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Subject: Re: Quantity vs. Quality-What's your preference?

Forum: Quantity vs. Quality-What's your preference?
Hey Kathy!

I guess it would depend on what is being discussed as to whether I'm a quantity or quality. For food though, I'm definitely quality! I don't go out to eat very often, so when I do I like to explore new places with good reviews on not only the food but the place itself. I guess I'm quality with clothes as well, in that I don't have a ton of clothes, but the ones I do have I really love. Some things that quantity would matter more to me would be working out, water, and chocolate lol.



Subject: Fast paced or more relaxed lifestyle?

Forum: Fast paced or more relaxed lifestyle?
Hey cNet!

Do you prefer a more fast paced or a more relaxed lifestyle?



Subject: Re: Keeping up with your New Year’s resolution?

Forum: Keeping up with your New Year’s resolution?
Hey Erin!

I'm about half on my resolutions. I gave up smoking hookah as an attempt to be healthier for the new year and after I threw it away I haven't looked back since! The part I'm kind of failing at right now is eating healthier. We just moved a few weeks ago and we haven't been able to get into a routine yet, and I feel like our meals and healthy eating have suffered from that. I don't feel super guilty because we've had guests staying with us pretty much the whole time so it's been fun to entertain and go to different restaurants, but I must say I am looking forward to things slowing down and getting back into the groove. Don't get down about not hitting your resolutions, the best part is that you can try and work on them the entire year!



Subject: Re: Time traveling: What year/era would you go to ?

Forum: Time traveling: What year/era would you go to ?
Hey Julia!

Yea I'm sure traveling to the year 3000 would be insane! I would also be a little terrified though of what I would find. What if the world didn't exist anymore because of nuclear war or global warming, or what if the robots have taken over! Lol.

I think I would like to travel back to the 70's. The bell bottoms, music, and simpler times all seem like a pretty good deal to me... plus I think I could totally rock the hippie look.



Subject: Re: It is a 3 Day Weekend, what are your plans?

Forum: It is a 3 Day Weekend, what are your plans?
Hey W!

I've heard the Black Panther movie is amazing, I can't wait to go see it!

My weekend plans are going to be filled with the beach, exploring, family and probably some beers! My boyfriend and I just moved to Florida, and my cousin is coming to stay with us a few days this weekend! Since we're new to the area I'm excited to take my cousin around and check out everything and find some cool spots! We also are only a few miles away from the beach so we will definitely be hitting that up.

Enjoy the three day!


Subject: Re: Money vs. Education

Forum: Money vs. Education
Hey Gabriella!

If I could do it over I wish I would have worked a few years before going to college instead of just jumping right into it after college. I think it would have given me a better idea of the direction I wanted to go in for a career, and therefore decide if I needn't to go to college and what for. As I've gotten older I've learned that college isn't for everyone, and while it is a great tool to have your degree and the critical thinking skills and knowledge that goes with it, a person can still have a very promising career and life without one... it just all depends on what they want to do! That being said, I think the things I learned from college have been invaluable, in the classroom and outside of it. For the friends and experiences I made alone, even if I inherited 6 million dollars I would still absolutely go to college. I don't think I'll ever stop seeking knowledge and trying to learn!



Subject: I scream you scream we all scream for icecream!

Forum: I scream you scream we all scream for icecream!
Hey cNet!

My roommate just bought some chocolate fudge brownie frozen yogurt and it is the besttttt. I usually never buy ice cream for the house because it's hard for me to practice self control :p

Are you an ice cream fan? Frozen yogurt? What's your favorite flavor?



Subject: Re: Policy Change!!

Forum: Policy Change!!
I'm right there with you Morgan. Enough is enough!! How many more innocent people, and CHILDREN have to die before we finally recognize there is a massive problem and actually do something to fix it. I just don't get it.

Obviously all guns shouldn't be taken away, but why are automatic weapons and assault rifles even available to citizens. They are made to kill massive amounts of people, and no person who is not in the military needs everyday access to that in my opinion. I am all for people using guns for hunting and for protection, but this is just getting rediculous.

As Nancy stated above, mental health needs to be addressed as well. It needs to become unstigmatized, talked about and taught in schools.

I don't really know if any of this will fix the problem, but I think it would be a good start. We need to take a good hard look at what is happening in this country and figure out what exactly is causing all of these mass shootings.

Prayers to the families and everyone affected by this tragedy <3


Subject: Re: Never too young for an advanced directive

Forum: Never too young for an advanced directive
Hey Shinny!

I haven't really given any thought to having advanced directives. I think the biggest reason why is because when you're younger you almost feel invincible and that you have all the time in the world. However, my best friend from college just found out a few months ago that she has advanced stage 4 Hodkins Lymphoma at the age of 28, and it's really opened my eyes to a lot of things. The biggest being that we aren't guaranteed a tomorrow no matter how young we are. That's not meant to be said in a morbid way. It's just the truth. Basically I'm saying that maybe I should be a little more proactive and consider/establish some advanced directives if god forbid something does happen to me.

(Go Redskins!)


Subject: Re: Controversal topic warning....

Forum: Controversal topic warning....
Hey bluesapphire7!

What happened in Florida was such a tragedy, and with the school being less than two hours away from where I live, it hit home a little too much :( There is clearly a problem with our current system. Last night I was talking with my uncle about it, and I was saying that I wish at the least we could make automatic weapons and assault riffles to be extremely restricted or have a very extensive background check to get. He argued back that the second amendment is in place so that the government and military will never get too powerful that they could easily overthrow the people. I get what he's saying, but let's be honest, they could easily take complete control with their access to nuclear weapons and other advanced weapons that we have never seen or heard about that they possess. Assault rifles and automatic weapons are specifically made to kill and kill a lot of people, I do not think they are needed at all for people who support the second amendment so they can protect their homes.

Just my two cents! Curious to hear what other people have to say.



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