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Subject: Re: Motivation

Forum: Motivation
Hey Anna,

This topic is actually something that always has me thinking. Sometimes I wonder if there was the right motivation would I be able to achieve things? Or would I still not be able to reach my goals...

I have set for myself a lot of goals that I wish I could achieve and I can but I just need to set my mind to do so. For example, one of my big goals is to learn another language. I can easily buy a book or CD and get to it. And if o really commit in a year I could be fluent with another language. All it needs is practice. The things is if it's not in school and I have a deadline I won't achieve anything, even if o really want it. I don't know how to prioritize or find time for things outside of school. So i just keep them for last when I feel free. Then the entire day passes and I dont end up achieving the goal I had set for the day. And it's like that everyday. But, if I had someone on top of me,which I wish I did, I would be able to do a lot more.

Anyways, thanks for the post!
Have a great day.

Subject: Re: I want to bring more awareness to _____ in my life

Forum: I want to bring more awareness to _____ in my life
I want to bring more awareness to throwing food away. I'm completely against throwing food and I love trying to use leftovers in different ways like using shredding chicken that was meant for one meal in another. Some cultures don't find anything wrong with throwing away leftovers and I just think that's horrible. Especially when people are dying. We should always be thankful for what we have and we shouldn't over eat or throw away food because that's just wasting.

Subject: Re: Late Night Thoughts

Forum: Late Night Thoughts
Hey there!

This was a nice post to read. Yes it's true, when you're younger you don't believe what the elders have to say. You feel that you understand the world more than them. But until now, I do try to look at life different than those my elders, because they always give this negative vibe.

For example, when I got engaged I would hear a lot about how my life will change and how things will change and how stressful it can be. But I told myself j didn't want to be a person that regrets marriage or regrets my life. So I decided to stay positive and work with my life. And so far I am having good results!!

Subject: Re: How long have you had your current cellphone?

Forum: How long have you had your current cellphone?
Hey Julia!

So I've had this phone for almost three years now. It's still in good condition although secretly I would love an upgrade! But I would never buy a new phone because j dont like throwing away or buying new things if what I have still works. I just feel that it's a waste of money and that we should be happy and convinced with whatever we want!

So what I mean is, newer will always look more appealing, but do we really need it?

Subject: Re: Are you a morning person or a night owl?

Forum: Are you a morning person or a night owl?
Hey there!

I'm definitely a night owl. The worst thing you can tell me is to wake up early. I just love to sleep and fully get my rest. I love to wake up by myself without an alarm clock. The reason why I hated school so much was because I was always so sleepy and tired from waking up early. I would come back home and take these long naps out of exhaustion.

Also, I'm not the type of person who has a sharp mind in the morning. Some people wake up and are ready to work and study. But for me, I like to wake up and take things slowly. First having breakfast and relxaing from my long sleep. Lol

I feel that I do my best during the night and I study and achieve more during the evening.

Anyways, thanks for the post!
Have a great night

Subject: Does the weather affect your mood?

Forum: Does the weather affect your mood?
Hey everyone!

Today was kind of a gloomy day, and I just felt like i didn't want to do anything. I had so much to study and all I wanted to do was sleep and waste time.

Do you feel that the weather affects your mood? Do you feel happier or energetic on a nice sunny day, or down on a dark on a rainy day?

Tell me your thoughts!
Have a great day :)

Subject: Re: Favorite milkshake flavor?

Forum: Favorite milkshake flavor?
This is a yummy post! :)

I love milkshakes and I'm always always a chocolate lover! When I'm deciding between milkshakes I always go for the chocoliest one. I like the ones that are just pure pure chocolate, with chocolate fudge topped with whipped cream! Ahhh I can just taste it!!!

But I don't mind trying different flavors here and there. Strawberry flavored milkshakes are always yummy too, as well as vanilla milkshakes. I also love anything mint chocolate flavored so I also love those milkshakes especially at Baskin Robins!

But I'm not a big fan of fries and milkshakes, mainly because I am a huge lover of both and I just like to eat each one separately and enjoy each one separately to the max. I guess I'm just not a huge fan of mixing.

Anyways, thanks for the post!
Have a great night!

Subject: Re: School Stresses me out because_________?

Forum: School Stresses me out because_________?
Hey there,

Yes I am totally stressed out because I'm just not getting anything. This semester is last semester before I finish my associates degree and move on to my bachelor's degree. I feel a little excited, but these last three courses the I am taking are just so challenging. I am not able to really take in each course because I'm just skimming through it so I can catch up. I was traveling earlier so I'm really behind. Thankfully my professors are understanding, but not forever.

The course I'm really nervous about is my Statistics course. I'm just not understanding it, and today I took my first quiz and I just did horrible. That makes me feel awful because I'm still at the beginning of the semester and I'm already lost. I'm unable to enjoy anything like hanging out with my friends or my husband because I'm just so worried about this course and I just can't find enough time to study. I'm really slow in studying and that doesn't help at all. So I need to really change my game and way of studying. Wish me luck!

Anyways, thanks for the post!
Have a great day :)

Subject: Are you too lazy too recycle?

Forum: Are you too lazy too recycle?
Admit it! Do you recycle? Or do you find it too much of a hustle to do so? Or do you not even believe in recycling or care about it?

I love recycling but sometimes I do just choose the easy way out and throw everything in one trash. But recently I've been trying to separate my trash and throwing it in the recycling bin.

For those who recycle, what Ideas do you have for recycling? How strict are you about recycling? Do you go out of your way to recycle, or only when it's convenient?

Looking forward to your posts! Have a great evening!

Subject: Re: Would You Still Tip?

Forum: Would You Still Tip?
Hey There!

I think it's always nice to leave a tip and help someone out. As you said, a lot of people are heavily dependent on tips and it can be a big smack on the face when they don't receive a tip. Especially if they were really looking forward to it!

I try to give a nice bonus or tip for excellent service. But if I'm just picking up food or something I don't give big tips. Because I don't feel that the waiter did anything. I didn't really experience the service at the end, I only experienced the food!

I wish I could be more generous with my tips if I had more money.

Anyways, thanks for the post! Have a great day :)

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