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Subject: Re: Favorite meal to cook on a cold day?

Forum: Favorite meal to cook on a cold day?

I love eating chili, that's the main thing I look forward to when fall and winter roll around, because I hate the cold. Sometimes I also like to drink tea while doing something, like reading.


Subject: Books

Forum: Books
Hello Everyone,

Before we chat, I just wanted to say Thank you to everyone who voted for me, it really means a lot, so again Thank You!

Okay now let's talk about books! To some this may seem like a terrible activity. Even for me it's hard to get into a book, but I feel like if you find a really good one, it's perfect. I love fictional books (especially fantasy), I just love seeing new worlds and seeing how I would react to certain situations that the characters go through. Right now, I'm reading a book right now called "The Queen of the Tearling", and the first 8 pages had me hooked!

So now I have a few questions for you:
-Do you like books?
-If so, what kind? If not, why?
-Also what is one of your favorite books?

Alright guys, see you around!

~Faith :D

Subject: Re: Favorite Dog Breed?

Forum: Favorite Dog Breed?

I have a Bichon Frise and I love him so much. His name is Winter and he is just so smart, friendly and sweet! Definitely my favorite.

Subject: Re: What is your favorite canned Food?

Forum: What is your favorite canned Food?

I have to say field peas for this, they are my favorite beans! My mom made them for me one time, and I was hooked. I was pretty skeptical, but I tried them and I'm glad I did. I don't know if it's how my mom seasoned them or what, but I love them!


Subject: Re: One food you would not eat?

Forum: One food you would not eat?

I also have never had or may never eat sushi. I just don't like the fact that it's not cooked, but everyone talks about how good it is, so maybe one day.

But something that I would never, ever eat would be pig feet. My grandma loved them, but I always told her she would never get me to eat pig feet.


Subject: Instruments

Forum: Instruments
Hey Guys,

Let's talk about music, specifically playing instruments. I played the two instruments, the clarinet and the tenor saxophone. My band teacher made people play the clarinet before being promoted to the saxophone, but I enjoyed the clarinet all the same. I loved playing the tenor sax, even though it was super heavy (especially when I had to carry it in the case), I really had a lot of fun. Once I got into high school, I joined the marching band, and it was amazing (my favorite part was performing).

Now I have a few questions for you:

What instrument did you play, and if you haven't played an instrument, what instrument have you always wanted to play?
(For me it's violin or cello)

-If you were in band did you join marching band, and if you were in orchestra, chorus or anything else, did you do concerts, and did you have fun?

~Faith :D

Subject: Re: What are you wearing today?

Forum: What are you wearing today?

Today I'm wearing (light) jean overalls with a light purple shirt and black tennis shoes. I dress casually all the time, every once in a while I may wear a dress/skirt, but I don't do it to impress anyone and get a boy's attention. I just do it for myself, and sometimes I just don't want to wear pants or tight jeans. :D


Subject: Movies

Forum: Movies
Hey Guys,

Let's talk about something fun (or at least I think it is), Movies! I love going to the movies, nearly everything about it is amazing. I love watching the super hero movies, mainly Marvel, and catching little Easter eggs and whatnot. But I always have one little problem, people who talk to me during the movie! I love my family and friends to death, but I hate when they try to have conversations during the movie, because I end up missing stuff, and I don't want to be rude and ignore them. With that being said, I have a few questions for y'all:
-What kinds of movies do you like? ( Ex: Superhero, romance, comedy)
-What's a pet peeve of yours when you go to the movies or watch them in general?
-Would you rather watch movies in theaters or in the comfort of your own home?

Subject: Re: Have you ever grown food?

Forum: Have you ever grown food?

Well personally, no I haven't, but my mom does have a garden and she plants herbs, different types of lettuce, tomatoes, and peppers! It's always funny when she says she has to do to her garden to get some herbs for our food. We can all tell she's really proud of her little garden. One day when I get my house, I'll try to plant some things because I've always wanted to. :D

Subject: Re: How do you like your turkey?

Forum: How do you like your turkey?
Hey! Well my family used to roast my turkey, but after awhile we tried frying our turkey and haven't never back since. It's sooo good, I love it.


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