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Subject: Re: Opinions about today's hearing

Forum: Opinions about today's hearing
Hey there,

It's really hard to say who is lying. Both make valid points. But, as you said, it's hard to believe someone who is so aggressive. I find myself believing Dr.Ford more because she just seems like a nicer and softer person. But then what if Kavanaugh is the victim and people are accusing him of doing this sin in front of his wife. It also just doesn't look good at all.

It's hard to tell the truth with so little evidence. I mean we are asked to believe word of mouth. So who do we believe. Well, I hope the innocent wins.

Thanks for the forum!
Have a great night :)

Subject: Re: The next chapter of your life..

Forum: The next chapter of your life..
Hey Rochelle,

I had to take a year gap, but not because I wanted to, but because o had. I had to move from one country to another, and on that time I was unable to register for school. But when I finally started school I took full time and I even took full time in the summer. I hated seeing all my friends above year in college. Especially since i was a good student in high school.

I personally feel that if you are going to take a gap year it is all going to go for waste. Unless you have a goal set, and there is something to motivate you to achieve that goal (like due dates) then you probably won't achieve anything and the year will just pass by eith you unchanged. At least that's what I think.

It can be a tough decision to make, and life changing too. So o would suggest that you start taking liberal studies for your first year and just take courses that can be as your electives.

I know it's tough so good luck! And thanks for the forums! :)

Subject: Re: CollegeNet Voting

Forum: CollegeNet Voting
Hey Raeanna,

So I mainly vote for people who reply to my forums. I usually look for the two people who took the most time and gave it the most thought to reply to me. For me , it's pretty rare to vote for someone in another forum.

But, i will definitely read forums other than my own, even if I'm not replying. I always like reading other people's opinions and learning from different people and different ideas. That's what collegenet is for, right?

Anyways, thanks for the forum!

Have a great day!

ps. I really like your name! Very interesting.

Subject: Re: Checkers or Chess?

Forum: Checkers or Chess?
Hey Kathy!

You're right! These games (sadly) aren't played as much! I honestly don't know how to play either of them. As a child, my older brother did try to teach me chess, but I never got the hang of it.

But now that you bring it up, I think I should really learn how to play chess. My husband is 10 years older than me and he used to always play these classic games with his brothers. I think it would be a nice surprise to get chess and learn how to play it, and then surprise him with being a competitive oponent! i'm really loving this idea!! Thanks! :)

I also think we should teach our children and the next generation how to play games like these, because they make use your brain a lot more than video games!

Anyways,, thanks for the forum!
Have a great day :)

Subject: What made your day or ruined you day?

Forum: What made your day or ruined you day?
Hello everyone!

What (or who) is something that made your day a better day, or just absolutely ruined it?

Today i did well on my accounting test, i didn't get a perfect score, but I got a very good one. I haven't been doing very well in school since this is the first semester where i have so much on my plate!

Thankfully I'm starting to learn how to organize my time..

Anyways, what about you? Looking forward to reading your replies!

Have a great day everyone!

Subject: Re: Childhood bullies.

Forum: Childhood bullies.
I wasn't bullied much as a student, mainly because I used to go to small schools and there wasn't much bullying in the first place. But in 4th and 5th grade I want to a big school and I did hear a few mean comments.

I remember trying to stand up for myself but not being able to. I remember when a girl who was my friend (or so I thought) told a group of girls that I said something about someone when I never did. I was so shocked and just didn't understand why she would do that. I remember confronting her and asking why she did it and in the middle of talking I just started crying. I was so innocent and I just had never dealt with things like that. As I grew older I started to learn how to defend myself and that there is evil in the world.

Bullying must be stopped at all expenses. It is hurting young innocent children and stopping them from living a happy childhood.

Subject: Re: Who do you appreciate?

Forum: Who do you appreciate?
Hey isacat,

I'm thankful to everyone in my life. I feel that everyone i come kn ckntact woth has a part in building me.

I'm also thankful of my parents and siblings. Although I don't get to see them much it's great to know there are people who care about you and love you.

Finally, I'm thankful for my husband. He is always encouraging me and pushing me forward, even when I don't want to be pushed. He wants the best for me before I even want it. He's great.

Anyways, thanks for the forum!
Have a great nigh

Subject: Quick dinners

Forum: Quick dinners
With school I some times tend to forget to make dinner. All of a sudden I feel hungry and don't know what to eat, especially if I'm saving. In moments like these I don't care what o eat as long as it's fulfilling. So, sometimes when I need a quick dinner I make pasta with ready sauce. If I'm feeling in the mood I may even cut up chicken for the protein!

What about You? What do you do when you need a quick and fulfilling dinner?

Looking forward to your replies!

Subject: Re: Do you eat breakfast every morning?

Forum: Do you eat breakfast every morning?
Hey Mathew!

I cannot function without breakfast. I hate studying or listening to a lecture when I'm hungry so I do eat breakfast when I first wake up. It doesn't have to be an amazing breakfast. And sometimes I have the same exact breakfast every single day. It's just easier.

I usually have middle Eastern breakfast called labneh. Labneh is like yogurt but it is left to dry. I but It ready and I just spread it on bread and put over it Olive oil and dried mint and yum yum yum you have the easiest fastest and yummiest breakfast! You can find labneh in middle Eastern stores. I also found it in walmart as a turkish product

Anyways thankss for the forum!
Have a great night

Subject: Re: Do you think animals should be cloned?

Forum: Do you think animals should be cloned?
Hey Kate,

From a religious stand point, I can never agree with cloning. It does seem really inhuman and unnatural. I feel that those cloning are doing acts that are bigger than themselves. I do believe that everything happens for a reason and I don't think humans should interfere with the way nature works. Although I can see the positive side, I don't think it's a good enough reason to clone. However, being that I am speaking from. Religious point of view, science does not. So I know I'll never be able to convince a scientist but this is my opinion even before reading about the pros and cons.

Anyways thanks for the forum!
Have a great night

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