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Subject: Re: Living situation

Forum: Living situation
Hi Kamrin,

I live in a house with my husband and two sons. We are buying it, but I'd hardly say we own it with over 25 years left to pay on it. I like my house itself but am not a big fan of the location. I'd rather have a larger property and not be so close to neighbors and traffic congestion. I never had roommates when I moved out, but that was a long time ago. Housing costs in general are just so high now. There's no way I would be able to move out from my parents house these days and be able to live on my own out of high school.

Subject: Re: Favorite app?

Forum: Favorite app?
Hi Luke,

I spend the most time reading news articles from various sources on the news app. I get alerts throughout the day and often click on the ones that sound interesting. The next app I use most is Words with Friends, but am not on it for a long time each day. At my last job, I had to do a lot of driving and used Google Maps regularly. That app has been a lifesaver, but I haven't had much use for it lately.

Subject: Re: What city were you born In?

Forum: What city were you born In?
Hi Julia,

I was also born in Seattle and have lived in Washington all my life. I was born at West Seattle hospital, which I believe later turned into some mental hospital. Anyway, I grew up in the West Seattle area and moved to Federal Way when I was 19, then down to Puyallup at 30 and have been in this area ever since. I would actually like to move again, as much as I hate moving, and be more in the country not so close to neighbors and with a large property. Not sure if and when that will ever happen or how realistic it is in the near future, but I would like to. I'm not sure if I would ever move to another state though where I don't know anybody.

Subject: Re: Poll: Chocolate Chip Cookies or Oreos or Other?

Forum: Poll: Chocolate Chip Cookies or Oreos or Other?
Hey Unique!

Chocolate chip cookies are my favorite! They are the best right out of the oven when they are still warm. I don't care for say chips ahoy or hard, crunchy cookies. I like them to be soft. I can eat Oreos too, but I really just look forward to the frosting. Homemade cookies are the best and there aren't too many I don't like. I also like peanut butter cookies, white chocolate macadamia nut cookies, and snickerdoodles. My mom used to make these "No-bake cookies" and they are really good. They look weird, a combination of melted butter, cocoa, peanut butter, sugar, and oats. They have a nice chocolate peanut butter taste.

Subject: Re: Marriage?

Forum: Marriage?
Hi Phoenician!

I'm definitely in your super old category! Almost ancient lol. I got married when I was 30. I didn't have any set age in mind of when I wanted to be married. In fact I almost got married when I was 20 and so so glad I did not! I was not looking, neither was my husband at the time for a relationship. At the time, I was enjoying being single after ending a not so pleasant relationship. My now husband happened to ask me what I had planned for the weekend just making conversation (we knew each other from work at the time) and I mentioned I didn't have big plans but was taking vacation the week of my birthday. He asked if I wanted to go out to dinner/drinks for my birthday, and I said sure. We really hit it off and it was surprising I think to both of us because we didn't talk that much to each other but were friendly. Both of us later admitted that we almost cancelled going out that night. It was never considered a date just hanging out, but it turned in to dating and we were married almost a year later and have been married for 14 years now.

Subject: Re: Ruin a Movie by changing 1 letter in its Title

Forum: Ruin a Movie by changing 1 letter in its Title
Hey MotivatedOne,

I will ruin a movie by changing the letter from a "G" to a "C" making the movie: The Codfather.

Subject: Re: Weather today in your area?

Forum: Weather today in your area?
Hi Megan,

Wow 80! It is currently 21 degrees here and cloudy. It will be in the balmy 30s later on with rain. It snowed a bit yesterday in some areas and the forecast keeps changing saying its going to snow again, it's not going to snow but it definitely is not going to be 80. Enjoy that!

Subject: Re: Grocery Store Loyalty

Forum: Grocery Store Loyalty
Hi Kasey,

I primarily shop at one store each week. I try to plan everything I will need for the week so I don't have to make a second trip during the week. My favorite store is one I'm very familiar with and worked at a different location of the chain back when I was a teenager. I have also went to one other store for certain things that is about a mile away. I got familiar with the prices and knew what was cheaper at each place, so it was worth it to get a few things at a competitor. I've never been able to consistently shop more than one store per week because it is so time consuming and I just want to get it done and get home as quick as possible.

Subject: Re: First thing when you get home...

Forum: First thing when you get home...
Hi Becky,

If I don't have to go anywhere else, I kick off my shoes, go pee, then change into comfortable clothes. This time of year I've been wearing comfy fleece pjs at home. If I've been gone all day then I'll get something to eat next because I don't eat much during the day, otherwise I'll plop down on the couch and relax.

Subject: Re: Working Ahead

Forum: Working Ahead
Hi Anna,

I try to work ahead as much as possible. As long as I stay ahead, I don't feel stressed out about how much work I have to do. Procrastinating would stress me out. Some teachers make that hard, depending on how much work they release in advance. I had one teacher that unlocked upcoming assignments a week at a time and there were a few due each day, so it was hard to get too far ahead, but I still stayed at least a day ahead. With the classes I have now, I can see all of my upcoming assignments through the end of the quarter, so I'm plugging away at them so I can be done early.

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