing that helps me make it through a morning rush at work.

Thanks for the forum!


Subject: Re: Good News Everyone!

Forum: Good News Everyone!
That's great news! It's a great feeling when thing come together, and congratulations.

Some good news for me lately is that I succeeded in enrolling in an online class that was full up, and was going to have to drive an hour to attend class. I'm glad I won't have to drive to class anymore and that opens up my availability to apply for full time jobs again.



Subject: Re: Short fuse/ Long fuse: temperament

Forum: Short fuse/ Long fuse: temperament
I think I have a pretty long fuse in regards to most things, it takes a lot to push me "over the edge" and I prefer to avoid confrontation.

But with that said the one thing the I have a short fuse on is people being inconsiderate and disrespectful for no reason. This I can't stand, especially in customer service.

Over all though I am a patient person :)


Subject: Re: Are you conscious about your posture?

Forum: Are you conscious about your posture?
That's great that you're taking such measures to improve your posture! I personally could use a friendly reminder to sit up straighter, stand taller and be more conscious about my posture.

I'm pretty tall too so it's very unflattering to slouch.

One phrase I remember someone telling me is to imagine being pulled up by a string attached to the back of your neck. It works every time for me; instantly improves my posture!



Subject: Family Functions: Love or Hate?

Forum: Family Functions: Love or Hate?
Do you like going to family functions or dread the thought?

I typically dread the thought, except for Thanksgiving where the distraction of food and distribution of wine is plentiful!



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