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Subject: Re: Cilantro: Love it or hate it?

Forum: Cilantro: Love it or hate it?
Love it!! My friend introduced me to this place where they serve authentic Mexican tacos and they load them up with cilantro. For me, the more the better!


Subject: Re: Pepsi or Coke?

Forum: Pepsi or Coke?
Between these two, Pepsi... (But I'm definitely a Dr. Pepper kind of gal.)


Subject: Re: What do you wish you had more time for?

Forum: What do you wish you had more time for?
I would spend more time writing. It is my biggest passion, but since it is "just a hobby" it often gets pushed to the bottom of my to-do list.


Subject: Re: life or death situations

Forum: life or death situations
Recently, I was in a car accident. No one was hurt, thankfully, but it was still terrifying and could have been so much worse. This happened at a busy intersection and not a single person pulled over to call 911. I'm no expert, but I am pretty sure if you witness an accident you are supposed to stay on the scene. Good Samaritans are hard to come by, but a few of the police officers I had to deal with were absolute angels. They came up and comforted me and assured me that no matter what had happened, the most important thing was that everyone was alive- cars could be replaced.

I'd like to think I would call if I felt like someone was in trouble, and I have come very close to doing so multiple times with friends. Once, I was at a sleepover and one of my friends was going to meet up with a guy we knew a few houses over. She promised to be back in an hour, but when she stopped replying to phone calls, I got extremely worried. I told my other friend, who desperately did not want to tell her mother, that if something was wrong I would rather get in trouble for waking someone up than let something terrible happen to my friend. Everything turned out fine, she had left her phone somewhere inconvenient but it was stressful nonetheless.

I hear of too many cases where someone witness something, or heard something, and didn't make the call because they were too afraid to be wrong. I wish we would adopt a "rather safe than sorry" mindset- I feel like it is worth being wrong and everything be okay, than stay silent and something awful happen.


Subject: Re: World Citizens

Forum: World Citizens
There is a book called Ishmael by Daniel Quinn about a talking gorilla who teaches a man about "saving the world." (It sounds crazy, but trust me.) In it, the gorilla tells a story about an anthropologist seeking something to interview and he sees a squishy blob floating near the shore of the beach. So he approaches it, asks it to tell the creation myth shared among it's kind. The animal says they have an "account of creation," but not a myth. The creature explains that billions of years ago, there was nothing. Then, life appeared. The anthropologist asks where life appeared, land or sea? The creature asks, "What is land?" The anthropologist tries to explain, but the jellyfish says "The dirt and rocks over there are simply the lip of the vast bowl that holds the sea." The creature continues, describing how for millions of years there were simply microorganisms floating about and they gradually became more complex until "finally... jellyfish appeared!"

Every species sees itself as the omega- the most important creation, the most sophisticated- and that all the universe was created for them. Now, one can argue that animals cannot think like this and this is irrelevant. The point is that this is how humanity thinks, their creation story is the same as the jellyfishes. "Finally, humans appeared!" Our mindset is that the whole world was made for us and that we are the owners of it.

Yet, we treat it, and each other, terribly.

I definitely think there definitely needs to be a push towards world citizenship. Because in the end, we are all sharing this planet as our home. We can choose to see ourselves as the epitome of creation, or we can view it as a shared space, either way we have a responsibility to take care of our home and our neighbors.


Subject: Re: What 1 thing should everyone have to do?

Forum: What 1 thing should everyone have to do?
I am 100% on board with everyone having to work retail/fast food at some point- it is truly an eye-opening and challenging experience. I also think people should travel outside of their home-state at some point. It really gives people an opportunity to see what life is like outside of what they know. It can really enlighten people and help them understand why people are the way they are.


Subject: If you had to choose...

Forum: If you had to choose...
If you could only choose one book to read for the rest of your life, which book would you choose and why?

Have a great day!

Subject: Re: Keeping Track Of Things

Forum: Keeping Track Of Things
Honestly, I have to keep my planner on me at all times- and I have to write out additional to-do lists to ensure I do everything I need to. My memory is okay, it just takes forgetting an assignment or two to teach a lesson. If it is a super desperate thing that I absolutely cannot forget, I will either send a text to myself or write it on my hand.


Subject: Re: Is there a type of music you don't like?

Forum: Is there a type of music you don't like?
Heavy metal honestly terrifies me. If that's your thing, good for you. But, anytime I go into a Hot Topic, I feel like someone is going to jump out of the clothing rack at me ;)


Subject: Re: Would you want to be immortal?

Forum: Would you want to be immortal?
I think there would definitely be perks to being immortal, however, ultimately I think it would just be awful. Having to outlive everyone, friends, family, even your own children, and their children... It would make it to where you couldn't form relationships with anyone because you will be the one saying goodbye every time. So, here's to making the few years we do have count.


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