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Subject: Re: Screen Time

Forum: Screen Time
Ooh gurl, I do a lot of it. I'm always staring at my computer screen to do online things and I like to keep background noise so that there's not a moment where there is complete silence. I'll put on a Beauty guru's makeup video even though I don't really wear makeup and just have it there just to have it there. I'm not really paying much attention, but those type of talk through videos really relax me and give me a really relaxing vibe in the room. This isn't great because I know for a fact that I work better in complete silence, but that's only when I have to hardcore get something done. Keeping a chill environment makes me want to keep working if I have the option to drift between the phone and typing this out (for example).

Also, my eyes get red after long exposure to a bright screen and I already wear pretty thick lenses. I am pretttyyy sure I'm like a gnat's hair away from being considered legally blind. So that's fun. I look forward to being blind when I'm old.

I just realized I never gave you a number for screen time outside of school. I'd say I spend around 6 hours on my devices. Sometimes more and sometimes less, it just depends on the type of workload I have that day!

Subject: Re: If you had a full ride to college?

Forum: If you had a full ride to college?
I don't think I would try any less, but I definitely would feel a lot less stressed about my future. I know my parents had to do a lot of strategic planning on their graduation time, what classes they took, and taking classes that they needed to and not really classes that interested them. If I had a scholarship, I think I would take as many classes as I could and use it to my fullest extent. In a way, it would make me work harder but without any of the stress and anxiety of years of future student loans. People who usually get scholarships earn them and are the type of person to work hard no matter what. Hopefully that'll be in my future.

Have a great day mistervancleef!

Subject: Uncommon knowledge

Forum: Uncommon knowledge
What's an interesting fact that you know or recently learned? Tell me something I don't know. Tell me something you're passionate about.

I recently learned that grass is actually a mixture of different species of grass and if a lawn is not maintained, it can look patchy because one species is out-competing the other species.

Subject: Re: What's the longest you have gone without a phone?

Forum: What's the longest you have gone without a phone?
I didn't have proper phone service for a whole month when I was in Taiwan and Hong Kong. It was really difficult to communicate w my friends not only because of the phone service thing, but also because they would be sleeping when I was awake and trying to connect to wifi so I could at least snapchat them or something. I was only able to connect to wifi maybe 20% of that month so the rest of the time, my phone felt like a worthless brick that I was carrying around out of sheer habit. Having no service also gave me such insight how much I relied on my phone to occupy myself when I was bored (on a train, a lull in conversation, sitting down on the couch etc). I seriously turn on my phone to check social media or to surf the internet at regular intervals. However, the service situation wasn't that bad because I was more or less always busy with activites and I was able to spend that time hanging out with my cousins. When you're away from your phone for so long, it feels refreshing not having to constantly keep up on social media.

PS. whoops on closer inspection, I realize you meant without a phone period. Like no physical phone. Having no phone service rendered my phone useless and it was pretty much like if I were to lose my phone right? I already wrote so much lol

Subject: Re: Gone free or busted?

Forum: Gone free or busted?
I really wish I had something really cool to contribute to this forum, but I've done nothing crazy. I'm an angel child (but my parents still yell at me all the time).

One time I lied to my brother about something really small like saying that I had missed his text asking if I needed to stay after school because my phone was acting weird when I actually did see his text and forgot to reply so I wouldn't get yelled at.

lmaooo my life is so boring.

Subject: Re: Are you comfortable in saying NO ?

Forum: Are you comfortable in saying NO ?


Subject: Re: I love to hate ______.

Forum: I love to hate ______.
I love to hate people who say they hate kids. I only know one in real life, and she's very loud, vain, and obnoxious, and not much more mature than a toddler herself.
....Trump, because duh.
....People who don't apologize after they've done something that inconveniences another person. This person with a very heavy backpack, swung it off to sit down in her chair, hitting my arm in the process and it hurt like a mothertrucker and she didn't even bat an eye. Maybe she didn't see, but why are you also so unobservant? The backopack clearly had an obstacle (MY ARM) in it's path.

ANyways... I agree with you on the Kardashian note.

Subject: Re: Solar Eclipse: What did you think?

Forum: Solar Eclipse: What did you think?
I wish! But everyone that is even remotely responsible in my life kept telling me not to look and to stay inside and watch from the computer because, in our state, we only get a partial eclipse. However, I glanced out the window and enjoyed how dark it got. It also started to rain right when it was the peak time and I got goosebumps because it felt so apocalyptic. Today was my first day of school and some teachers let their kids out (who had special eyewear) to see it, some broadcasted it online like mine, and others just ignored it lmao. It was really beautiful though. I got to see what they meant by the "diamond ring" and the rays of light showing off the craters of the moon. Amazing even though it's not with my own eyes.

Subject: How to Comfort a Crying Person?

Forum: How to Comfort a Crying Person?
I'm really quite rubbish at comforting a person who is crying. I usually get really sad and just stare at them, not knowing how to act. Then I'll awkwardly put my arm on them in a half-hug which makes it 100 times worse.

What do you do in this situation?

Subject: Re: I've been scammed by frauds

Forum: I've been scammed by frauds
I'm so sorry! Those people hunt down the innocent and the gullible and it's really terrible. I watched this guy on Youtube who recorded himself on a call with one of these scammers. From what you described and what I saw in his video, it seems that it's the same scam. He knew he was being scammed though and just kept acting like he didn't know what they were telling him, trolling them, ultimately yelling at them and asking why they would prey on the innocent and how he was glad that he was wasting their time. The video is called "Man Receives Call From Scammer and Proceeds to Waste His Time" on Youtube.

This sounds terrible, but be very cautious of unknown numbers, especially when the voice has an Indian accent and a very stereotypical American name like Amy Johnson.

Here are some more tips. I've heard that scammers have also become more advanced in their scamming ways. If a voice asks "Can you hear me?" do not say yes. If the scammer can get an audio recording of your voice saying "yes" then they can use your identity to do whatever. Instead, maybe try asking "Who are you?" or "What business do you have with me?"
I'm not sure how legitimate the 'yes' thing is, but its better to be on the safer side

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