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Subject: Re: Totino's Pizza Rolls vs Bagel Bites!!!

Forum: Totino's Pizza Rolls vs Bagel Bites!!!

I would definitely go with Totino's pizza rolls because they are so delicious and i really love tasting the tomato sauce that is inside of it. I've never tried bagel bites because i never interest me but based on what Anna said above, since it taste more like pizza (my favorite food), i'm going to give them a try.

Thanks a lot for the forum and have a great day!


Subject: Re: Repeated Forums On CNet! Your Thoughts?

Forum: Repeated Forums On CNet! Your Thoughts?
Hi Thankful,

Great Question!

It doesn't bother me when someone post a repeated forum because sometimes people don't realize if there is another person who already posted the same forum that they were thinking of. If i see someone repeat my forum, I'm going to automatically assume that they didn't know that i already posted it. Before I write a forum, I love to look around first to see if there are any forums that are identical to or similar to the forum that i'm going to post before officially a forum. By doing that, it will prevent me from posting a repeated forum.

To answer your second question, No, I don't respond to repeated forums because that will only waste my time and limited post. Ii like to spread my post throughout the day to see if there will be anything other post that i might take interest in.

Thanks a lot for the forum and have a wonderful day!


Subject: Re: Why do you vote?

Forum: Why do you vote?
Hi Noa,

I really love coming back to my forum to vote for those who actually take their time to answer my questions and write something that means so much to me. I also vote for those who are very humerous, encouraging, and creative in their post. If I see that someone is trying to put effort, then I'll vote for them.

I'm not biased. Profile picture or popularity does not determine whether I vote for someone, it's the thoughts and effort. Someone who is always active and putting effort has a greater chance of me voting for them. I always give everyone a chance because I believe that everyone deserves a chance.

Thanks a lot and have a wonderful day!

- Unique

Subject: Re: Embarrassing moments in life...

Forum: Embarrassing moments in life...
Hi NjBr,

I totally agree with you!

I think people should start letting others know if they have spinach on their teeth or toilet paper stuck to their shoes to avoid embarrassment. If there was something unusual about someone that could cause embarrassment, I would tell them because I don't want them to be teased about it and I would want others to let me know if something is unusual about me so I can take care of the situation.

I understand that sometimes people are afraid of approaching others because they don't know what kind of response that they will get back but sometimes, you have to take a big step and be real. " Being real " by trying to help save someone from embarrassment is a selfless act and they will thank you for it.

That was a great forum and wishing you a wonderful day :)

- Unique

Subject: Is it OK For Men to Wear Skinny Jeans?

Forum: Is it OK For Men to Wear Skinny Jeans?

Do you think its acceptable for men to wear skinny jeans or does it makes him look so feminine?


I don't have a problem with men wearing skinny jeans as long as its not too tight to the point where he can't breathe or can pass for female leggings which can be concerning.

What do you think?

Thanks for reading my forum and have a great day!

- Unique

Subject: Re: Life: What do you like for breakfast?

Forum: Life: What do you like for breakfast?
Hi Victoria,

Great Topic :)

For breakfast, I really enjoying eating nice and soft pancakes, bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, and biscuits along with orange juice as a beverage. I always eat homemade breakfast but I'd love to try IHops one day. I've heard that it has lots of great meals and would definitely try it.

To answer your last question, Yes I do think that breakfast is the most important meal of the day because you need it to have energy to start your day and keep you functioning well. On an empty stomach, our minds won't function well which is why eating breakfast is strongly encouraged.

Thanks for the forum and have a great day!

- unique

Subject: Re: International students

Forum: International students
Hi bluesapphire7,

That sounds interesting :)

I would live to have international friends but have never made any friends ever since I started college unfortunately. I really love learning about other people culture, language, and food. The college that I attend is so diverse and makes the environment really interesting.

Also, when you learn more than one language, you could connect more with people from other countries and more chances of finding a job since we see people from all around the world. I hope to meet some people soon :)

Thanks and have a great day!

- Unique

Subject: Re: What Do You Wash Your Face With? How Often?

Forum: What Do You Wash Your Face With? How Often?
Oh and I almost forgot to say that I wash my face every morning while taking a shower and every night before sleeping.

Thanks a lot :)

Subject: Re: What Do You Wash Your Face With? How Often?

Forum: What Do You Wash Your Face With? How Often?
Hi Thankful,

I also have acne that I really want to get rid of. Since, I'm on a budget, I can't really afford expensive acne products. I only use an African black soap by the name of "Dudu Osun" which people claimed that its good for acne and other skin issues. I've been using it for months and only see little changes. I'm thanking if switching to "AcneGone" or a "Sal3" soap to see what results I'll get with them.

To moisturize my skin, I use Almond oil which doesn't clog pores and very good for keeping our skin moisture.

Thanks a lot for this forum and have a great day!

- Unique

Subject: Do You Like Going Shopping?

Forum: Do You Like Going Shopping?

Happy Saturday :)

Do you like going shopping? Why or why not?


When I was younger, I used to like going shopping but now, I dislike it because it's hard finding clothes for my body type and it could be time consuming. I'm really skinny with a muffin top making it hard to fit in jeans. Also, I don't like being in crowded places or having to wait in long lines. When I'm going shopping, I always try to go in the early mornings to avoid all of the long lines and crowds.

How about you?

Thanks for reading my forum and have a great day!

- Unique

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