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Subject: Re: It was meant to be...

Forum: It was meant to be...
Hi bluesapphire7,

I definitely believe things happen for a reason. I know Song Mei insists in my life that at first it seems like nothing Lines of and I got frustrated. However, just pushing through things always came together, sometimes at the last minute, and I was left with everything working out.

For example, last year in February 2017, I knew I wanted to see the solar eclipse in August 2017. I really didn't have that much spending money, I had no plan because original plans fell through, and I had no one who wanted to go with me. I have the days off from work since that there were, so I knew I still couldn't go. In June, I met a friend and he was super down to go. We just made plans and got the money together. Somehow things all worked out and we went on the six-day trip to Idaho, Washington to see the solar eclipse and have fun!

Even though nothing happened for four months, everything just came together in the series of events and the trip happened successfully.



Subject: Re: Do You Have An Action Plan?

Forum: Do You Have An Action Plan?
Hi everyone!

It is good to hear everyone has some kind of plan to keep their life working. I find that regardless of how the plan is created, what the plan has on it, and how much is completed, none of that makes a difference without the effort you put into it. I have done Weekly Action Plans before and it is totally about who you become out of putting in the effort to make a difference in your own life. Even small things like, "I will make sure to do the dishes before bed so that each morning I can wake up to a clean kitchen" is great because that is something that would have not happened without putting effort in.

Starting with small things and working your way up is sometimes more helpful than a fancy Weekly Action Plan. :P



Subject: Re: What does being late say about a person?

Forum: What does being late say about a person?
Hi Brenda Cobb,

Punctuality is very important to me personally. It is very important for me to be on time to occasions and to turn in assignments on time. For most situations, I'm always the person to be early or on time. There are only a few situations where I am consistently late. I am working on improving those areas because being late is so disrespectful to other peoples time and attention.

Being late has an impact on others and an impact on the workability. This means that we don't always have to make other people wrong for being late, and it also isn't helping the world to be more productive and at peace. For example, if I am going to hang out with a friend and I show up 20 minutes late, that has an impact on my friends because their perception of me is that I and either lazy or disorganized or some kind of other adjective along those lines. It also has an impact on hanging out because now we have less time together and my son could have done something else before hand and not rush to meet me.

If someone is "always late ", I definitely think most of us create some type of judgment about them as a person. It definitely affects the way we interact with them because. I know that in the past I have had a friend who was always late And so I plans all activities with her around the fact that she will be late. For example, if we were supposed to meet at 3 PM to get to an event by 4 PM, I would ask her to hang out by 2 PM and she would show up by 3 PM. I also Where we trusted her For important things such as showing up to an event on time because of her chronic lateness. I totally made her wrong for it and saw her as disorganized and rude, even though the whole situation probably occurred to her in a totally different way. Of course this had an impact on our friendship.

Was interest in being on time and practice, anyone can be on time if they wanted to. Along with understanding the importance of being on time help people learn to be on time, understanding the impact that being late has on themselves and other people usually makes a huge difference on making punctuality a priority for them. Even as a mostly punctual person, I still have difficulties with choosing between the comfort of now and being on time later. I would like to be more punctual myself because I know it is important to be on time.



Subject: Would You Rather...

Forum: Would You Rather...
Would you rather go back to age 5 with all your current knowledge now?
Or know stay in the present and learn all the knowledge your future self at an old age will learn?


I would rather go back to age 5 with all that knowledge I know currently because then I would have all the knowledge I do now to make myself a successful child. I would get much further in life by the time I reach today.

I age 5, I was just going into elementary school. I remember a decision I made on the first day of kindergarten that affected the rest of my elementary school life. I also remember numerous times and decisions in my life that if I knew xyz would happen or just had the knowledge and skills I have now, I would be so much better off.

I was doing a really cool video game called Life Is Strange with my best friend yesterday. Most decisions you make in the game will affect the outcome of the game. Also, there is ability to go back in time most of the time to redo scenes. It was such a cool video game! This video game mirrored life in many ways.

After I finish the first episode with my friend, we looked at the statistics and saw all the decisions other people made in the game. There were some decisions that I never made in the game at all and would have affected the outcome of the story. This is totally like real life!




Subject: Re: Subject that comes easier?

Forum: Subject that comes easier?
Hi JamesP1977,

One subject that comes easier for me than other phone is public speaking. Although I do that a little bit nervous when going onstage, I do enjoy being on stage and speaking in front of audiences. I find the thrill kind of fun and I like interacting with other people.

Also, I tend to be better at our than many other people. Not that I'm the greatest artist in the world, and I have done a lot in the past so I have a lot Experience with drawing. I find it super fun and I love the unique art pieces everyone can create.



Subject: Re: How Much Do You Tip Delivery drivers,waiters etc?

Forum: How Much Do You Tip Delivery drivers,waiters etc?
Hi Unique_girl17,

I tip people at least 10% every time because regardless of how awful the service is, they are still people trying to get by on poor wages. It is difficult to pretend to be happy for some people when they are getting paid poorly.

When I like the service, I will tip 15%. Sometimes, if these people go above and beyond, I will tip 20% to 25% because they deserve it. What influences me on tipping the whole 20% to 25% is great service, clean and professional presentation, good eye contact, and the persons overall personality.



Subject: Re: What is the most underrated quality?

Forum: What is the most underrated quality?
HI Erin,

I totally agree that apologizing is a great quality to be admired. It is difficult for me to admit I am wrong because I make myself wrong for being wrong.

Another underrated quality is honesty. It is difficult for me to be honest with someone with my opinions about what they are doing or what they have. Instead, because I do not want to hurt their feelings, I will just go along with it and not say my real thoughts. This more shows up in scenarios like they got something new, or they ask me if I like this piece of clothing, or if they are telling me about this one thing they just did. I don't like to hurt other peoples feelings, especially when they are happy with their choice.



Subject: Re: how long do you sit for per day

Forum: how long do you sit for per day

I sit for quite a long time as well. I sit for about one hour each school day at lecture and then about four hours for homework, miscellaneous test, and CollegeNet. To increase hours, my commute, which combines busing and driving and adds about one hour each way, So that adds two hours of sitting. I will also add an hour of sitting miscellaneous tasks such as eating and such. So total, I sit for about eight hours throughout the day. That is way too much sitting!

At school, there are a few tables that are super high up was tall chairs. I stand at those tables to work a lot of the time so that it keeps me from having a square butt. Also, whenever I am waiting at the bus stop, I almost always stand. When I am on the bus And the bus is crowded, I love other people sit first so I will stand longer. It is also a mini workout because I keep my balance while the bus is moving.



Subject: Do You Have An Action Plan?

Forum: Do You Have An Action Plan?
Do you have a weekly goals you set each week? Or how about monthly or daily goals set?
If so, how do you stay accountable for everything you are out to accomplish?
If not, what other ways do you stay on top of what needs to get done?


I created a Weekly Action Plan for my friends and I. Here is how it is set up:

At the top of the page, there are two lines to fill out. “Who I Am Is The Possibility Of: ______” For example: love, connection, trust, joy, authenticity, etc.

The second line is “Connection Buddy Dialogue (C.B.D.): ______”, which was completely intentional wording! The intention is that we call, interact, or spend time with someone in our lives who we have been meaning to get in touch with but have excuses for why we have not.

On the left-hand side of the page there are six sections for “Areas Of Life To Impact”. This means six areas we intend to make a difference with and also three actions we can take during the week.

On the right-hand side, there are six sections corresponding to the left side and this side is for “Results I Would Like To Produce”. This means the actual results we would like to produce with in those areas.

There are two sections at the bottom: “Results I Produced Last Week”, which are accomplishments we had from last week, and “Areas I Am Challenged With”, which are areas we know we are struggling with and would like help with.

Here is an example of mine: Who I am is the possibility of: MASSIVE ACTION

Life will actually have the results I want if I actually do stuff in my life and I also become the source of those results.

My C.B.D. is a woman from one of my classes. We are both psychology transfer students who live off campus and love music and will hang out today!

One “Areas Of Life To Impact” is friendship and relationship. Actions I will take are calling my boyfriend every day, hanging out with one of my best friends on Wednesday, and doing the dishes for my mom every day I am home.

“Results I Would Like To Produce” are more love and sense of connection, have fun with my best friend and understand why she likes gaming so much, and make sure my mom knows I am there for her.

Each week my I will be in touch with my friends to keep us on track.


Thanks for reading! I hope you find it interesting to read, even if you skimmed through it.



Subject: Re: What is your ideal day like?

Forum: What is your ideal day like?
Hi Elissa,

My ideal day would be dependent on how I feel at the time. Most of the time, my ideal day would be full of fun activities and friends.

My ideal day would start out waking up to watch the sunrise at some lovely park near my home with my boyfriend. Then, I would go home and have breakfast with my parents. After that, I would go out with friends into town to go do something fun like visit one of the beautiful parks, go kayaking, visit the market, outdoor concert, the beach, etc. We would also have yummy food for lunch. In the early evening time, I would go back home to get ready for the evening. Before sunset, I would go out for dinner with my boyfriend and we would have a lovely dinner. in the evening, he would do something Sunday evening like go to a small gathering or hang out with friends. Or maybe we will go in the hot tub.



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