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Subject: Re: Bibles in Hotel rooms?

Forum: Bibles in Hotel rooms?
Hi Kasey,

I think every hotel I've ever stayed in has bibles in them, and although I have never been much of a religious person, I am not the least bit offended by them. I see them as a courtesy to guests and their presence isn't hurting anyone. If I don't want to use their soap, I don't have to. If I don't want to use their coffee pot, I don't have to. If I don't want to read a bible in a nightstand, I don't have to.

Subject: Re: College word search: 1st four words you see?

Forum: College word search: 1st four words you see?
Hi Unique!

I saw notes, financial aid, naps, and major. I feel like a need several naps after completing my summer quarter. Congratulations on being accepted to your transfer university. I am transferring to and starting at a university in about 4 weeks and am excited.

Subject: Re: Caffeine

Forum: Caffeine
Hi Anna,

I have a big cup of coffee every morning, and every once in a while I have two. Throughout the day I don't usually have caffeine, but sometimes I have iced tea.

Subject: Re: Do you vote for people you disagree with on Cnet?

Forum: Do you vote for people you disagree with on Cnet?
Hi Kasey,

I haven't not voted for someone simply because we don't have the same opinion. We may differ on one issue and have the same thoughts on another, and both are o.k. The only reason I have not voted for someone is if I see that they have came across as rude or condescending to someone.

Subject: Re: Hotel or Motel

Forum: Hotel or Motel
Hi Anna!

I haven't done a ton of traveling, but I have stayed in both. It's been quite a few years since I have stayed in a motel but have stayed in a handful of hotels in recent years for work-related trips. Of those that I've stayed in, I would prefer a hotel. I'm hardly even at the hotel except to sleep, and I generally like to avoid the "stuffy" atmospheres as well, but I like the room I am staying in to not scare me and look clean. I'm not a big fan of sleeping in beds that aren't my own. I don't need to have anything super fancy and expensive though.

Subject: Re: Are You A Good Test Taker?

Forum: Are You A Good Test Taker?
Hi Unique!

I have for the most part done well on tests, but I hate them. I do not think they are necessarily the best indicator that you have learned the subject matter well. I would rather have a final project or essay than an exam. I also do not like being timed when taking a test. I feel rushed and am more likely to make a mistake because I know the clock is ticking. Depending on the subject and questions being asked, I may like to take my time to process information or really think about how the question is worded, and timed tests don't allow for that. There are also tests I have done really well on because I am pretty good at memorizing information, but that doesn't mean I really grasped the big picture and understood everything. I do think there are people that do not do well on tests because they are nervous, and that doesn't mean they do not get it. They could do well the entire class but tank a final. I have a friend like this. I would be for eliminating tests altogether and replacing them with something else that demonstrates you can apply the information learned.

Subject: Re: Reopening the case of Emmett Till

Forum: Reopening the case of Emmett Till
Hi Savann!

I was surprised to see this as well. I learned a lot about this case during a class on the civil rights movement. This is one of the worst injustices in this country's history, and sadly there are many others like Emmett Till whose tragedies were never recognized. It's just sickening. I will never forget the way his face looked after those men beat him to death. Even if the killers were alive, I don't think anything could happen to them now after being found not guilty with double jeopardy rules after that joke of a trial. It's amazing watching footage of the trial and seeing the men snickering and smug and later admit to it after being found "innocent." What Carol did is disgraceful because her exaggerations and lies led to his murder. It's interesting that they just decided to reopen it--that book came out about 1-1/2 years ago. I don't think it's ever too late to right wrongs, but any punishment handed out now in my opinion is a slap on the wrist.

Subject: Re: Extended family connections-do they still exist?

Forum: Extended family connections-do they still exist?
Hi Kathy!

I rarely see my extended family these days. When I was growing up I saw them often at various family functions, but after my parents divorced there seemed to be less gatherings. Around that time the "kids" of the family which included my cousins were all entering or had entered adulthood and everyone pretty much went their separate ways.

Subject: Re: Favorite part of a parade

Forum: Favorite part of a parade
Hi Kasey!

I have always enjoyed the creativity involved in some of the floats I have seen at parades. There really isn't any part of a parade that I don't like, but I haven't been to many because I don't care for being in big crowds.

Subject: Re: Duplicate forums- Do you respond to both?

Forum: Duplicate forums- Do you respond to both?
Hi Kasey,

I have responded to both but not on the same day. People are bound to duplicate forums or have similar topics especially if they are new or took a break. I always looked through all of the recent forums before starting one so I wouldn't duplicate one on the same day. I have seen a handful of times near identical forums posted back to back when CNET was a lot slower. When I have noticed duplicates on the same day, I have intentionally responded to whoever posted first but also have responded to the first one I saw that was more recent.

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