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Subject: Re: What are your plans for the summer?

Forum: What are your plans for the summer?

I hope you enjoy your summer. I plan on doing a program that my school offers over the summer, I'll take some classes and hopefully have a good time. It'll give me a chance to get used to the school and know where everything is.

Good Luck!

Subject: Little Fish in a Big Pond

Forum: Little Fish in a Big Pond
Hello Everyone,

Today I wanted to talk about the idea of the Little fish in a Big pond. Personally, when I was younger, I considered myself pretty smart, I had good grades, liked to read a lot of books, and many people considered me smart. Once I got into high school, I entered into the IB program, and then I started to feel a bit insecure. I am still smart, of course, but so is everyone else, and the course work is harder. After awhile everyone will look down on you, talk about you, and consider you dumber than them. I know that I am at a higher level than a lot of people at my school, but I feel like I am at the lowest point of a higher level. Many of the kids are just extremely arrogant/rude, I don't let it get to me because I'm sure college will be the same way. (Of course, there's nothing wrong with being proud of/happy for yourself.) I just think of it as a way to stay humble and grounded.
Enough about me, what about you?
-Have you ever felt like a little fish in a big pond?
-If not, are you very proud/arrogant sometimes with your abilities, and how do you stay humble?

Subject: How does music affect you?

Forum: How does music affect you?
Hello Everyone,

Today, I wanted to talk about music and how it affects us. Personally I listen to music A LOT; when I ride the bus, do homework or study, and when I read, I am always listening to something. Even now I am listening to music. I also listen to a lot of different types of music: Classical, Gospel, Worship, Rap (mainly christian), and even music from movie soundtracks. Lately, I have begin to notice that I tend to act differently when I listen to different songs. I was driving with my instructor a couple weeks ago, and he put rap music on, and I noticed I started to drive faster (I usually drive really slow). Back when I used to listen to Kpop, specifically BTS, I began to act a lot softer and playful, then when I listened to rap I would act more aloof. I believe that different types of music put us in different mindsets and can affect our moods, how do you feel?

Enough about me, I wanted to ask you:
-What types of music do you listen to?
-How much?
-Do they affect your mood?

Thanks for participating

P.S. Sorry this was kind of long, I just was typing and looked down and it was just a lot lol

Subject: Re: Do you have a favorite teacher?

Forum: Do you have a favorite teacher?
My absolute favorite teacher would be my 12th grade English teacher! She is a wonderful lady and she treats us like we are her own children. She really does her best to help us and give us good advice for college and life in general. I wish I had her for more than one year, she is definitely the best teacher I've had in IB, and is even better than any other teacher I've had.


Subject: Re: Have Curse Words Become So Common They Have Lost

Forum: Have Curse Words Become So Common They Have Lost

Personally, I don't curse at all, maybe something may come out if I'm REALLY angry, maybe? I consider it something I can control easily, the words won't come out unless I want them to, so they usually don't. However, the people I hang out with don't curse either, so I get pretty shocked when I hear them curse. I feel words like "D**n" and "Sh*t" aren't very shocking anymore.


Subject: Re: Average Hours a week watching TV ?

Forum: Average Hours a week watching TV ?

I personally don't get to watch much TV, I study most of the time, and when I'm not studying I either watch YouTube or Netflix. I do that because, in the past, I always had a hard time keeping up with series that came on every week, so then I started recording the episodes, but never got to them in time, so they got deleted lol. Now I've just given up, and wait to see if the show comes on Netflix.


Subject: What's something fun you did in class?

Forum: What's something fun you did in class?
Hello CNET,

Today in school we are having an IB fun day. We're gonna play games, like Kickball and Mario Kart, and have a cookout, in an attempt to help us relax because we start our IB exams tomorrow. I'm really excited. Now I'm wondering, what's something fun you have done at school with your teachers/classmates?

Thank you

Subject: Re: The Effect of Technology on Relationships

Forum: The Effect of Technology on Relationships

In my opinion technology can have some positive and negative effects. I don't mind using technology to keep in touch with family or friends who are far away, but if we are in each others presence and on the phone the whole time what's the point? I feel like, I didn't decide to come and meet up with you just to watch you play on your phone the whole time. Let's talk or play games or ANYTHING together.


Subject: Re: Worst Quality You Received From Your Parents?

Forum: Worst Quality You Received From Your Parents?

My mom doesn't trust people easily, she is VERY nice and good with conversation but she doesn't really let people get close to her, besides my dad of course. She doesn't really have any real friends, it's just her and my dad, and I guess that's not a BAD thing, but I think it's good to have friends as well. I don't know if she doesn't want to get hurt or simply doesn't want to let her guard down, but I notice that in myself too, and hate it sometimes.


Subject: Ignoring the source material

Forum: Ignoring the source material
Hello CNET,

A lot of the times when books, like comics or novels, are adapted to the big, or small, screen, the directors decide to change a part of a character, usually the race or gender. This usually causes an uproar, the most recent times I can think of this happening is when Scarlett Johansson played the main character in "Ghost in the Shell", when Zendaya was rumored to play Mary-Jane and instead ended up being called MJ anyway in "Spider-man: Homecoming" and when Zazie Beetz was announced to play Domino in the newest Deadpool movie. All of these actresses are the very opposite of the characters that they play in the source material. Many people get annoyed and upset about changes like this, and some think it is good for diversity. How do you feel? Should we stick to the source material or change it up a little bit?

Thank You

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