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Subject: Re: it your thing to do

Forum: it your thing to do
I like using coupons, but it's also pretty tedious to find, clip, and then use them at the store. I've also found that I end up using only a fraction of the coupons I clip because the off-brand is typically cheaper than the brand name with the coupon. The exception is if there's a special going on that allows use of coupons, and sometimes they don't. I get coupins by going to the coffee shop late morning on Sundays and pull the coupons from papers left behind.

I think there was a time when coupons were more profitable, but the extreme couponing craze kind of ruined it. Now most stores have policies about how many coupons can be used and when. After all, despite the clapping you see on the couponer shows, no store actually wants a customer to leave with carts of products for free.

How about electronic coupons? I use store specific ones but haven't found a general use one that's much good. Can anyone recommend one?

Subject: Outdoor Activities!

Forum: Outdoor Activities!
The weather is getting warmer and the April showers are hopefully on their way out, so I've been thinking about things I want to do outside this summer.

What's your favorite spring/summer outdoor activity?

Subject: Re: What can we expect to find in your car?

Forum: What can we expect to find in your car?
A great reminder (ugh!) that I need to clean out my car...

sweatshirts, softball gear, potting soil, cabinet screws, shoes, change of clothes, trash, granola bar, lottery tickets I haven't cashed in yet, winter coat, gloves, picnic blanket, unused kitty litter.

Subject: Re: Let's Talk: Books

Forum: Let's Talk: Books
Awesome! Thanks for a place to find new books to read!

I've been thinking about reading The Road for some time - it's even already on my kindle. You've given me the inspiration to finally make time to read it!

Ishmael - by Daniel Quinn is a great book, as are the companion books My Ishmael and The Story of B. I don't usually read philosophical novels but they were really engaging and worth the read.

I also like reading Orson Scott Card. He's probably most known for Ender's Game since it was made into a movie (which did not do the book justice, in fact it changed the ending which was a critical piece of the plot). I really enjoyed all of his series and found it really easy to become involved in the characters' lives.

I can't wait to see what other books are posted so I can add them to my reading list!

Subject: Re: Random acts of kindness

Forum: Random acts of kindness
That's a really awesome idea Raelo! I might have to borrow it from you!

I once had a person in the drive-thru line at a coffee shop pay for my drink. I got to the window and the cashier said the previous person just wanted to spread some kindness and buy whatever the car behind them had in their order. It was pretty cool! A few days later, I did the same!

Subject: Re: Let's Talk: Saving Money

Forum: Let's Talk: Saving Money
Great question!

I'm sort of borderline when it comes to saving money. We do alright, but I wish I saved more. We opened a savings account with the intent of putting away money that we would only use for emergencies. The problem is that several emergencies happened all at once and we now find our rainy day fund not only depleted but also we're having to pull from our regular account to cover the difference. In a perfect world I wouldn't have credit card debt or school loans and pulling from our normal account wouldn't be an issue. But, we do and that's our reality. I don't think there's anything I really regret buying, I probably could have made some better choices in my youth, but I can't go back and change it, so it is what it is.

I'm looking forward to hearing other people's tips and tricks. We've been trying to cut costs where we can but it's always enlightening to hear what others have to say about money!

Subject: I'm an INFP - what personality type are you?

Forum: I'm an INFP - what personality type are you?
I was reading about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) recently and am curious to know what types of personalities we have here in the forums!

In case you aren’t familiar with it, there are 4 pairs of traits and when your preferred traits are combined you have a 4-letter type. To determine your type, from each pair (see below) select the trait that is most natural, comfortable, or easiest for you. This doesn’t mean that you don’t also use/possess the other trait, just that this is the one that comes most naturally.

Once you’ve got it figured out (or if you already know), share it with the group and include it in your tags!! Let’s see what type of personalities are here!

Brief description of the pairs…more info available on google!
Extroverting/Intraverting – how you prefer to get your energy (this is not the same as being outgoing)
Extroverting – are energized by being around people
Intraverting – need time on their own to feel energized

Sensing/iNtuiting – how you prefer to take in information
Sensing – take information in through the 5 senses; prefer to think about things as they currently are
iNtuiting – taking information in through the “sixth sense” or gut feeling; prefer to think about how things could be

Thinking/Feeling – how you prefer to make decisions
Thinking – decisions are based on logic and reasoning and whether decision is fair/just
Feeling – decision are based on personal values and how decision affects others’ feelings

Judging/Perceiving – how you prefer to live your life outwardly
Judging – prefer to have things settled; adheres to rules and deadlines
Perceiving – prefer to keep options open; sees rules and deadlines as flexible

Subject: Re: Dating in the 21st Century

Forum: Dating in the 21st Century
That's a tough question! I think it comes down to the couple and what they're comfortable with. For me personally, I would say the number would probably be around 5 dates. That seems like enough to know if you have things in common and want to spend more time together.

I think almost anything could constitute a date. There are the classic dinner or movie dates but I think it can be fun to mix it up sometimes!

Subject: Re: What you think about open book tests?

Forum: What you think about open book tests?
I had a similar experience with open book tests. It was extremely difficult and I had to know the material really well in order to finish all the questions. At best, having notes was useful if I forgot a specific term but knew the concept.

I'm ok with open book tests and in some ways prefer them, so long as the instructor is up front about the difficulty compared to time limit (mine was). I think open book tests, if designed well, can give instructors insight into who can memorize the material and who actually understands it.

Then again, I'm not in classes this semester so maybe I'll have a different opinion when I'm taking finals in the fall! :)

Subject: Re: When You were a kid, What did you want to be?

Forum: When You were a kid, What did you want to be?
I wanted to be an astronaut after we watched the Challenger explosion live in school. I don't know why such an awful event sparked an interest in me. Maybe it was because I didn't really understand what was happening but could feel the adrenaline in the room. Perhaps it was the idea of the danger. Who knows what goes on in the mind of a 6 year old.

Of course only later did I learn that I was terrified of flying along with everything else it would take to be an astronaut!

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