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Subject: Re: 1st Job?

Forum: 1st Job?
Hello James,

My first jobe was at a restaurant called "Texas Tom's" in Kansas City, Mo. I was a foster child and 14 years old. Some of my fondest memories were from there, not only did I meet alot of my friends there, but I was able to earn my own money and buy the things that I desired and needed. It was a wonderful feeling.

Have a great day!

Subject: Re: How do you handle failure or rejection ?

Forum: How do you handle failure or rejection ?

I don't handle rejection well, I tend to be hard on myself more than anyone else could ever be, and try to improve the situation. I take failure hard, as I am a perfectionist. It is in my nature and I hate to fail at anything.

Have a great day!

Subject: Re: Pepsi, Coke, or Dr Pepper?

Forum: Pepsi, Coke, or Dr Pepper?
Hello greenemerald,

I would have to say, Coke products, depending on my mood.

Have a nice day!

Subject: Re: Worst pain to have felt

Forum: Worst pain to have felt
Hello Love0390,

The worst pain I have ever felt was when I was giving birth to my children. Even though it was a terrific and amazing experience, it hurt so bad. I would rather have a tooth ache. Lol! The pain was definately worth it! I gave birth to 4 beautiful kids and was able to nuture them and see them grow into the wonderful young adults that they are now. I wouldn't trade that feeling for anything in the world.

Have a wonderful day!

Subject: Family and co-workers

Forum: Family and co-workers
Hello everyone,

Should family be allowed to work together in the same place, no matter their positions? I work for a facility, where there are many family members that work together, and some are family of department heads. This causes alot of drama because those people are treated totally different than the others. It seems that there are two sets of rules, one for them and one for everyone else. The family of the department heads, use the saying of " well my sister or uncle, or aunt, etc., says that I can do this." I don't feel this is right. I feel that the family of the boss should not be allowed to work at the same place. It creates to many problems for everyone involved. I would love to hear your responses.

Have a blessed day!

Subject: Re: What are you wearing for the 4th

Forum: What are you wearing for the 4th
Hello MotivatedOne,

For the 4th, my outfit was a set of scrubs, as I had to work. However, I did go to work with red, white & blue beads, along with a pair of glasses that lit up, and my residents loved it. On Saturday, I took a picture of my 33 year old daughter in her outfit. She had on a t-shirt with a flag, a hat, beads, a bow tie and a star spangled tutu. Lol! It was a great and went on facebook for all her family and friends to see. Oh, the joy of being a mother.

Have a fantastic hump day

Subject: Re: Urban Free Climbing: Extreme Sport or Suicide?

Forum: Urban Free Climbing: Extreme Sport or Suicide?
Hello Nathan,

I say "too each his own." Personally, I would never do it, since I am afraid of heights, and the thought of climbing makes me sick. Too me it is a suicide mission. When I see things on tv where people are climbing, I sit there and say, "OH HECK NO!" Lol! I admire anyone who is brave enough to do that crazy sport, but not me. NO WAY! Do what makes you happy and be safe.

Have a great day!

Subject: Re: Do you have any tattoos?

Forum: Do you have any tattoos?
Hello HoangryKH,

I am 51 and recently got my first tatoo, it isn't very big, but I did it. My daughter has been after me for 12 years to get a tatoo and for Mother's Day this year she bought me one. It was funny, after class one day she out of nowhere took me to get one without me knowing where we were going. We pulled up in the parking lot and I just gave her that look and she just said your welcome and smiled. It was a mother-daughter tatoo, it says "I love you with a heart in each others hand writing." She was taking video of me getting one and she told me she was waiting for the water works to flow, since I hate needles. Lol! Needless to say it didn't happen, I am a tough old bird. Lol! It was a good day and I can mark that off my bucket list.

Have a safe day!

Subject: Re: Have you received professional massage before?

Forum: Have you received professional massage before?
Hello allminesunshine,

I have never been to a chiropractor, but my daughter who is going to nursing school with me, also is a licensed massage therapist, and she is amazing. She gives me a massage quite often and they are wonderful. Every time I receive one, it puts me to sleep. I really enjoy the deep tissue massage with hot stones. She gets to my sore muscles and relaxes them and when the massage is over, I feel 100% better than when she starts. She puts a small bowl under where my face is since I drool while I am sleeping. Lol! So, to answer your question, yes, I feel a massage is amazing and does work. I am addicted to massages.

Have a wonderful day!

Subject: Children with Autisim

Forum: Children with Autisim
Hello CNET,

How do we educate people about the symptoms of a child with Autisim?
I have two of my grand children that have this horrible disease, a boy who is 11 and a girl who is 4. They are my life and totally different in the ways they act. My grandson is very intelligent and particular, once he finds something that he likes to do, he is all in it. We were pulling up carpet and painting the other day and he wanted to help, so, we paid him to help us and he enjoyed it thoroughly. Heck he wouldn't let me take over for him, he said "I got it grandma." Lol! Now, my grand daughter is 4 years, she is afraid of lots of people and loud noises. She is just now starting to speak, and normally doesn't want held or to be touched, unless it is on her terms. We recently went to her 4th birthday party and out of nowhere she came over and climbed up in my lap and began to snuggle with me. I refused to do anything while she was in my lap. It was some much needed snuggle time and it melted my heart. There is nothing more precious than snuggle time with my babies. Many times people look at them as if they are an out cast and begin to talk among themselves about the kids when we take them out in public. Yes, they have this disease, but it is not their fault and they are just more unique than everyone else in my eyes. I would love to hear your ideas on how we can educate people on this disease.

Have a fabulous Wednesday!

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