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Subject: Sweet vs Sour?

Forum: Sweet vs Sour?
Hey Cnet!

Do you prefer sweet or sour? Whether it's candies or foods, do you prefer things that are sweet or ones that are sour?

I personally love things that are sour. Warheads, sour gummy worms.. anything that made my tongue twinge, I loved as a kid. I've never been much for sweets.

Le Penguin

Subject: Re: What is your favorite movie?

Forum: What is your favorite movie?
My favorite move is based off of a novel. It came at a very important time in my life when I was philosophical. Fight club is phenomenal. It's from a great director and author. The message is very good about life in general. Check it out!

Subject: Dressing up?

Forum: Dressing up?
Hey CNet!

Do you enjoy dressing up nicely?

Whether it’s to a special event, a job or something else, most people are expected to dress up for things on occasion. Some people enjoy dressing up nicely while others avoid it as much as they can.

What about you?

Le Penguin

Subject: Re: Favorite Comedian

Forum: Favorite Comedian
My favorite comedians are Demetri Martin and Bill Burr. Demetri Martin has good one liners and songs which set him apart from everyone else. Bill Bur is a bit lore crewd and morbid which I also enjoy

Subject: Re: Money vs. Education

Forum: Money vs. Education
I’d be curious to know how your friends careers compare to the average college graduate. A lot of graduates are also forced to take a job without using their degree at all. There are plenty of successful high school graduates, but I’d like to see some averages.

Subject: Re: Is it important to fail?

Forum: Is it important to fail?
I think it’s important to fail. Without failure, you don’t know where you’re lacking or where you can improve. It also builds character and teaches life lessons. A failure isn’t really a failure if you learn from it.

Subject: Re: Time traveling: What year/era would you go to ?

Forum: Time traveling: What year/era would you go to ?
Hey Julia,

I would go back to the days of the renaissance. There were so many brilliant minds and so many different developments in art, culture and society as a whole. To witness that first hand would be really cool.

Subject: Are you ticklish?

Forum: Are you ticklish?

Are you ticklish at all? If so, is it in certain spots?

My girlfriend and I were having a tickle battle. Sometimes I (and she as well) feel ticklish moreso than other times. I remember being ticklish as a kid but it faded as an adult. I’m still a little ticklish sometimes though!


Le Penguin

Subject: Re: I almost forgot to post today

Forum: I almost forgot to post today
I used to post within the last hour it was available! That’s when I worked at night and that was the best time for me to do it. I’ve forgotten a couple of times or realized I hadn’t done them when it was already too late.

Subject: Re: Blue bag Doritos or Red bag Doritos

Forum: Blue bag Doritos or Red bag Doritos
Cool ranch would definitely be my preference. I don’t descriminate though, I love all Doritos.. even the 3D once’s!

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