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Subject: Can you jump start a car?

Forum: Can you jump start a car?
Today, my car battery died. Now I've watched people jump-start cars plenty of times before but I have absolutely no idea where the red cable and the black cable are supposed to be hooked. So in order to prevent myself from an electrical death, my roommate's boyfriend had to help me out (Shoutout to Alec if he ever sees this). But it got me thinking, it's probably a lesson I should learn just in case I don't have someone there with the knowledge to help me out.

There is a lot of skills out there that you don't really absolutely need to have, but as an autonomous adult it really helps to know how to do them. Stuff like jump-starting a car, changing a flat tire, performing cpr, or ironing a shirt.

Can you jump-start a car? Can you change a tire? Do you think there are some skills that are darn near essential, or is it just a matter of preference? What are some life skills that you think everyone should know?

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Subject: How do you like to sleep?

Forum: How do you like to sleep?
Happy Tuesday everyone!

Do you have certain quirks that you can't sleep without?
Do you have to sleep with your socks on/off?
Do you have to sleep with the air conditioning on?
Do you have to sleep with a fan on?
Do you have to sleep with a blanket even if its 85 degrees in the room?
Do you have to have a cup of water/milk by your bed at all times?
Or how about something else?

I personally can't sleep with socks on, without a blanket, or if its too hot. I think it's so interesting how each person in the world has different preferences? What're yours?


Subject: What's on your "I Should" list?

Forum: What's on your "I Should" list?
Hi Friends

Have you ever heard of an "I Should" List? I hadn't either until just the other day when I saw a challenge online to write one and try to get those things done sooner rather than later and to the best of your ability. It's easier said than done of course but making a list of those things is the first step to crossing those things off the list!

So, what are a few things on your "I Should" list? How long have they been on there?

Are they things for school, work, family or love life or personal? When do you plan to complete these things, if at all?

How often do you find yourself saying,"Well, I should do this but...." or "Man, I shouldn't have done that!"

The biggest thing on my "I should" list is that I should do is to clean out my closet because I absolutely love clothes and my closet has gotten out of control. I'm also moving in with my boyfriend in a few months and I don't think our closet will be able to hold all of our clothes. But will I get to it.. the world may never know.. LOL

Have a great day!

Subject: Re: Bucket List

Forum: Bucket List
AWESOME question! Growing up, I feel as if I've always been told that anything is possible and I love that! There are so many different things to do, people to see, and places to go; the world is full of beautiful things and I cannot wait to explore. This is going to be a fun question for me haha

1. I've ALWAYS wanted to swim with dolphins before. It's something I wanted when I was little and I still want that now, so that is something that I definitely want to do before I die.

2. I want to solidify my Spanish. I want to do this because I love being able to understand and communicate with people and this is just another way that I can do that!

3. Continue singing and having music present in my life. I have and will always love to sing. If I could continue performing, that would be wonderful too. Musicals are so fun!

4. Go to Graduate School and get my MBA. It's a tall order and sometimes I get seriously frightened by it, but it's something that I can seriously use to benefit others and make my family proud!

4. TRAVEL. I love experiencing different cultures and environments, so traveling is a huge thing that I want to do. I have a world map in my room with dots of places that I want to go and have been. There are so many places I want to go to! Not only would I get to accomplish traveling, but I would also get to do another thing that I absolutely want to do before I die...

5. Make a difference. Help people. Growing up with an amazing family and parents who grew up in less than ideal situations but are successful today, I am so thankful for everything I have! I just want to take advantage of the amazing opportunities in life and use them to help people not only with their health, but also with the mindset that they too are value members of society and can make a difference.

6. Finally, there are obviously person goals that I have; I definitely want to be a mom. If I cannot have my own children, I would love to adopt! I actually plan on adopting at least once in my life regardless of if I have my own children or not. I love kids!

Have a great Monday!!

Subject: Re: Sweet or Salty?

Forum: Sweet or Salty?
Hey Cramergirl
Great idea for a forum, it's made me hungry!

I love all foods. I'll just get that out of the way right off the bat. It gets me into trouble though! My diets have way too many cheat days! Thank god for my fast metabolism.

I suppose my answer would have to be "it depends." I know that's sort of a cop out but I could never choose just one end of the spectrum! The struggle is real any time I try to decide what I want for breakfast, It's always the battle of sweet versus savory. That's why if I am treating myself, I'll just make pancakes AND bacon. Why choose one when you can have both, right?

Oh and I have always been into salted caramel and chocolate covered pretzels. Those treats that combine the two options. Salt makes everything taste better, whether it's sweet or not!

Hope your Monday ends up being as cool as this forum!

Subject: Re: Life: Do you keep a journal?

Forum: Life: Do you keep a journal?
Hey Victoria!
Hope you're having a great day

I really like to write out or express my emotions in creative ways, but I never really got into writing in a journal. I have like 5 journals that I have gotten as gifts, but I've written one or two things in them if anything at all. I love how they look and I love the idea of putting your thoughts out on paper, but I always feel like I'm going to mess them up with whatever I say. I don't want to complain about petty stuff in this beautiful journal, but I can't think of inspirational things on the spot haha.

I did get this plain hand-sized journal/sketchbook from one of my aunts that I used a lot. It was really nice because it wasn't super fancy so I wasn't pressured by it and it also had blank pages that I could doodle in. I wrote about everything in that. I wrote poems and journal entries and drew things, I did my homework assignment and made my schedule for the day. It was really awesome because I could use it for everything. That's the only journal I have gotten the most use out of, and it was a perfect size and look for me. Now, I don't really have time to write or draw in it, but that's okay because I like getting my thoughts out on CNET!

Have a wonderful day!

Subject: Do you go barefoot or do you wear socks/shoes?

Forum: Do you go barefoot or do you wear socks/shoes?
Happy Sunday everyone!
I hope you all have had a great weekend!

My question for you today is:
When you're at home, do you walk barefoot, do you just wear socks, or do you wear shoes?

I walk barefoot or with socks depending on the temperature in the house. Growing up my dad never let us wear shoes in the house so it just wasn't something I did. It was funny though, because my mom grew up always wearing shoes in the house so it would be a point of tension for them

What about you?

Have a wonderful night!

Subject: Re: What's Your Favorite Soup?

Forum: What's Your Favorite Soup?
Hey Unique!!!
Hope you're having a great Sunday

I love love love soup!! It is the greatest meal for a chilly day or when you're feeling sick. It's my all time favorite comfort food! My favorite type of soup is definitely Campbell's plain pea soup! The kind that doesn't have anything in it. As I was growing up, my dad would always make it for us kids and we'd mix crackers into it. I don't like any other pea soup made by anyone else, it has to be Campbell!

As a kid I liked chicken noodle soup and that was definitely my favorite for a very long time, but now I don't eat it too much at all. I also make a meal with the cream of mushroom soup. I cook this up with piece of chicken and put it over egg yolk noodles - this is great!!


Subject: What’s your biggest character flaw?

Forum: What’s your biggest character flaw?
Hello Everyone!

I have a personal question for anyone that decides to join my forum today!

What is the single biggest character flaw that you see in yourself?

I would say that my temper is one of my biggest flaws. Anger problems run in my family and I definitely inherited the character trait. My anger coincides with anxiety so I'll become stressed out and anxious and then blow up on anyone that comes around me. It also causes me to become irritated really quickly and passive aggressive. It's definitely something that I've spent a large part of my life realizing what a problem it. I've been working on but it's not easy.

What about you guys?

Subject: Re: Are you sporty?

Forum: Are you sporty?
I don't know if I'd consider myself sporty but I love sports!

I am a big Basketball fan and one of the craziest Celtics fan. I adore NE Patriots and Boston Bruins equally too. I was devastated with the Patriots loss with NY Giants twice in the Superbowl as well as Bruins unbelievable loss in the final of Stanley Cup. Not too mention I cried when the Celtics lost with the Lakers in NBA finals in 2010. Oh well, just hoping one of the championships will come to Boston this year. My hope lies in Brady so much this year.

I am a huge soccer fan too. I have played soccer my whole life. I actually played for my high school and won the tournament ending the drought of championship trophy. My high school was so proud of our soccer team and our accomplishment. We have been pretty good after this championship and landed our 3rd championship in last 5 years.

I follow English Premier League religiously. I can not wait for Monday's match between Man Utd. and Chelshit (well Chelsea really). Rose are you excited for this game? I hope you are watching it even with a busy school schedule. I loved Man UTD even since I started to understand soccer and David Beckham's presence made them my all time favorite team. I am thankful to David Beckham for changing the trend of soccer in America. He really made soccer one of the biggest sports in America lately. I don't know when will soccer be counted as one of the major sports in America, but I can see that happening.

Soccer has such a big international market and if the United States plan a better strategy to make MLS better by drafting many European and S. American player, this would help America tremendously with money and fame. All major sports of America are popular only in America. May be Canada is little involved since few teams are involved (NHL is more of a American-Canadian sports), but to make America better known for sports, they should really focus on Soccer. Soccer (people get offended when you don't call it football but I don't want to mix it up here since we have our own American Football).

Have a great day!

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