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Subject: Re: Dollar Stores-Are they really a bargain?

Forum: Dollar Stores-Are they really a bargain?
Buying food at the Dollar Store is usually a no go. It’s more expensive to buy smaller quantities there than it is at a usual store. In terms of actual goods/items, I have found some incredible steals. My roommate and I decorated our whole dorm for less than $15 with all the stuff we found at Dollar Tree- decorative mirrors, paintings, small plants. Seriously, I felt like a little interior decorator. HGTV better watch out.


Subject: Re: How often do you paint your nails/get them done?

Forum: How often do you paint your nails/get them done?
At this point in my life, I rarely go to get them done. My aunt used to take me when I was younger every few months. I love having them done, it’s nice to be pampered, but I don’t have the money to keep up now. If I feel like I need them painted, I usually try and do it myself. Some of my friends spend $70 a week to have them done! I don’t know where they are finding that kind of money, but I’d wish they’d tell me.


Subject: Re: Cancer epidemic

Forum: Cancer epidemic
To make the understatement of a lifetime, cancer freaking sucks. There’s not a single person I know that hasn’t been affected by it. Maybe if this country got back to organic farming and food it would lessen the problem, but I’m honestly not so sure. The strides that have been made in cancer research is amazing, though. I’m hoping the cure will be discovered in our lifetime. How amazing would that be??

I found a link on USA Today that gives a list of cancer charities to donate to.

And to anyone either diagnosed with cancer, or affected in any way- know you’re not alone.


Subject: Re: Should bottled water be banned?

Forum: Should bottled water be banned?
Water bottles are such a waste of plastic and money. A good reusable bottle costs maybe $15 and will last for months. I understand that it’s less convienient, but honestly in the long run you save money, save waste, and save yourself the trouble of having to buy water.


Subject: Re: Group Projects?

Forum: Group Projects?
I personally don’t like group projects. For some reason, I always get stuck with people who don’t want to work or refuse to meet up, so I end up having to do the whole project. I understand that it’s supposed to help us when we collaborate in our careers, but it isn’t so frustrating when everyone has a different schedule/work ethic.

One of my professors made us do a group project, but graded us individually and I think this is the best solution.


Subject: Re: Gender and dolls

Forum: Gender and dolls
I meant can confirm, not can’t!

Subject: Re: Gender and dolls

Forum: Gender and dolls

I work at a daycare and I can’t confirm it’s not a big deal. Usually parents buy their sons “boy” toys and their daughters “girl” toys, and when they get to daycare/school they automatically want to play with the opposite genders toy. The boys here love to wear the princess dresses because they don’t have them at home. Then the next day they come in wanting to be Batman, or a dog, or something else crazy! It doesn’t change who they are at all, kids just want to play with anything and everything. It’s not a big deal unless the parents make it one.



Subject: Re: Samsung or Apple?

Forum: Samsung or Apple?
Apple all the way!


Subject: Re: If I won the lottery tomorrow, I would.......

Forum: If I won the lottery tomorrow, I would.......
I’d pay off my student loans!

Subject: Re: Should you lose your driver’s license for unpaid s

Forum: Should you lose your driver’s license for unpaid s
To me, the idea that the government would do this is disgraceful. Just because someone can’t pay off a student loan doesn’t mean they are “deadbeat” or lazy. Chances are, their college educations could not score them a high paying job that could cover all the loans which is a failure of the system, not of the people.

Of course, there are exceptions to this; those who did go to college who either could pay their loans and chose not to, or who chose to not enter the workforce.

However, for those who work hard and still cannot pay it off, how does taking away their drivers license or professional license even resemble a solution? “You can’t pay off this debt, so let’s take away the only things that could give you a chance of doing so.” They either take away how you get to work, or take away your ability to work. It’s nonsensical. Not only does that make it nearly impossible to pay back the loan, but it makes it impossible to survive in this economy. And the government should absolutely step in to stop this. Our current politicians want to increase employment and taking a stand against this would show that they mean what they say, and that people won’t be punished for something unrelated.

One should only get their license revoked if they prove they are incapable or dangerous drivers. One should only get their professional license revoked if they prove they are incapable or dangerous workers. Chances are, if you can’t pay your loans off, your credit is already in the gutter and that’s punishment enough as it makes it difficult to get credit cards, car loans, home loans, or even get approved for rental.

If anything, our government should see this as a cry for help of our education system, work on finding a solution for getting college graduates better jobs, and more importantly find a solution to lower the cost of a higher education to fix the student debt crisis. And I know there isn’t a perfect solution, but I’d like to see some action take place.

As a college student, this is so concerning for myself and for others. It’s hard enough paying for college with a well paying job an someone steady income, and to have that threatened would be a nightmare.

Thanks for reading!


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