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Subject: Re: Which totem are you?

Forum: Which totem are you?
Good evening.
I am snake

Subject: Re: Do you share food?

Forum: Do you share food?
Hey cnets.
I always liked to share my food. Specially since i have kids I always give them my food

Subject: Re: Someone who your day today!

Forum: Someone who your day today!
Good evening.
Great question. My son got the best student of the September month. He made my day.
Have a good night

Subject: Re: Computer screen eyes

Forum: Computer screen eyes
Great question.
Since all most of the our classes online now I spend about 5-6 hours a day.

Subject: What was your fist word as a child?

Forum: What was your fist word as a child?
Good afternoon.


Mine was "mom". I asked my mom about and she confirmed.
So what about you guys?

Subject: Re: Working out

Forum: Working out
Hello CNETS.

This my weak side. I love to working out but I am trying to gain some weight. If I go to gym I will loose even more. Some exercises at home Im doing all the time but not heavy ones. I mean lots of running, heavy lifting etc.

Great question.
Have a good day

Subject: Re: Pen or Pencil? Highlighting or Notes?

Forum: Pen or Pencil? Highlighting or Notes?
Hey Kerry.

I use pens most of the time. Specially on my powerpoint. I use highlighter a lot just to make sure that I will not miss those some important points when I am studying for that subject.

Have a good day.

Subject: Re: What's for lunch?

Forum: What's for lunch?
Good day everyone.

Yours lunch sounds yummy. I have nothing in my mind but I might go to store and get some avocado and some salad + chicken.
Thank you for remind me about the lunch. To be honest I have been studying for my classes that I forgot about the lunch. Have a good day.

Subject: favorite football team.

Forum: favorite football team.

Football season started. I live in Nashville TN. My favorite team is Titans.
Even though they not good, but I watch every game.

What about you guys? What is your favorite football team?

Have a great day everyone.

Subject: Re: Favorite type of cookie?

Forum: Favorite type of cookie?
I loves sweets. My favorites cookies are chocolate and walnut ones. I can eat them all day long.
And specially if you warm them in microwave they even getting better.

Have a good day.

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