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Subject: Re: Old CNET or new CNET?

Forum: Old CNET or new CNET?
Hey, Erin!

My fiancé actually said the same thing. I found out from her about this site. She used to compete about 6 years ago. She won about 12k from this site in total. It would be a lot less work if CNET were old like it used to be.

However, my fiancé said that people would cheat... all the time. Since the amount was bigger, it was harder to win and people would make fake accounts and get their friends to vote. The system wasn't weighted like it is now.

The new CNET is more honest and true. We're not cut-throat trying to get to 1st place. We all work together, because helping each other makes us and many others win. I notice when I vote for members that are doing well, it helps me more. That is because the system is set up so people will be honest. Throwing a vote to someone who doesn't participate or avoiding their topics makes you do worse in the rankings. It's not the number of votes, it's the quality of votes.

This being said, I think I like this system. It is a lot of work, but it's honest. Those that deserve to win and work hard do.


Subject: If you could be the opposite sex for the day...

Forum: If you could be the opposite sex for the day...
If you could be the opposite sex for one day, what would you do? (By the way, lets not make this sexual. Ha ha).
I want to know what activities you would try or what you would try to learn.



Hey, Aushenae!

I was told this was the key to remembering and getting better grades:

Read over your notes right after class. And read over your notes from the day before right before class. It will help you retain them! My grades improved tremendously from doing this!

Also, study in small chunks. One you get tired, do calf raised and butt squeezes! ( I know you think I'm crazy), but when you sit too long, there is an artery in your legs that gets pinched. If you do this, it helps return blood flow. Making you feel more awake.

Also, use a vitamin D lamp when you study inside! You actually get vitamin D like you would from the sun. It helps you study longer because you feel more awake!


Subject: Re: How do you handle stress

Forum: How do you handle stress
Thank you to everyone that replied to my topic!

Netflix is a method I use to handle stress. Distraction is a huge technique they teach in nursing school. Exercise is my number one use for stress relief.

I'd like to believe I handle stress well, but I could be better. I'm 31, and it took me a long time to figure out what worked for me. In my early 20's, I was terrible with stress and easily overwhelmed.
Talking is a great method I use. It's nice to have someone there to listen. Hydration is also important! It makes you nervous when you are not hydrated. If you add caffeine to that, it's even worse!

I play the cello! I was really good in early college. However, when I'm stressed I can't laugh. I get uptight for a bit. That is so great you are able to do that. How long have you been playing piano?

That is a very rare quality to have. I am pretty good at letting things go. It doesn't keep me up at night, most times.

I listen to a meditation tape to help me sleep. It's so relaxing! I've never heard of focusing on textures and tastes? I'll have to try that. It sounds interesting!
My fiancé likes to relax and take a hot bath. If she feels like she's healthy, then she isn't stressed!

I think separating yourself from the stimuli of stress is the most common method of stress relief. I think thinking it over also helps clear your mind and come to terms with the event.

The most successful people have a plan. The only way to do this is to make a schedule.

I used to do yoga all the time, but stopped recently. I need to get back into it. I've just been lazy. What kind of yoga do you like?

Thank you again to everyone that replied!


Subject: Re: How patient are you?

Forum: How patient are you?
Hey, Bluesapphire!

I'm extremely patient. My friends say it's my best quality. My fiancé sometimes becomes upset, however, because she believes I stay too patient when things go wrong. She is the opposite. She always stands up to people and becomes stressed easily.

I've been told by many people I'm the most patient person they've ever met. My mother said when I was a baby I'd rarely cry. I was always very content, and I am currently content with the wonderful things I have.

The only person I know more patient than me is my dad. I've never heard him swear or raise his voice. I think this is where I get this temperament.

However, I have become very angry only a handful of times. Each time I did, it was for something that was really bad.

An example: My grandmother had just died, and my aunt was attacking my mother over material possessions. She claimed a bunch of the items were her's. My mom loves her sister, so she was complying. She was attacking my mother viciously for no reason, and my mom was in tears. I cussed and called my aunt the worst word I can think of. I think this is the angriest I have ever been and lost my temper.

Good for you for staying patient with you application. There are always rewards for being patient.


Subject: Re: Staying Motivated

Forum: Staying Motivated
Hey, Gabriella!

I am the type of person that needs sleep or I can't function. In order to stay motivated, I need to take care of myself and have the energy.

1.) I found that I need 9 hours of sleep to feel rested. This is a little more than the average. I also need to stay hydrated, or I feel sluggish.

2.) One thing I do is read material that is positive. If you surround yourself with negativity, you become down and unmotivated.

3.) I drink a little caffeine in the morning to get myself going and complete the most difficult tasks at the beginning of the day. It keeps me motivated because good things are coming.

4.) I always set a big goal. I make a small goal every week, a semi-big goal every month, and a huge goal every year. It gives me something to look forward to, and helps me keep my motivation.

- My current goals are to publish a fiction novel in the next few years.

- Finish taxes

- Organize my photos

5.) I exercise three times a week. Staying healthy makes me feel good, thus keeping me motivated.

6.) I eat healthy. I put good food in my body to give me fuel to stay motivated.

Have you ever heard of the book (ebook) "High Performance Habits for Successful People"? It lays out how the world's most successful people stay motivated. It's awesome! I highly recommend it. I adopted the about 6 habits from this book. I've been doing this the last year, and my life has changed completely!

How do you stay motivated and interested in what you are doing?


Subject: A few close friends or multiple?

Forum: A few close friends or multiple?
Morning! Are you the person with a few close friends or many acquaintance friends? Why have you chosen this?

I find this also is usually determined by age!

I'll post my opinion later.

Happy Wednesday!


Subject: Re: What is your best quality?

Forum: What is your best quality?
Thank you to everyone that commented on my forum!

I can tell you have people skills by some of the things you've written! That's a really important quality to be successful in life. I was also shy for a long time. I started faking it until I actually was confident and have people skills. People always gravitate toward the person who is open and welcoming.

Easy-going is also a great quality! That means you're easy to be around and can keep friends. I'm also easy-going. Ever since I was a baby, I've always been content.
Don't sweat it. I think we are our own biggest critic! It's hard to see the good in ourselves!

As someone that wants to be a nurse, compassion is important. Ha, ha! I can imagine you are popular when someone is down. You're probably easy to talk to and understanding. While a good quality, it has it's bad times because people will sometimes drain compassionate people.
Like I was telling Sarah, we are our own worst critics. I think as we age we become more accepting of our faults.

Thank you all, again!


Subject: Re: Who's your audience?

Forum: Who's your audience?
Hey, Jessica!

I have actually read quite a few bios. I will be honest that I have not read everyone's, but members I see often or have been consistently posting on my stuff I try to get to know.

It helps me relate and be able to have a conversation with my posts. Plus, I can't get a feel for who the person is and I can imagine this as I read what they write.

You must be re-competing after a bit. I didn't recognize you from posts the last few weeks. I'll have to read your bio.

I'm thinking I will have read everyone's bio by the time a month passes. Especially when I give votes, you go to their profile. It is hard not to read a bit or know something when you do this.

I find members who care and helpful to the other members do consistently well. It makes sense. In order to do well on this site you have to support each other. There are 12-15 spots that win instead of 1st place. I like this. It creates more of a community and a better excuse to get to know each other.

Hope you're having a good day.


Subject: Re: How often do you wash your hair?

Forum: How often do you wash your hair?
Hey, Bella!

So, I want to answer for my fiancé (because since I'm a guy, I wash my hair every shower).

She washes her hair once a week. Some people have made comments they think it's gross. However, if she wouldn't tell you, you wouldn't know! Her hair is down to her butt. It's healthier for her hair if she only washes it once a week.

She will condition it every wash, and only shampoo every other wash. She has beautiful, shiny hair. Everyone always asks her how she does this, and it's because of her washing habit!

It depends on the person! Some people sweat more or feel uncomfortable not washing their hair everyday (like me). However, I do think everyone should shower every day.

Hope you're having a good day!


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