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Subject: Re: Duplicate forums- Do you respond to both?

Forum: Duplicate forums- Do you respond to both?
Hi Kasey,

I have responded to both but not on the same day. People are bound to duplicate forums or have similar topics especially if they are new or took a break. I always looked through all of the recent forums before starting one so I wouldn't duplicate one on the same day. I have seen a handful of times near identical forums posted back to back when CNET was a lot slower. When I have noticed duplicates on the same day, I have intentionally responded to whoever posted first but also have responded to the first one I saw that was more recent.

Subject: Re: Hot dogs or Hamburgers?-Which one?

Forum: Hot dogs or Hamburgers?-Which one?
Hi Kathy,

I like both so it would depend on how hungry I am. Sometimes I can't finish a whole hamburger and might pick a hot dog instead.

Subject: Re: Favorite Dessert

Forum: Favorite Dessert
Hi Anna,

I love all kinds of berry pies and strawberry rhubarb is one of the best. I have always liked sweets so my favorite would just depend on my mood. I like strawberry shortcake, cheesecake, chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven, ice cream, you name it. The only desserts I don't care for as much are ones that are super rich. I like chocolate and all, but some cakes and pies can really overdo it and they are so sweet they're kinda sickening.

Subject: Re: Do you vote for the same people?

Forum: Do you vote for the same people?
Hi Julia,

Yes and no. I would vote for everyone that responded to my forums unless I already voted for them, then I would vote for people whose forums I replied to. I would say that the majority of my votes have went to the same people but not all. I still vote everyday even though I don't always comment and try to help out people that I interacted with regularly on here that helped me graduate. But, I also vote for newer people or comments I think are funny or well thought out.

Subject: Re: Do you fold your underwear?

Forum: Do you fold your underwear?
Hi Erin,

I just throw them in the drawer. The only time they are ever folded if I'm on a kick where I feel like cleaning out and organizing my drawers, then I'll fold them, but it never stays that way.

Subject: Re: Are you good at remembering people's names?

Forum: Are you good at remembering people's names?
Hi Kathy,

I'm pretty good at remembering names if I talk to the person regularly. If I don't talk to them often, or haven't had much of a memorable conversation, their face will be familiar to me, but I struggle to remember their name.

Subject: Re: The Dreaded DMV

Forum: The Dreaded DMV
Hi Morgan,

I have lucked out the last few times I renewed my license and was in and out in about 30 minutes. But, I have experienced the 2-hour waits. We now have the option every other time out license expires to renew it online and they just use your old picture. I have taken advantage of that. It is a nice convenience not having to go to the DMV.

Subject: Re: Favorite decade of music

Forum: Favorite decade of music
Hi Kasey,

I love 80s music. I grew up listening to 60s and 70s music that my dad always played, and I do like a lot of the oldies. There isn't a lot of music I like that has come out in the last decade or so.

Subject: Re: WOULD YOU

Hi Julia,

I would rather have no phone than no internet. The internet provides a lot of convenience that would be hard to do away with. I suppose I could always use a land line to make call, but pretty much everything else I use my phone for could be done on a computer with internet.

Subject: Re: Which Is Better: KFC, Chick-fill-A, Or Popeyes?

Forum: Which Is Better: KFC, Chick-fill-A, Or Popeyes?
Hi Unique!

I haven't ever had Chick-fill-A, but of the other two, Popeyes is my favorite. I also like KFC but think Popeye's is better and I like their sides and biscuits more than KFC.

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