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Subject: Re: Word Scramble - S.A.T.U.R.D.A.Y P.L.A.N.S

Forum: Word Scramble - S.A.T.U.R.D.A.Y P.L.A.N.S
Turd and Stay. Love the word game!

Subject: Re: Do U like action movie, romance, comedy or horror?

Forum: Do U like action movie, romance, comedy or horror?
Action or comedy for sure! I feel like some of the romantic movies are too cheesy. Sometimes I like them, but most of the time I like action movies, especially Marvel movies!

Subject: Re: College Fears

Forum: College Fears
I am going back again for another degree after a year. This time I will be living out of my hometown and in a city without the comfort of my parents being there. I am absolutely terrified. My main thing is money - I will be in a fast-track nursing program and they don't let you work. So that scares me and makes me wonder how I will make it at times, but I know it will all work out and I will have a good job in a year. I am also scared about how fast and rigorous the program is, but I know I am capable of doing great if I focus on the big picture. We can't let our fears get the best of us! Because then we don't do what we set out to do, and thats not good enough! We are strong, smart, and very capable of success if we give it our all!

Good luck with school!

Subject: Re: Road rage is real. I'll KILL YOU??

Forum: Road rage is real. I'll KILL YOU??
I get SOO mad driving! I have never actually done anything crazy besides beep my horn and ride someone's butt to make them get over. My biggest pet peeve is on the interstate or highway and a person decides to go the speed limit in the left lane. LIKE WHY! It is ridiculous and makes me so furious. I usually throw around a lot of bad words and honk my horn. My boyfriend thinks it is hilarious; I do not. I just don't understand why they can't get into the right lane since they are going the same speed limit as the person in the right lane. JUST MOVE OVER! A lot of times I find myself yelling at the person and when I pass them it is an old person and I feel immediately like the worst person in the world - because I wouldn't talk to my grandparents like that!

Subject: 13 Reasons Why

Forum: 13 Reasons Why
I just finished the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why. If you have seen it, do you think the producers hit the mark for bringing awareness to suicide? Or do you think they missed it?

I feel like they did an ok job on the series. I have seen many articles about people being very worried that the right message isn't getting out - and that is that people who commit suicide also have a mental illness. Hannah's, in my opinion, was obviously depression from being bullied, name-called, back-stabbed, isolated, and raped. Some of the articles also touched on the idea that the show is giving people an idea for suicide with the tapes - because Hannah did the tapes kind of as a "it's your fault I'm dead" to make the kids feel guilty. I asked someone who attempted suicide and survived about the series, and they said they don't like the portrayal of her committing suicide just because she was bullied - that mental illness is usually the main cause for suicide and the show didn't even touch on that aspect.

It was a difficult series to watch because these things really do actually happen to people in high school. I never had it happen to me - I had plenty of rumors started about me, but I laughed them off and didn't care. Do you think there is a way to raise kids with tough skin and self-confidence? Or are some people just prone to being shy and scared to speak up for lack of confidence? This is not a knock on anyone - but I am curious if there is a way we can raise confident young females and males that aren't afraid to stand up for what is right and what they believe in. I never want anyone to think that suicide is the only way out, because I believe that each person is important and has a purpose somewhere in the world.

Let me know your thoughts! I know this is a heavy post, but I hope to hear what you all think about it.

Have a great weekend!

Subject: FINALS

Finals are coming up - are you guys ready?! I only have one final because I only have one class that was a requirement for the school I just got accepted to. So I have it easy peasy.

How many finals do you have? Have you started studying now?

Finals always stressed me out major - so good luck to all of you taking your college finals!

Subject: Re: How many paid vacation days a year do you want?

Forum: How many paid vacation days a year do you want?
I think two weeks is an ok amount of time. It should definitely be required and paid, because like someone mentioned before, they are preserving the well-being of their employees. I think it would also be a great idea to add in two more weeks, but have it optional and unpaid - leave the choice up to the employee. The studies are very clear about the correlation between vacation and work ethic, I think that would be enough for employers to see and want to do. If it increases the focus and motivation of the workers why wouldn't you do it? I think this should only apply to those who are full-time as well - if you're part-time somewhere then you have the time to decompress.

Subject: Re: Summer Jobs

Forum: Summer Jobs
I always have a summer job - I need something to keep me on track and moving! My favorite is babysitting because we can go to the pool, park, museum, or wherever. But last year I had to do an internship before I graduated so I worked at Academy. I interned 8-5 and then would work from 6-close. I really hated it. I did not like my boss at all and I was miserable all summer. But, working in the customer service industry was very humbling to my pride and I am thankful for that part!

Subject: Re: What is your dream car

Forum: What is your dream car
If money was no issue, I would want a Porsche Panamera. I just love how sleek they look! But on the more practical side, I want to eventually have an Infiniti SUV like the QX60. But those are also a little expensive!

Subject: Re: Junior College or Straight to a University?

Forum: Junior College or Straight to a University?
I went straight to a 4year university and wish I wouldn't have been stubborn and gone to our community college. It would have saved me a lot of debt. I think if you get scholarships or your parents help out, then by all means go straight to the university! But as someone who has to do it all alone, I would advise others in my situation to go to a community college first! Your basic classes can be completed anywhere for the most part and they are easy - so why not pay less for them!

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