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Subject: Enjoying the Rain

Forum: Enjoying the Rain

Do you enjoy when it rains? Springtime’s about and it’s starting to rain more in my area. It’s been hot so it already feels like summer but it’s very welcomed after last winter.

When it rains, it gives you a reason to stay inside. When it’s nice out, there’s a feeling of guilt that I’m not outside enjoying it. When it rains, the skies darken and the smell hits your nostrils.. to me, it’s a great feeling.


Subject: Re: No electric- What's your go to activity?

Forum: No electric- What's your go to activity?
Hey Kathy!

Reading would probably be my house as well.. if I was with people, we would play cards or maybe a board game. It’s a rare opportunity that should be seized when there aren’t electronics around to distract.

Subject: Re: Do You Feel Awkward?

Forum: Do You Feel Awkward?
Hey Luke!
I know what you mean. It almost makes you wonder if they were thinking the same thing and was just keeping up the formality with you as well. I’m bad about ending conversations, I think I’m too polite to do it nicely so I end up having to slowly back away.

I feel awkward during small talk. I’m horrible at it. In my mind, usually whatever they said doesn’t justify a response so I can’t make up a decent question or response

Them: “My uncle has a boat.”
Me: “Cool.. I uh.. I’ve been on boats.. before.....”


Subject: Re: Favorite ice cream!

Forum: Favorite ice cream!
Hey Kendall!

I really like the moose tracks, double fudge and caramel ones.. I know that’s not a flavor per se, but it still tastes delicious!

Subject: Re: Hate cleaning

Forum: Hate cleaning
Hey Nancy!

I hate sweeping! Not because of the action itself but because I’m so bad at it! I’ll even get a lot in the dust pan, go to put the broom away, and see multiple spots missed! Everything else I don’t mind too much.

Subject: Re: Dependency!

Forum: Dependency!
Hey Luke!

Almost opposite of the others in this forum, I’m dependent on my alone time. When anyone’s around, I can get distracted or don’t feel entirely like myself.. but when I’m alone, it gives me a handle to gain my bearings and reflect, however long or short.


Subject: Re: What year are you in College/High School ?

Forum: What year are you in College/High School ?
Hey Julia!

Ive been graduated for about 6 years now. I heard about CollegeNET a year or so ago and, considering I have student loans, decided that every little bit helps. I may go back to grad school, get my masters and one day my doctorate.


Subject: Re: Curtains, mini blinds, or window shades?

Forum: Curtains, mini blinds, or window shades?
Hey Kasey!

I live in Florida and have these really nifty blinds that I hadn’t seen before. They open and close from the top and the bottom, so you can cover however much you like of the window and whatever part! It’s great for letting light in or letting the breeze come in without the hot sun.


Subject: Re: "He said, she said"- Can you let it go?

Forum: "He said, she said"- Can you let it go?
Hey Kathy!

My mom used to say something similar to that quote when I was growing up “Small people talk about bigger people.”. I later heard Elanorr’s quote and shared it with her.

I also heard another quote: “Ignorant people get revenge, virtuous people forgive, intelligent people ignore.”

I’ve always been one to not pay much attention to gossip. Whether it’s about me or anyone else, I try to avoid it all together. If I hear someone speaking badly about someone else unjustly, I either ask them to stop and change the subject or I leave.


Subject: Something from your Bucket List?

Forum: Something from your Bucket List?
Hey CNet!

What’s something that’s on your bucket list? It can be an activity, goal, achievement.. something that you want to do/accomplish before you pass.

I’ve been taking efforts to start marking things off of my list. A couple of years ago, I went sky diving! That was a big one to cross out!

I’d like to paint something and sell it. I’ve never painted anything before but I’ve always wanted to! It doesn’t matter how much it’s worth, but it can’t be a family member or friend!


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