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Subject: Re: Is Marijuana Legal in Your State?

Forum: Is Marijuana Legal in Your State?
Hi Morgan,

I live in Washington State and we, along with Colorado, were the first to legalize recreational marijuana. Quite a few people that I know, coming from all stages and walks of life, smoke or consume cannabis in some way. Some do it for medical purposes, others do it for recreation purposes. I smell it probably almost every day when out and about, either walking along the street, in a neighborhood, or when I am at someone's private property. It is a very distinct smell and fortunately not as bad as cigarette or bus exhaust fume smells.

Unfortunately, I do not know anything about tax dollars from marijuana sales. I do know that in general, Washington State has the highest sales tax in the country.



Subject: Re: How many CNET wins you have

Forum: How many CNET wins you have
Hi sylynch8686,

You can see how many weeks people have won if you go to their profile and look below the sidebar. I have won several weeks, I am not going to count. I am almost capped out on the scholarship money from CNet.

This is for you, @Unique_girl17, and everyone else. Some things you can do to increase wins are:

1. Pay attention to posting times. Post and vote super early in the morning.
2. Do all 5 posts, everyday. Do not miss a day because then you will most likely lose that week.
3. Give complete replies because people actually do read replies. Also, try to be the first to reply to a post.

Hope this helps!



Subject: Re: Wired or wireless headphones?

Forum: Wired or wireless headphones?
Hi Dan,

I definitely prefer wireless headphones because I do not like dealing with the wire. Unlike @reneemartin1826, I do not have to charge them often at all. I like the convenience and I find that with wired headphones (which is what I have now) I am spending more time wrapping them up properly or getting them untangled much more than necessary.

I would say that that takes 10 minutes of my day each day. It does seem minuscule, however, those minutes really add up! Thank goodness for bluetooth technology!



Subject: Re: When was your last date?

Forum: When was your last date?
Hi Wanderer,

I love how you are out there in the dating world. Have fun!

The last real date I went on was last week. This really wonderful man took me out on a date to a nice restaurant near the waterfront. He actually payed for my Uber to get there and we had a lovely evening of dinner, chatting, and then he drove me back to my friend's place. He was such a gentleman and it was a great date! There were no kisses and he briefly held my hand once during dinner. He also opened my car door for me and got out of the car to give me a hug when dropping me off.



Subject: Fun Travel Plans

Forum: Fun Travel Plans
Any fun travel plans coming up?
Where are you going?


Simple post today because yesterday's topic post was really deep. Thank you everyone for replying. I loved reading all the replies! :)

In early December I am going to San Francisco again! :D

I am so excited and interested to see San Fran in the winter time, near holiday season. I love traveling and cannot wait to go. I must plan my time out very carefully prior to traveling, since I fly out of San Francisco at the night, arrive home in the early morning, and have an exam that same day.



Subject: Re: Do you make new year resolutions

Forum: Do you make new year resolutions
Hi Tasha Kee,

I do not make New Year’s resolutions, though I do write down an intention or what I want to get out of the year. I generally look at what I wrote down throughout the year or the following year. Sometimes, I find it randomly many years later.

I think my New Year’s resolutions for the year 2019 is 50% of my income.



Subject: Re: True or False ...What's your best guess?

Forum: True or False ...What's your best guess?
Hi Julia,

I say True because it is probably true. I say False because it is probably a higher percentage.

Please let us know the answer!



Subject: Re: Search Engines

Forum: Search Engines
Hi Raeanna,

I prefer Google as well. I like the interface on have even thought about getting a Google phone!I love using their advanced search or using Google scholar. I have all the Google apps on my iPhone, including Google translate, Google sheets, Google Drive, and especially Google calendar. Everything is so seamless and I love Google! It’s only natural that I choose their search engine.

Subject: Re: Do you use cryptocurrency?

Forum: Do you use cryptocurrency?
Hi Kat,

I know a fair amount about cryptocurrency, as I know people who have invested some of their money into various coins. I have not invested anything into it and I am not interested in investing into cryptocurrency. I will put my investments elsewhere.



Subject: What Makes You A Unique Human Being?

Forum: What Makes You A Unique Human Being?
What makes you a unique human being?
Or what are some surprising/cool facts about yourself?


What makes me a unique human being is that I am really good at being with other people. I not only make eye contact with others and listen when I pay attention, but I can actually be with other people in a way that we are connected to each other. I can make others feel loved, safe, and open. Maybe that is not a unique ability, though I am good at it.

Another unique thing about me is that I was vegan fo 5 years. Also, I have not eaten land animals for 10 years total. As of now, I am pescatarian.

I also am also pretty far on the scale of Extroversion and Openness to experience based on the Big 5 Personality Test. Almost all of the most important people to me are introverted, which is a great balance to have in my life.



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