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Subject: Re: What is your ideal day like?

Forum: What is your ideal day like?
Hey Ellie!

Hmmm, I don't think I have a perfect day! I've had hundreds of perfect days in my life, and each of them were unique and entirely different. There's probably some recurring themes though...

One would be a day that is not stressful. I get burned out from scrambling to get everything done, so the most wonderful days are ones where my work load has finally eased up. I am restless and get bored easily, so I like to be busy, but having an unmanageable amount of things to do is no fun.

It sounds silly, but it would also be a sunny day. I absolutely love the sun (a little counter-intuitive, since I live in Seattle...although maybe that's why I appreciate it so much). I love being able to head outside in a t-shirt and hang out in beautiful weather - walks, parks, sports - the world seems to come to life when the sun comes out. Grey skies can be incredible gloomy and depressing

It would also involve some physical activity. I'm happiest when I'm active, whether it's dance class or just frolicking at the park with friends. I love vegging out, watching movies and playing video games, especially after a lot of stress. However, a whole day of that really puts me on edge. So a sunny day, a hike, some writing, a movie, and good company and a drink sounds pretty wonderful.

I have a good feeling about this summer. Even though I'm already really busy, I think I have some perfect days in my future forecast.

Hope you feel better and have a good day!

Subject: Re: What's You're Dream Vocation?

Forum: What's You're Dream Vocation?
I would go anywhere, honestly, if I had the opportunity, but I think my dream vacation would definitely be a long trip around the Mediterranean visiting ancient sites and cities.

As many probably know, I love ancient history, specifically that of Egypt and other Mediterranean civilizations. I have been to France and Portugal before and absolutely loved the history, culture, language, sites, and food (of course). I wish I could have spent more time there to go at my own pace and visit things that are off the beaten path but still along my area of interest.

So I would visit Egypt, Greece, Italy, Israel, and Turkey. All are located around the Mediterranean, so it shouldn't be that hard to get to them if I had the time to do it. And I have never been to Egypt, Israel, Greece, or Turkey before so it would be a completely new experience for me! I love going to new places, and a trip like this would be once in a lifetime.

I might actually be knocking Greece off of my bucket list this summer. I get to go to overseas for three weeks on an international missions trip. Because I am going to be pretty close to the Greece border, after the trip I might take a week to go explore Greece which I am super excited about!

Ahhhh!!!! Now I am counting down the days! Fun forum topic!

Subject: Where are you from? Would you move back?

Forum: Where are you from? Would you move back?
Hi Cnet!

I was thinking today about my hometown. It's a really small town in the southwestern corner of Michigan. My mom was born there, grew up there, moved away and moved back to be closer to family.

I went to the University of Michigan and directly after graduating college, I moved to Columbus Ohio. I was thinking about how far I'd be willing to move for a job, and where I'd travel and live throughout my life. And whether or not I'd think about moving back to my hometown to be closer to family.

Do you ever want to move back to wear you grew up?
Did you move away or stay in the same town?
So how far have you traveled from where you were born?
How many places have you lived?
How does this compare with your parent's lives?

I look forward to hearing from you all!
Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Subject: Re: Favorite Cereal?

Forum: Favorite Cereal?
My favorite cereal is simply Cheerios multigrain cereal. I also like the one that has cocoa and feels like chocolate. Tasty! I have always liked eating cereal and it’s a great start of the day and so easy to prepare, which doesn’t require any cooking in the morning. During busy mornings when I have to wake up very early, quick cereal is a perfect breakfast option.

I used to eat cereal with a milk, but since I am allergic to lactose which gives me a lot of breakouts, I switched it to almond milk, which is a great alternative! It took me awhile to get used to almond milk, because it doesn’t feel as creamy as real milk, but now, I got used to it and love it! When eating cereal, sometimes I like to add some berries such as strawberries, which makes it even more tasty!

US supermarkets have a huge variety of cereals that I never see in any other country. You can choose from dozens of options.I was in europe recently and they had maybe at most 10 different cereals on a market, and they were very expensive to buy, therefore, in Europe I would never eat cereals haha. It wasn't as popular as it is here in the US, with so many great options to choose from!

Have a great day!

Subject: Do you drink tap water?

Forum: Do you drink tap water?
Hey Cnet!
Hope you all had a great weekend!

I was over at my friends the other day and she was appalled when I drank the water out of the tap and went on this whole rant about chemicals and ions in the water. I mean I would drink filtered water if it is available but it's not something I think twice about.

To be honest I can't taste the difference between Fiji and a grocery store brand bottle of water. Maybe it's because I grew up drinking unfiltered well water and everything tastes great in comparison.

Do you drink tap water?
Is there a certain brand of bottled water you drink?


Subject: Re: Fear

Forum: Fear
Hey there!

Fear, I guess we all got to face it sometime right ? What do I fear most? I think it's along the same lines
as most people, I love my family and I would be truly crushed if anything were to happen to any of them.
My family, like most people, are my support system. Everything I do is for them and we all talk about everything
with each other. So to see anything happen to any of them would really make me feel lost. Like someone said earlier I pray everyday as well for their health and safety. I have faith and just try to hope for the best.

Another one of my fears is that after it's all said and done, what if I'm not successful??? What if my grades slack, and after college I can't land that 6 figure job, leaving me to depend on my parents until I'm 40 years old? I always second guess myself and worry that what I do won't be enough for me to be successful. It's normal to be worried about this I know, but how real this can be for me is what truly grasps me. However, this doesn't have to be my future. I just have to keep my goals insight and never lose hold of them. If I can maintain my focus, I can maintain my vision, and hopefully negate this negative possibility for my future.

Fear is unfortunately a very normal thing. But really should we fear anything. I want to leave you guys with something I saw my first semester of college. I was in class and I happen to look at my desk and say something engraved on it. It was an acronym for fear:

FEAR- False Emotion Appearing Real. Just think of it like this and I hope it will help out


Subject: Do you go to movies alone?

Forum: Do you go to movies alone?
The other day my friend asked me to go to the new black panther movie. He said regardless of my response he was going anyways, even if he had to go alone. I have no problem going to see a movie alone. But I have talked to friends who claim that they would never go to the theater alone. They act like being seen at a movie alone is the epitome of public embarrassment. Nobody bats an eyelid if you visit the art gallery solo, but go to the movies alone and all of a sudden you're the town pariah (excuse my hyperbole).

I enjoy going to the movies with other people, but it's not like you need other people there to enjoy the movie. But for some reason, going to a movie alone (which seems reasonable) is looked down at by some people.

Why is this? What do you think about going to see a movie alone? Do you do it?

I'm interested to hear what you guys think!

Subject: Re: Bumpump

Forum: Bump
bump bump bump


Hey Thankful!

Okay...I think I'm one of those who'se probably not good at eating fruits.
I like my vegetables, but somehow can't get myself to eat fruits on my own...unless someone does the cutting up for me. :-)

I am aware of their health benefits and I will admit that I am disappointed in myself in not making more of a conscious effort to get myself to more of fruits.
The only fruit that I am somewhat good at eating is banana....probably because they are easy to eat.
I'm not big on strawberries, else they would be nice too.

My least favorite actually is a toss up between apples and strawberries.
I don't care much for strawberries even when they are chocolate covered.
(Honestly, I don't see the point of that!)

When prepped/cut and served (haha), I do enjoy eating mangoes, watermelons, cantaloupe

Well, maybe I should add that to my resolution for 2018...eating more fruit!


Subject: Re: If you could give one piece of advice?

Forum: If you could give one piece of advice?
Hey Ellie

The best advice that I have ever received is from a friend, who told me “nothing is more important than personal growth and continued education. If you don’t grow, you die”. It’s the words that I have been following during my journey since I moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan to go to college. I've carried this advice with me for the past 5 years or so. I try to learn and grow as much as I can. I learned to love reading books, to not be afraid of putting myself out there regardless of what may happen, experience new things in my life, even though before I was afraid of change and I never read the whole book in my life. It completely changed my perspective of life.

We constantly need to grow and find ways to enjoy being in this world. Once in awhile, we all want to try new things, have new experiences, meeting new people that would become our mentors and would teach us about this world, no matter how old you are. If you stop growing, your life will become miserable. You might even get into a depression, thinking that life has no meaning, but there are so many ways that you can grow. Even by going outside to exercise, or just by talking with a person, can teach you a lot of things. I learnt how important it is to have an open mind and soul.

After some time, people often close themselves, and they believe that they know everything, that there is nothing new that they can learn, but it’s not true at all. Pick a new hobby, make new friends, visit new places and you will see how beautiful the life is.

Hope you have a great Friday!

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