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Subject: How do you sleep best?

Forum: How do you sleep best?
Hey everybody,

How do you get the best night of sleep? Do you need complete silence and darkness? A bunch of pillows? A fan? Or are you not picky at all?

I sleep best on a soft mattress with a nightlight in my bathroom, a sound machine playing white noise, a fan if it's warm out, and this old pillow I have had since I was in elementary school. I know, I know, the pillow is probably gross but it just works for me okay. Also, I get up a lot in the night so I will use a nightlight until the day I die or I will be stumbling all over the place. As for the white noise, I seriously cannot sleep in complete silence!

What is your perfect sleeping environment?

- Moira

Subject: Re: Peeing in the shower?

Forum: Peeing in the shower?
Hey Kyla!

I'm definitely a shower pee-er. Pretty much every time I shower, I get the urge to pee. I just think I'm about to soap up anyways so what difference does it make! There's no way I'm pausing my shower to get out and put my wet body onto a cold toilet seat. No thank you.

The only time my shower peeing has really backfired on me is when I was sleepwalking and had a dream that I was taking a shower...I think you can figure out where this story ends. I peed on my bathroom floor. I woke up mid-pee. Yep, it's a weird way to wake up.

- Moira

Subject: Re: when do you exercise

Forum: when do you exercise
Hey there,

I'm kind of all over the place with my exercising because I like to work out when I feel like it. If I don't have to go to class or work, that time is usually around 10am after I've been up for a while, had some coffee and breakfast, and let that settle. Otherwise, I've been working out at night a lot lately so that I can just take a shower afterwards and relax! I like to do a lot of stuff at home. I use an app called Seven that has a ton of different workouts and you can change the interval time and do as many circuits as you'd like. It's called Seven because if you keep the default interval time and just do one circuit, you're at about 7 minutes of exercise. I typically do 3-4 circuits when that's the only active thing I've done in a day.

Also, I like to go on walks and take the stairs when I can which makes a huge difference. There are some fun exercise options too that I turn to a lot like swimming, hiking, and jumping rope/jump roping (I can't decide which one sounds right lol). I think that figuring out what works best for you and what types of exercise you like best is the best way to stick with it!

Best of luck!
- Moira

Subject: Re: How often do you wear makeup?

Forum: How often do you wear makeup?
How much makeup I wear and how often completely depends on how I'm feeling! I never do anything like a smokey eye because I don't think intense makeup suits my features. But I do like going all out sometimes with blush, bronzer, highlight, brows, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara. I'll toss some lip color on too depending on my outfit/mood. I usually wear makeup to work and school but sometimes not!

I like to give my skin frequent breaks and sometimes I'm just really lazy haha. I think that people should be able to wear as little or as much makeup as they want!

Have a great day,
- Moira

Subject: Re: Did you play video games as a kid?

Forum: Did you play video games as a kid?
Hey there!

I didn't play any video games growing up. I never had any gaming systems or anything like that! Once I started dating my current partner, he often talked about the games he loved to play growing up. I also recently started to like playing video games but I will get terrible motion sickness from certain games. Mostly those that are first person with two joysticks to move and look around. So I've been playing a lot of the old games that were so popular and I'm loving them! I played through Pokémon Emerald and I am currently playing The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. This thread is super helpful for me to figure out which ones to play next!

Have a great day,
- Moira

Subject: What are you willing to splurge on?

Forum: What are you willing to splurge on?
Hey all,

Is there something that you're willing to spend a little extra money on? Is it because you care about it a lot or because you think it will pay off in the long run?

My mom always told me to spend a little extra on coffee makers and can openers LOL. My top splurge items are probably books and shoes though and that's just because I love them. If there's something I really want to read, I have a hard time resisting. I'm also willing to pay a little more for shoes because I do a lot of walking and I really want them to last, be comfortable, and also look good!

Happy Wednesday!
- Moira

Subject: Re: Should we all learn a second language?

Forum: Should we all learn a second language?
Hi Matt,

I 100% think that it should be required in the US for kids to learn a second language right when starting school. It's the best time. So many people I know that took high school language classes retain absolutely none of it. Knowing a second language is so useful, and with the evidence about it's impacts make it seem like a no brainer. I also think it's easier to learn other languages after you've been exposed to a second language. I learned Swedish when I was pretty young through my mom, and I feel like it makes it much easier for me to learn and understand new languages. So many other countries start teaching children languages at a young age. It just seems like America is behind on multilingual citizens.

Have a great day!
- Moira

Subject: Re: House or apartment?

Forum: House or apartment?
Hi there,

I would also really like to own a house, but I won't have the money after college either. My dad bought a house right out of school, but it just doesn't seem possible for many people these days. I'm not crazy about paying rent every month, especially because it's not actually accumulating into anything I'll eventually own. It just disappears. But it's definitely the most convenient option right now, especially because moving is a lot easier with renting. Next month, my partner and I are moving into a house that we will be renting. I wish that our rent payments could go towards owning it, but we'll get there!

Best of luck to you,
- Moira

Subject: Re: What's your worst habit?

Forum: What's your worst habit?
Hey there,

My worst habit is putting off the mundane stuff like getting car maintenance, going to the DMV, dentist, doctor, basically just all the boring, necessary stuff I have to do. I seriously will put it off until it becomes an actual problem and I can no longer avoid it. This actually just ends up adding more stress, but I just keep doing it. I'm not sure if I'll ever break this habit LOL. It doesn't help that I live with my sister and she has a similar bad habit. It's weird because our mom is always so on top of everything, but maybe that just enabled us to not think about those kinds of things.

Have a nice day!
- Moira

Subject: Re: What do you do with your old clothes?

Forum: What do you do with your old clothes?
Hey there!

I'm moving soon so I recently just went through everything I own and really considered whether I wanted/needed it. It turns out there was a lot that didn't make the cut! It made me realize how much stuff I keep that I don't really need so I'll definitely be thinking more about regularly cleaning out my stuff. I have a good amount of clothes in my trunk that I will be taking to a place called Buffalo Exchange to try and sell some and whatever they aren't interested in, I will be donating. Pretty much the same as you.

I used to live with two of my friends that were pretty much the same size as me so we swapped a lot of clothes, but they're across the country right now so I can't exactly pass off any of my clothes to them! It'll be nice if I can make a little extra money selling my clothes though.

- Moira

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